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Raw Food for Mental Health


Raw Food for Mental Health

As an Arts Psychotherapist I decided to start this group as a place to explore together the development of emotional and psychological health that we experience as we grow and learn.

This is a place to discuss the impact eating a vegan lifestyle, such as the HCRV (High Carb, Raw Vegan), has on mental health.

Self care and nourishment is essential to good mental health. What have you done for yourself today?

How can you encourage others to continue to grow well by incorporating healing foods?

What break through's have you experienced in your mental health?

How does living this way improve your mental health?

Are you struggling with mental health issues; let's talk about what works and what could be done better to look after ourselves. For example, what foods have you found successful in improving your mental health, coping with challenging emotions, and for self-care and healing...

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Eating Raw Allows Me More Compassion and Caring in My Relationships

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Is it possible to “detox” old emotions?

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I am wondering if it is possible to experience detox-like symptoms in regards to old emotions. Consider someone who is recovered from past emotional hardship, now a happy and emotionally stable fruit…Continue

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Help with OCD? (obsessive-compulsive disorder)

Started by J. Last reply by SoulSparkled Dec 18, 2013. 7 Replies

I hope it's ok that I posted my question here.  If not, please let me know.  Thanks.This question is regarding OCD (obsessive-compulisive disorder) -- however, general type OCD, I'm NOT referrring to…Continue

Help me with my allergy!!!

Started by Hua Pornchokchai. Last reply by SoulSparkled Dec 3, 2013. 1 Reply

Hi! EveryoneI want to ask for some advice I've turn vegan because of my allergyWell, I don't really know what cause mebut I do got rash It's so painful that I have to sleep to not feel anything…Continue

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Comment by Taylor on October 13, 2014 at 10:44am

I love the idea of this forum! I am a raw foodist in training to be a clinical psychologist. I am fascinated by the connection between nutrition and mental balance. I honestly think plant-based nutrition should be a first line treatment for all mental illnesses...and physical ones... Ok, everything. I am biased! I am writing a paper on this now. Would love to hear your thoughts or any resources that you've found helpful in this area.

Comment by Monica Robinson on September 23, 2014 at 8:29am

I am new here. Is there anyone that has corrected a chemical imbalance with raw food?

Comment by SoulSparkled on December 18, 2013 at 8:23am

I want to share something with you...

I am thinking of writing a book and making a YouTube channel.

Not just from the perspective of the therapist that I am trained as, but of my learnings as a co-frail human like yourselves.. limping and walking alongside you.

If anyone would like this idea, and has a question they'd like an answer to over youtube or this discussion board please message me a scenario (so I've a bit of context) and a question!  Please don't make it too lengthy, a couple of paragraphs will suffice :) and it can be narrow or broad pertaining to raw food and mental health, keeping in mind that mental health is more my speciality than raw food (though I am very well researched I have more years spent as a vegan and vegetarian than as a fruitarian). However I won’t be acting as a therapist - It will be a process of sharing thoughts, perspectives and ideas. A co-journey but not a counsellor/patient dynamic at all!

Any ideas for a book on mental health please send your suggestions and I will get typing ;) 

Love, Joy and Peace to you wherever you are in life.

Remember that during this holiday season, when some may find it easy - others find it difficult and while you may be limping, you are still walking. You.. and I ... can get through it.


Comment by SoulSparkled on December 18, 2013 at 8:23am

A holiday message: in two parts...

In the last week, nay the last year I have endured significant stress. 

Multiple deaths, including that of my best friend who is my mother, sudden trauma to those I love most, friends moving away, and significant change.

What a tumultuous year! ....... and I know that I'm not alone. 

I strive to walk as I boldly limp~ and because of the world we live in and the frailty of life I know that others face stressors as well. 

Some of you may be drawn to this particular group because of this.

On a food note I find myself wondering, why am I making such poor food choices this week? From being under-carbed on fruit, to slipping into the occasional caffeine load or mixed processed meal.

You are shocked and appalled? I doubt it.. because we are all human and it's not about perfectionism.

We all have a weakness or temptation, that achilles heel so to speak, some more than others and especially during those times in life that make us feel most vulnerable.

It's about being realistic and self-aware.. shaping our lives by our choices but not holding ourselves so harshly in being accountable to being raw that it makes us miserable or guilty. Freelee has touched upon this multiple times in her video's as she gradually transitioned from her past to her future and tackled her insecurities. It’s obvious in her videos that she gravitates towards a positive outlook as well as helping others. We learn that this can serve to improve happiness.

