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I would really like to give monoeating a serious try. Lately I've been feeling that every time I eat a combined meal - my energy goes down, even when I don't eat any overts at all. I also feel that  monoeating is the only way to truly tune in with my body and to know what it needs and how much.

So, in January I plan to eat only low fat fruits and greens - all as mono-meals. I will make sure to have at the very least 10 minutes break between different meals (in situations when I am still hungry but don't want this particular type of food or when I run out of one ingredient).

Please join me if you would like to take on the challenge!

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January 26

1) Coconut Water Kefir from 3 young Coconuts

2) ~ 2 small Ataulfo Mangoes

3) 22 Deglet Noor Dates

4) Swiss Chard

5) ~ 1 Durian

6) 3 Plantains

January 27

1) Coconut Water Kefir ~ 1.5 cups

2) 1 small Hachiya Persimmon

3) 5 Jamaican Papayas

4) Swiss Chard

5) 1 large Pomegranate

6) 2 Tangelos

7) ~ 1 Durian

8) 3 Plantains

9) ~ 11 cocktail Tomatoes

10) 22 Deglet Noor Dates

January 28

1) Coconut Water Kefir from 2 young Coconuts

2) 7 Jamaican Papayas

3) Swiss Chard

4) 3 Plantains

5) 6 small Hachiya Persimmons

6) water from soaked organic sundried Tomatoes  (no salt)

7) 1 small Florida Avocado

January 29

1) ~ 1 cup of Coconut Water Kefir

2) 1 Clementine, 2 Honey Tangerines

3) 1 Banana

4) 1 small Shitake Mushroom

5) small amount of Beet greens

6) ~ 10 small Satsuma Tangerines

7) more than 20 small Satsuma Tangerines

8) Swiss Chard

9) ~ 1 Durian (10 seeds)

10)  water from 2 young Coconuts, small amount of Coconut meat

11) 4 Plantains

January 30

1) ~ 1 cup of Coconut Water Kefir

2) ~ 5 Jamaican Papayas

3) Swiss Chard

4) 4 Jamaican Papayas

5) ~ 1 Durian

6) Swiss Chard

7) 1 Kirby Cucumber

8) 4 Plantains

January 31

1) Coconut Water Kefir from 3 young Coconuts

2) 6 Jamaican Papayas

3) 6 Plantains

4) Swiss Chard

5) 16 oz Kombucha

6) some Durian (more than 1/2)

Over the last couple of days little by little I started noticing that my elimination is not as good as it used to be after my water fast (when it was super active). Little by little things started slowing down and today reached a point where I had to start paying attention.

It seems that right now a combination of Plantains, Durians and lots of Swiss Chard creates a condition uncomfortably close to constipation. I am planning to ease off on these in the next couple of days and to concentrate on Papayas.

My lip sores are feeling a lot better and probably that's because I didn't eat any acidic fruits on a regular basis recently.

My weird sensation in my hip is still there but only once or twice a day - I largely don't even remember about it any more.

Overall my energy level is a LOT higher from where it used to be before I started this experiment.

I get done a lot more during my day and in general I feel much more in peace with food and eating, or in other words - I feel a lot less attached to these.

Today is the 32nd day of my monoeating experiment (I started on December 31, 2011) and this is the longest I've ever done strict monoeating in all my raw vegan career.

I am very grateful that I was able to stick to it, as the first week, particularly the first 1-2 days, were REALLY hard. The very first day was a pure torture. The only thing that got me through is reading and rereading testimonials in this group from Jared Six and Fruit Eater that inspired me to try to break through of my initial stages of discomfort and experienced what they were talking about.

At this time I don't want to go back to the way I used to eat. Food used to take a lot more of my attention, time and energy. I feel that every day during these 32 days was a step towards healing and freedom. Sometimes it seemed that I took a step back, but overall I know that this is a path to balance and freedom.

So, for now I am planning to continue for at least another month.

I am very excited about doing this in the Spring and Summer when I will have access to more water rich and delicious fruits - I think this will be a new rediscovery of a fruitarian diet all together.

I testify that by the end of this month I began to enjoy my food a lot more than I did prior to this experiment.

I now even feel less inclined to talk about what I am doing online or with my friends and husband/family.

I feel more in peace and relaxed and grateful and it almost seems that trying to convince someone or talking too much about it will take away from this discovery. It's almost like that I don't need anyone else to believe what I am experiencing right now. Just experiencing it myself is enough.


Yuliya, thank you so much for sharing this, it is a wonderful journey that you experienced, and very useful information.



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