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Hey guys,
I've been on this lifestyle for almost 2 months now and i have had an ed past so i have expected to put on weight and not lose straight away.
The thing is i feel like areas of me are slimming down, like ive notices my arms get more defined mainly at the shoulder, like i can see bits of the muscle i couldnt see before. And my love handles are also getting smaller.
But for some reason my boobs have just gotten really big, to the point i'm barely fitting in my bras lol. Especially my sports bra. And my main activity is running which i'm finding a bit difficult with my increased chest.
It should funny and does make me laugh but it's quite annoying haha.
Has anyone else had this?
Like gone up in weight but only on their breast area?
it's funny i'm even writing this but yeah haha

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ok, i'm glad my body is not just weird lol
I had big boobs anyway so i really didnt want them any bigger! haha
Do they go back down after a while?

You should embrace the gift :) many women feel pressured by society to pay thousands to increase their size!

haha i'll try, but like i said they were big to start with and it's just getting a bit ridiculous now haha.
Plus i'm very sport so it just makes running harder lol

Yeh, hopefully they'll go down then for you or u could get better sports bras etc. Have you thought about doing a video about it? could get a good amount of views and make your channel bigger :)

haha i was gonna make a video about it , im gonna make a video about everything i experience, but ive also got alot of other video ideas written down so stay tuned haha

Thats good, I will as am one of ur 5 subs, u wanna make more vids maybe 5 a week and comment on peoples vids and tell them about ur channel, get on twitter, instgram link them to ur youtube etc, I've done that been at it about 2 weeks and got 49 subs at the mo hopefully be 50 by end of the day :) but deffo mention boobs in ur title thats gotta worth some views ;)

Thanks for the advice.
I'm happy to just take my posting slowly at the moment. I have alot of other things going on, a vegan advocacy group, my daughter (who i try to give as much attention to as possible) and the constant home stuff i have to do like shopping on foot (which takes the whole day) and trying to get runs in. Every day seems to go so fast lol
Plus of course i'm trying to get to bed early each nght.
I plan on making a video tomorrow evening so it'll probably be up in the next few days :) 

Oh no worrys, yeh everyone has their own goals on YouTube etc. Once I commit to something I dive it headfirst and get stuck in lol. What about picking grocery's up on a bike with a pannier? could cut u down some time and keep u fit :) anyway I look forward to more of your vids!



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