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When were you diagnosed?

Do you have any symptoms? If so, what are your symptoms?

Have you bettered your symptoms?

Do you take supplements?

If yes, do you take them to better this condition?

Have you eradicated this condition?

Do you know of anyone who has eradicated this condition?

Anything else you would like to share? (Feel free to share tons more!)

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I probably had PCOS most of my life, terrible periods then I got pregnant (deliberately) at 16, breastfed (no periods) had another baby, breastfed, had another baby (3 boys) then went on the pill briefly. After that no periods, weight gain, excess hair. Undiagnosed for years until I said I wanted another baby. Put on Metformin, low carb diet (veg) lost 5 1/2 stone, used clomid and had my daughter now 5. Since being pregnant and breastfeeding (still) I regained the weight.

I don't want to go low carb again, I am determined to improve my symptoms with LFRV but no results to report yet. Would really love to hear some success stories.

'Atta girl! :) 

When were you diagnosed? Diagnosed 3/2008

Do you have any symptoms? Yep If so, what are your symptoms? Facal hair, over weight, hormone problems, insulin resitance  and iregular periods

Have you bettered your symptoms? Acne

Do you take supplements? Vitimin D

If yes, do you take them to better this condition? no

Have you eradicated this condition? Not yet

Do you know of anyone who has eradicated this condition? no

Anything else you would like to share? (Feel free to share tons more!)

Been through all fertility treatments, everything... pills, shots, everything up to invetro. Nothing worked and messed my body up even more... there was a 2 year strech that i didn’t have my period one time a year!!  Before i found 80/10/10 i didn’t have my period for 6 months!! The first month of eating 80/10/10 it all changed. My acne cleared up, so did my insulin resistance !!!!! my period has not fully straightened out yet but i know it will :)

I was diagnosed about 6 years ago but was planning on trying to go raw again, so I didn't use to insulin stuff they prescribed. Irregular periods alllllll my life, 6-9 months with no period, bad ones, etc, the whole works. Went raw about 3 years ago, have had a period every 35 days or so since. Am not pregnant, nor am I sure it'll happen, HCLF raw notwithstanding,. ;) However, I had to post because when they diagnosed me the first time, it was through blood tests and therefore, in my mind, pretty reliable (about $500 worth of tests). Well, had an ultrasound done about 2 weeks ago and the girl doing the ultrasound let me know, she was not allowed to tell me anything she saw. But she did say,"How long ago were you diagnosed with PCOS?' 'So, the dr and nurse look at my ultrasound and call me and tell me the following (btw, I've only been HCLF raw for about two and a half months but am sold!). Anyway, they said there is a cyst, A, as in singular, one on my left ovary and that everything else looked normal. Again, not preggers and am proud of my semi-regular periods, but share this to let girls younger than me with a good shot at fertiltiy know that yes, raw clears up PCOS, all day long. There is a great video about this- I don't remember the girl's name, but I think it was fairly easy to find on youtube. I'll post it if I find it. Keep the faith, everyone!! :)

Love to hear this!  I have it as well and have decided to start this and I'm very happy about it.  I am having cold potatoes as I read about resistant starch - only works when starch crystalizes - when cold - and they are yummy! Whodda thought!  I don't need to add anything.  But some times add green onions or lemon or kosher salt.  Trying to get away from salt though lol sometimes I put radishes on for that extra sharp taste to replace my salt sprinkle

That's inspiring! I am very happy for you.  I am hoping to heal myself too through a clean diet!

First I'll introduce myself. I'm Janneke and am 29 years young. I am very new to the LFRV lifestyle, only 10 days now, most days 100%, some days 80%, but really want to keep it up. 

I have 3 older sisters, all of us, my mother included seem to have hormone balnce problems. My mom had myoms in her uterus, and VERY strong pains during periods, her uterus got removed after I was born at age 31. My oldest sister got breastcancer when she was 34, it was caused by hormones, she had chemo and radiotion, the max of both. Doctors said it would shrink her ovaries and they would stop producing hormones. After 6 months she had her period again. They put a mirena and Lucrin injection and then her ovaries finally stopped producing Estrogen. Now she stopped taking everything because it made her feel sooo bad and she listened to her body and had her breasts removed, because the cancer kept coming back. 

My Second oldest used many different types of birth control, they all made her feel terrible. She stopped after a few years and after 5 years of trying for a baby she was diagnosed with PCOS. She is very slim, unlike most women having PCOS, also not a lot of hair growth. The doctors told her the change of her getting pregnant natural was 1 in 1.000.000. She had hormone injections, but felt terrible with them, so she stopped and decided that if God wanted them to have children, they would have them. Now she just gave birth to her 3rd child. She doesn't eat raw, or changed anything in her diet.

My third sister is very fertile, only after trying 2 months was she pregnant.

