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For most of my life so far, I've struggled with minor compulsive eating issues... even though I'm eating more and more low fat raw vegan each day, I still have moments where I just lose control and binge on both raw AND cooked food.

For example, right now I'm literally laying on the floor as I write this. I'm super bloated because I had some wild rice (cooked, yes, I know..), and sprouted grain tortillas (also cooked), and some raw tabouli. Did I stop there? Nope. I had about 20 dates and almost two whole apples. Plus, right before this meal I gorged on dried fruit. 

Any advice? I feel like such a fatty and I really want to stop having these "binge days" but I just lose control. 

(By the way, I'm 5'1, 140 pounds, wishing to be 120 or below.)

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To me this looks like something someone with an eating-disorder view of food would write.  If that's the case, you have yourself to work on mostly, and then food.   

Others are going to want to know how much raw fruit you're eating.   

Hmm.. Ok. Now that I look back on what I wrote, I see what you're saying. But I don't understand what you mean by me working on myself and then food. Do you mean my mentality of food needs to change? Do you think that reading the 80-10-10 book would help me learn to address some of these issues I have? 

And yes, I eat a LOT of raw fruit - usually at least two (out of 3-4 meals) are completely raw fruit. I also try to squeeze in the veggies, but some days I don't eat very many. It's not that I don't want to - it's just that I'll forget or I'll be too lazy to prepare something. 

I didn't mean to sound critical, I mean it sounds like that emotional thing people do which kind of goes like this - I want to do this, but I think I'm doing it wrong, why can't I be perfect at it, I feel like a fatty, why can't I just stop, why am I being compulsive, I need to just do it right...

It's so much easier to let that go.  I haven't read the book but from what I've heard it could have a positive effect on that sort of thing.  

Also, do you forget veggies? or do you forget to eat?  forgetting to eat is too much stress/business going on.   

So my "tip" would be to sit with your food, be calm, look at it, smell it, don't eat at the computer, eat outside if it's nice.  Have calm food experiences.  

Oh, ok, I see what you're saying. :) 

I definitely NEVER forget to eat. Veggies? Yes, I do forget to eat enough of those. (then again, some argue that mostly fruit is better anyway and do not worry about the veggies, but I'm not sure what to think yet)

I definitely eat while going online, so I can work on doing that less. Thanks for the great tips!

If you feel like it's going a bit out of control, it's better to start looking at yourself, and maybe ask yourself: why am i eating this much? I eat to much when i'm bored, sad, angry or when i just want to numb out and feel as little as possible.( cooked food, etc ) When I feel great, i usually eat super healthy and good. 

Thanks for the tip Anja! :) 

It may be possible that you are making up for under-eating the previous day.  In any case, I would try to eat more fresh fruit and less dried fruit.  It's healthier.

If you feel you need to eat some cooked grains try to plan ahead.  Eat along with it a large salad with various toppings like shredded carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, avocados, etc.  This will help satisfy you in terms of providing some good nutrition as well as filling up your stomach.

Personally, I gave up using salt completely a few weeks ago.  I now find cooked food less addictive and I don't overeat on it anymore.

Hey, these are great tips! Thanks Gianni! 

Im have been in the same boat for most my life, and only until recently have I gotten things mostly under control. (each day still working on it) I would binge a lot and I had a lot of psychological problems with food because of childhood abuse and traumatic moments in the past, and eating ended up being mixed in with all that. It ended up being super hard for me to keep up with 811. I knew that I needed to deal with the deeper down issues and my emotions and mentality towards food.

I found out about EFT (tapping) and it has helped me deal with more deep down issues I never knew would be linked to my binging and what not. I highly recommend doing this tapping. Its just so good no matter what mood your in...Theres a lot of info on the internet about it and I usually just go to youtube and watch brad yates, hes got so many videos and you just tap along with him. super easy and it has some serious benefits, youll be surprised. Since doing the EFT tapping, I have had such improvements in my mental and emotional help and it has made a profound effect on my 811 eating. I have been much more stable in my food intake and more consciously eating. I feel much more grounded and in control. 

I would also say just take it easy and get yourself sorted out first, and dont kill yourself over eating some cooked food. Its your sanity your working on first then when you feel much more stable, then tackle the 811 as hard as you want. In my life, I love to do things 100% and I realized i had to put my hardcore 811 on hold in order to work on myself and help myself (I was really driving myself nuts trying to balance out both my sanity and my 811)....but more recently since all my tapping, I am getting back to where I want to be sanity wise and 811 wise.

So I hope this really helps!

Thank you. Yes, it does help! I've also had childhood issues and a couple traumatic moments - thank you for reminding me that I'm not alone in my journey to find both sanity and healthy living. <3

Hi Natalyn,
This was a pretty old post, I know, but I wondered how you were travelling now?  Reason I ask is that I'm a very gratefully recovered compulsive eater and help others recover as part of my service of gratitude.  I really related to your story of obsession with food - my life was so run by it that there wasn't a lot of room for anything else. Even going 801010 didn't really address the issue, because it was more than about nutrition.  After a year on the lifestyle I realised I needed to address it.  I've posted a link to an article I wrote recently about this very topic, if you're interested.  http://www.realrawnutrition.com/?p=364

Happy to help you and anyone else struggling with this horrible disorder in any way I can.

Well, I still haven't gotten rid of my compulsive eating issue, but it has definitely gotten better. It's been a while since I've had to lay on the floor from being so full. If anything, my issue now is emotional eating  and fear of commitment to healthy eating. I haven't been on this site in so long... I'm not really raw vegan anymore. It was too hard, and if I'm ever to reach that, I want to reach it comfortably and in my own time. Currently, I'm sticking to whole foods plant based and gluten free (which makes my stomach feel less bloated usually). Sadly, I'm at my heaviest I have ever been - and that's probably because of the fatty, processed foods (yes, they were vegan) that I had allowed to sneak into my diet since december. I will most definitely read that article. Thank you so much for your support. <3



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