We need to remind ourselves that we are frail beings. These sensitivities to life, perhaps labelled as anxiety, stress, grief, worry or other bring us back to what matters. They have a way of focusing us back to re-balancing our lives if we allow them to and if we allow love to guide us rather than fear.

Acceptance of the pain and the earthy reality is involved, but far from easy! Especially when we long to know where our loved ones have departed to when they pass from this world, or as we wonder when our next pay check is coming in and how we are to afford the christmas presents that we feel are expected.

When we maintain the cycle of self punishments or guilt in food or other areas of our lives we perpetuate the pain believe it or, and we make enjoyment of abundance in LFRV lifestyle 'blocked'. Let us not resist the pain. Let us embrace hope and fullness of life. Eating for health and vitality can support us through the stress, and set us up for greater success. I believe eating for pleasure in this LFRV lifestyle is the best attitude.

When I can fuel this attitude, I keep on track much more successfully. What about you?

Comment by Sock on November 15, 2012 at 1:07am

soulsparkled - i like your words a lot!  it is nice thinking of it like how you will always have your self. maybe that could be frustrating at times, and maybe the fact that we may be frustrated with our self is indicative that we should get real about how we are living our life with that fact.  and we should improve our relationship with our self (i'm reminded instantly of some eckhart tolle words that talk about "why do you have to have a relationship with your self? can you drop that identity of self" paraphrased.)  i do ultimately like that "i hold the key" and i do know that SO much of what i do is thru this mental filter, it definitely feels like a viewfinder. the exact same situation feels terrible one day, or one moment, and spectacular another.  often i just dont know how to turn the viewfinder, how to achieve that positive, or clear, (or whatever it is) scope.

thanx for your words, they really hit home with me.

Comment by SoulSparkled on November 14, 2012 at 7:32pm

Sometimes the last thing we want is 'advice, opinions or suggestions'.. we just want to be heard, or just plain be!... It sounds like you are staying positive by really recognising your efforts and enjoying your body more.

There is a saying that I remember often, oddly enough from a Jackson song that says 'where-ever you go, there you will be'... It might sound plain, but my interpretation of this is more hopeful.

It reminds me that I can try and search everywhere else for the answers, or distract myself from the deeper issues for only yet a time.. because there is no escape ultimately from me.. I have learned to be my friend rather than enemy from this.

No matter what place we might be at, surrounded in supportive others or alone to wander our thoughts.. we have ourselves. We can at times be our worst enemy yes, but we can also be our own best friend and encourager. We are left with ourselves at the end of the day, but that is not a bad thing.

It reminds me that I can take in advice galore' but in the end I hold the key - because .... I hold the choice to empower myself..... You have the choice to empower yourself. What this might look like is varied.

It sounds like you are doing a great job practicing empowering yourself.

It won't be easy, and it will never be perfect but it does not have to be.

We might go in circles, and at times feel a little crazy, but at the end we have ourselves.. and it is a beautiful thing that we do - it sounds like you are taking charge to empower yourself one bit at a time and one way of doing that is also loving yourself and being able to enjoy your own company.

Enjoy the moments that you can, and try not to punish yourself over failure. Mistakes are a part of growth and some of us are more introverted and 'in our heads' than others so be aware of your triggers and take gentle care to nurture these areas.

Take opportunities to enjoy using your creativity inside your mind and draw from your hopes and loves, and as you say - using art, nutrition, and simple things to help you draw out of your head so that you can be more in your body. Things that get you out of your head and more in your body like movement, time in nature and building or creating things can also help here.

Continue to empower yourself...!

