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I don't really think I am one. I love the comfort of clothes too much, however I don't find the need as some to desperatly grab every fashion item in sight. I have a lot of respect for the people that are nudists, and honestly I wouldnt mind doing some things in the buff and nakedness doesnt ofend me or excite me. 

So yeah, can you guys tell me more? Maybe I will get more into it. 

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aww thank you. I appreciate it. I love going to the mountains... Maybe I will take a dip in a uninhabited area!

ehehehehehe My friend lived in a apartment building that had a swimming pool. When there was no one around we took off our clothes and swam for like 40mins. IT felt awesome! Another time when it was late at night we went to a football field (empty) and streaked from one side to the other. AWESOME!!!
I am not a nudist. But I do enjoy the feeling of freedom and the air on my skin. The feeling of the sun warming it up.
These are a few things that with clothes I could never enjoyed.

Why not sleep naked, go to nude beaches. Be nude around your house to feel more comfortable and sunbathe in the early morning rays. All human after all were born naked. Thats why you see little kids running around naked. Because its only natural for a human.
oddly enough I hate the feeling of sleeping naked.... I don't know why. Its like my body is super sensitive. Thats one of the only times in particular that I hate being naked. Funny isnt it? At home I'd rather be clothes but I wouldn't mind if we could all be naked outside. (good weather of course)
I guess it takes time to get to used to it. When we sleep we are more sensitive I guess you can say that. But its very comfortable and your skin is able to breathe.

Lol if the weather is warm I think everybody would enjoy being naked outside.
Lol your right. I do want to try it. And I have done somethings in the nude.
But being a nudist full time is kind of hard ;o hehe.
I hang out at hot springs, the ones that are harder to get to, the feel is very mellow, virtually no voyeurs, and most unconcerned with others bodies. Such freedom to just exist without clothing without offending anyone. I have a few favorite locations in Colorado.
I hang out nude in my home, when out camping, (obviously not public campsites) and in the hot tub after dark (neighbors higher than me on the mountain-and close by that even a 50 ft fence cannot help me with).
Sometimes with friends at their tubs. Nude Beaches around the world, but not really into big crowd nudity, prefer no more than 20-30, less likely to get a sicko in the mix.
Have not done distance nude hikes, the Germans are really into it, causes problems in the countries they visit to do it.
I love the gym I work out/ work at because in the plus room we have a hot tub and a steam room you can sit naked in. Feels wonderful!
Wait, so to be a nudist, you don't have to be nude in public? I am quite confused. ;P I've never really had the opportunity to be nude in public, and I do not go out of my way to find such opportunities. If they were to arise, however, I would not be averse to them.

It's just...how likely is that going to be? ;P

At home, I prefer to be nude or minimally dressed (underwear + tank, usu.), but at times I will wear clothing if I so choose...and in winter, I usually do.
I've known families that are nudist, but not in "public" only at home and with friends. Maybe being alone and nude is not nudist, but if "always" nude at home when your spouse is not nude, the spouse is likely to refer to you as a nudist, even if they have no opinion about it, one way or another.
There are more people than me that cook, clean house, use tools in the workshop in the nude, I keep a robe or pants handy to answer the door or go outside (I have no compunction about being nude, but am respectful of appropriate behavior, and "there is a time and place" when it is fine in public.
Never around children that are not raised or at least familiar or comfortable with the lifestyle.
The kayaking picture is camping in Palau, among 800 uninhabited Islands, not seeing people for days, and just putting a swimsuit when a local motors by in a boat...



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