30 Bananas a Day!

I would really like to give monoeating a serious try. Lately I've been feeling that every time I eat a combined meal - my energy goes down, even when I don't eat any overts at all. I also feel that  monoeating is the only way to truly tune in with my body and to know what it needs and how much.

So, in January I plan to eat only low fat fruits and greens - all as mono-meals. I will make sure to have at the very least 10 minutes break between different meals (in situations when I am still hungry but don't want this particular type of food or when I run out of one ingredient).

Please join me if you would like to take on the challenge!

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I'm in!  I will also incorporate green juices.

Are you going to juice one type of greens?

Thank you for good idea to start 2012! I am ready for the challenge, maybe it will grow to long term change and improvement.


Thank you for joining in, guys! :)

I am so impatient that I am going to start practicing today!

But in January I will start posting my daily meals.

I would like to emphasize for all of us to remember when the going gets tough, that this is just one month challenge. And in the end we will have an opportunity to reflect on what worked and what didn't and make changes accordingly (such as adding certain simple combinations).

I thinking of having green juices with more than one type of greens and possibly an apple.  My fruit will be mono.

January 1

1) 2 Plantains

2) Swiss Chard

3) ~8 Hachiya Persimmons

4) 1/2 Plantain

5) 2 White Sapotes

6) Swiss Chard

7) 2 Bananas

8) 1 Hass Avocado

9) 2 cups of OJ made out of 4 Honeybell Oranges

Happy New Year, everyone!


Peace and Love :)


Happy 2012 to all of us!

So, I had to do some adjustments to fulfill my commitment for 2012. I was eating raw but still drinking herbal and green tea. I stop it on Friday afternoon and went through terrible detoxification. Everything was ok until Saturday midday. Then terrible headache made me spent most of time in the bed. It lasted until this (Monday) morning and I just wake up for short time to meet 2012! Even now my tongue is still white.

I was not able to eat much, my food intake for Sunday:

3 apples;

2 persimmons.

January 2

1) Swiss Chard

2) 5 Hachiya Persimmons

3) 4 Honeybell Oranges

4) 2 Bananas

5) Swiss Chard

6) 1 small Mexican Papaya

7) 23 Deglet Noor Dates

8) Swiss Chard

9) 1 White Sapote

January 3

1) 1 Pomegranate

2) 1 White Sapote

3) 1 medium Mexican Papaya

4) Swiss Chard

5) 25 Deglet Noor Dates

6) Swiss Chard

7) 26 Deglet Noor Dates

8) ~1/5 of medium Watermelon

9) 1 large Mexican Papaya

10) Swiss Chard

11) 1 White Sapote

January 4

1) 1/2 cup of Juice from 1 Honeybell Orange

2) 1 White Sapote

3) small piece of Swiss Chard

4) ~ 2 cups of Juice from 12 Tangerines

5) ~ 5 large leaves of Swiss Chard

6) 1 small Red Banana

7) ~ 5 small Plantains

8) 2 cups of Juice from 7 Tangelos

9) 1 small Fuyu Persimmon

10) 3 Hachiya Persimmon

11) 1 Sharon Fruit

12) 1 Cavendish Banana

13) Swiss Chard

January 5

1) ~ 1 cup of Juice from 6 small oranges

2) 3 White Sapotes

3) 2 Hachiya Persimmons

4) 12 cocktail Tomatoes

5) 3-4 large leaves of Swiss Chard

6) 1 large Mexican Papaya

7) 1 large Hass Avocado

8) 2 cups of Juice from 6 Navel Oranges

9) ~ 3 large leaves of Swiss Chard

10) 30 Deglet Noor Dates



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