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Hi all,

I just moved to SD from the east coast for naturopathic med school--I'll be here for a while. I'm not new to raw foods, but am also not presently a raw foodist :) Just looking to meet cool people in the area... I'm really into permaculture. I'm in La Jolla for now.. also looking for a new roommate, too, as the case may be. Hope to see some of you around some time!

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Hello.  I would also like to meet some San Diego 30 Bad group members and am not new to SD.  Because I don't know anyone who eats as much fruit and veg as I do, I would like to meet new people who don't find it repulsive to eat watermelon for breakfast or oranges and a head of lettuce for dinner.

Congratulations on coming here for naturopathic med school!  You still in La Jolla? I live a bit north near Torrey Pines State Park.   Did you find a roomate?

I've been scheming ideas for a year on how to get involved in permaculture projects.  My permaculture action step to date is obtaining a part time position at a 2 acre organic farm near my house.   And saving seeds. Would love to learn how to build sustainable structures and also making advanced biofuel (cellulosic ethanol) is one of my goals.

Hi Paul,

Yes, I'm still in La Jolla for now. Our roommate situation is under control, but we're maybe looking to move out.

There's what looks like a great permie meetup in San Diego, they have events all the time. You can find them on meetup.com. I have yet to go to one... so busy >< But they look really awesome. They just had a free aquaponics/hydroponics workshop.



I live in Pacific beach.. i have been lfrv for about 2 months now sometimes cooked after 4,

we should meet up at the beach one day..

your like minded friend,




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