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As nudists and naturists, I assume that you are all a bit more open-minded about this subject, but still, I'm curious!

Do you think that nudity should simply be a lifestyle, not part of your job? Is it immoral to you for someone to pose nude, and if so, why? Or do you think that posing nude for the camera is an acceptable artistic expression? What are some of your personal thoughts on this subject?

For this particular discussion, I am concerned with art nude modeling and not at all wanting to talk about the porn industry. GO!!! :)

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If you were raised to be ashamed of your body, then it is not right for you to pose nude, or be pressured into it.  If you were raised to believe that nude art modeling is a type of soft porn, you should not sign up for the classes, try still life and fruit baskets instead.  And don't be ashamed of what you believe.  If you want to be more free about it, work on it.  I met my wife in a nude hot spring with 40 other nude people way up in the mountains, in the dead of January--and have been with her over 26 years, already had 25th anniversary.

We go to nude venues a lot, sometimes we undress, sometimes not.  Pretty much all are optional, but do not stare.  but healthy minds wont after the first few minutes.  Don't disrobe if there are persons that make you uncomfortable, don't let peers mock you for your gut feelings.  

A nude venue maybe magical one day, and a nightmare the next--bring a swimsuit--or a robe--or leave.  sign up for an art class that at least uses bikini--whether modeling or sketching.

if your concern is your significant other posing nude OR viewing/sketching nude, it comes to intent.  If you have known him 6 weeks at least, you will know exactly who he is and if it is at face value.  The hard part in that case will be your insecurities IF you have them.  And you also know yourself well enough to know that in that case YOU are the problem.

There are appropriate places for nudity, and inappropriate places and situations.  I have known very conservative people who are delighted when they have guests who will comfortably socialize nude, or sit in the hot tub.  "Most" hot tubbers have the no swimsuit rule, and many will relax it, as the intent is relaxation, not creating stress and embarrassment.  you will know when it is ok, and when not.  And it is possible that in your circle of acquaintances, it is almost NEVER alright, whether they are to conservative or "sickos".

In todays world, too many trusted friends will betray you if they have a nude photo of you and access to the internet.  It is prudent to never allow a nude photo of yourself, except private digital between you and spouse. oOr maybe a boyfriend of many, many years, that will suffer from family if he were to betray.  I never allow or take nude photos, it is just common sense--unless, of course you would be delighted to have it posted for all to see.  How it is posed will make it art, or intimate, or soft porn, or porn--or worse.

Have I helped?

Oh I wasn't looking for help, just thoughts and opinions about how (or if) nude modeling and the nudist lifestyle go together! :)

In that case, I am too occasional, it is not my lifestyle, I am just comfortable in a myriad of dimensions. My instincts say that it is no big deal, less of a deal than being on display fully clothed is for some. Artists in a class have likely been exposed to models before, and would not make the model uncomfortable, therefore, in a positive way reducing the person to just being an object being drawn.

In every lifestyle, there are a lot of personalities...there may be exhibitionists in the naturist lifestyle, or relaxed, mellow people that are just content to "be"

I think people sould do whatever they want to when it comes to this and as long as they are happy with their decisioon they should either model or not model. :)

To me, nudity is beauty! it's also healing and natural. It's very telling that in indigenous tribes there's 0% rape & they are nudists/naturists. I feel it's a gift that makes sense to be paid for to share with others in any way, shape or form.



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