About me. I've always have the same symptoms my second sister has (with PCOS) and always suspected I had it, but never had it checked. I've used the pill from when I was 17 until 26, because my periods were very irregular and I didn't feel them coming at all. I would be in public and suddenly start to bleed, so i didn't want this anymore. I've used several birth control pills, some very light as I believed it just couldn't be that good. Since 2.5 yrs I stopped the pill, never used condoms and never got pregnant, so my suspicions grew stronger. Since almost 1 year I have A LOT of pain on the 2nd day of my period, and my cycle changed from 24-34 days, the doctor told me it would help to use birth control pills again for 6 months. After 2.5 months I stopped because I felt SOO bad, very depressed, overly sensitive, upset very easily, didn't feel like myself, so I stopped. 

2 weeks ago I went to the gyno for a check up and he told me I had PCOS (ultrasound), I asked him about Endometriosis and we did a blood test showing my CA 125 levels were raised, which meant most likely I have that also. Options: Laparascopy, or hormone injections, which would put me in a menopause. As soon as I heard the word, hormone I said NO. I have read about the LFRV lifestyle since 3 weeks and believe that if I follow it I can reverse it!

My symptoms are a bit different than maybe the majority of women with PCOS, I am slender (5'11" and 145 pounds), have quite regular periods, very little blood flow and only 2-3 days, no acne and no excess hair growth.

I will let everyone know how I feel about my periods and if this lifestyle is reversiong both my PCOS and Endometriosis.

how has the bleeding been lately?

hello everyone, I just came across this group and felt like I should share my story of how I reversed my PCOS.

I was diagnosed last May exactly, with PCOS, hormonal imbalance, candida, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and a few skin problems.. it was mainly because I had a very stressful 5 year college education that ruined me. I barely slept, was a HEAVY smoker and ate like a pig.

I would go for up to 3 months without getting a period, and always felt soooo tired and unable to exercise. My gynecologist wanted to put me on birth control but I refused. For several months after that I got regular check-ups with a naturopath which put me on some supplements, I took up a regular exercise routine (nothing crazy just some home dvds, mostly Jillian Michael or a beach body one) and started getting some sun. By then, I had fixed my diet A LOT from what it used to be, still ate meat (but no dairy), grains, etc but nothing processed. My period became a little more regular, started showing up more but was still between 20 to 10 days late every time .. I also lost 22 pounds! 

Then right before new year's, I did a bit of research, decided to go raw vegan, had my last burger and never looked back. I ditched all my supplements too. And then magic happened. Every single month since new years I have been getting my period EVERY MONTH, with a cycle between 28 and 30 days. Ill admit that up until the 27th of January I was on a high fat, no fruit diet, but Im guessing that cutting out the crap made all the difference.

The high fat diet made me feel and look horrible my parents thought I was dying of malnutrition. Since January the 27th, I discovered 811 and have been following it with the exception of consuming some non-organic fruit. I don't usually speak about it but when I came across this group I just felt that I had to.. I know how frustrating it can be it tortured me for 5 years!! So I just wanted you girls to know that there is hope! 

Oh and I also got a blood test this month (because my family was so concerned) and everything turned out perfect! both my blood sugar sugar and cholesterol dropped to normal levels! They are now more supportive than ever :)

I still have a long way to go, I want my skin to get even better, I need to work on my fitness (I started running), and so many other things.. but honestly just writing this made me realize that this diet has given me some great rewards that I wasn't paying attention to, and it hasn't even been that long. Sometimes its nice to pause and look at the little things that change, even if they are just inside us and don't appear on the surface just yet :) I really really hope this helps!!

Thanks for reading this through!

Much Love!!

Thank you for sharing! =) Never said thank you! We are glad to have you as part of the group!

wow thank you!

Hi, my name's Victoria. I was diagnosed last year, by accident. You see, I had been on birth control from the ages of 18-25. When I came off birth control at 25, I started breaking out badly. So severely in fact, that I had huge, painful cysts all over my face and I couldn't prevent them. I went to numerous dermatologists, and went on all kind of medications, antibiotics, creams, cleansers, and nothing helped. My symptoms only got worse. So, I went back on the bc... for 5 years. Then, at 30, I decided I didn't want to be on any type of medication or anything that would alter my hormones anymore. So I stopped for good. I knew that my skin might get bad again, but I felt that if I stuck it out, eventually it would go away. I thought the reason that I was breaking out was because my hormones were unbalanced due to the amount of time I spend on birth control. One day, I participated in a study control group about PCOS. I knew nothing about it and I was supposed to be the controlled part of the study (women wothout). When I was given a transvaginal ultrasound, I was shown that I had fully cystic ovaries. They looked quite frightening. All lumpy and strange. But as I researched more, I discovered that this was the cause of my acne. It was quite a relief to understand why I was suffering, but now the question is, how do I heal? Is this even curable? I've read so many conflicting articles. Many of which recommend nto having any carbs due to insulin resistance. It's been a year now that I've been off bc and approximately as long since I've been diagnosed. I have also gained about 20 pounds this past year. I get bloated quite easily, and fruit sadly causes much of my bloating. I'm constantly fatigued and my acne is still quite severe. I have been high fruit all year as well and I don;t know if it's helping or hindering my progress. I'd love to hear that some of you ladies have cured this condition completely. Is that the case? Any hopeful stories out there? Please share with me, because I am quite depressed. I want my body, my skin and my life back!



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