Comment by Sock on November 13, 2012 at 6:01am

cowgirlfrommars-thanx, yesterday i actually did deal with intense cooked cravings by going to committing to go to a grocery store and get a bunch of bananas. I had it in my mind to eat just one, and then see how I felt.  I could still then digest the banana quickly and go eat cooked food, in my mind. But as I ate one, I ate another, then finished the whole bunch and felt great that I ate bananas instead of pizza or something.  I will notice my brain not wanting to eat a banana or something good for me first because then I wont be hungry and I cant eat the cooked food i crave.  I have since worked thru such a craving twice, and it went from this impossible slave like feeling to a very accomplished, content feeling of being in the right.  I like it.  But it's really hard for me.  I do try all the time reassuring myself of the countless reasons to eat fruit instead of a burrito.  I have eaten 811 style for the past week, every day, and my decaying tooth has cleared up, my gums are pinker and i have no plaque on my teeth, or at least a lot less.  And my diarrhea cleared up, and I have generally felt amazing.  However, despite so much good, undeniable benefits, the cooked food cravings are POWERFUL, so very POWERFUL!  I am the same with physical activity and art - both are extremely crucial, and I definitely need to simply make time and space for them, particularly the art as of late, which has been lacking and eating me up.  Thanx SO much for all your advice!  I really value it.

Same too to Soulsparked - thanx for the linx, i'm about to listen to one of the ones you sent.  I'll probly give feedback on it and be curious about stuff and want to pick your brain.  And staying out of my head - when it's easy, its easy. And when I cant, it is insanely frustrating and is annoying to think of JUST staying out of my head, because it doesnt feel very easy to do at all.  It does seem at times, all advice, all practices seem to go out the window and I get trapped inside my head. My only solace is that it will pass. Often all the analyzing, "being there totally" or whatever I might try just feels like a heap of advice that I frustrates me all the further... I feel like this is likely typical stuff, but that's my experience.  Sometimes I describe this stuff to people and they comment about how "it's common" - which doesn't really help at all.  I already can guess that it's common, but whether it is or isn't, it's an experience that I am having and any reassurances that I'm not alone don't always help.  Sometimes they do, but sometimes they feel invalidating.  Then I start freaking out; "Do I have an ego complex, do i secretly want to be special and stand out!!!" ha ha. blah blah blah

Comment by SoulSparkled on November 8, 2012 at 7:48pm

Ever wonder why you revert to a particular way of functioning when you feel 'secure' vs 'insecure', why you might be more of a 'thinker' than a 'feeling' person, or why you just can't figure yourself or others you know out!?! Well, check out the personality quiz here: It can be quite enlightening.. just to get started at least...


Comment by SoulSparkled on November 8, 2012 at 7:44pm

oh and one more thing, we have the most amount of stress hormone (cortisol) in our bodies in the morning from the day before. I've heard it recommended that one hour of exercise each morning can do wonders to reduce this and clear it out from the body... Give it a go next time you get the chance, I know it sure helps me with the inevitable stressors of life. The body and your mind will thank you.

Comment by SoulSparkled on November 8, 2012 at 7:42pm

VALUED DIRECTED ACTION:!!!! Huh... you say/.\\

Why do I mention this>??

WELL ----

Valued action is about taking action towards what is most important to you, what you value and what you desire in life. An approach to life like this doesn't mean no pain, it doesn't mean emotional perfection... it doesn't mean that you won't suffer some anxieties walking toward your direction life directions but it DOES mean that you get closer to your core values.  To see more check out 'the happiness trap' and Russ Harris free resources http://www.thehappinesstrap.com/free_resources

These changes of our life directions and values fluctuate and grow as we do... and walking towards that which you value, like raw veganism, might be one step at a time, maybe even a few back, and a few more forward again but none the less will bring you some life fulfilment because you are taking action toward that which you most desire and value at your core.

Happiness can be quite mis-understood... it's not an absence of pain but an appreciation of what is good.. it is also definitely rejoicing in the learnings! It's great to hear that is what some of you are doing here in this group and website!

Lately I've been a critic, of myself. We all can be.. so even more so in times like these can we remind ourselves of our hearts desires, brush off the dust and keep on walking.. in our desired direction (one munch of an apple a time even!)

Sock' i love to hear that you 'play' with that critic voice, it's sure helps it to lighten up and therefore be challenged safely and transformed just as your fruity choices help to transform your body.

Remember the mind is like a muscle, it can change one thought at a time. A great example of this is 'the brain that changes itself' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3TQopnNXBU&noredirect=1

General things that can boost seratonin in the brain (feel good chemical), and are the vegan way include cashews, walnuts, WATER, bananas, greens (and green smoothies at that), oats.

Keep in mind that happiness is not the absence of struggle, but it is walking towards the life that you most value.. we need each other to lean on and a fresh reminder of the positive messages that sometimes we forget to share with ourselves. Choose an affirmation that you will wake up to every morning and pursue the life you desire...

Peace to you.


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