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Ive been follo wing the raw food lifestyle for four months now and im breaking out. I always had issues with my skin but i just feel like lately its a constant battle. Also i have not lost any weight. I excersice anymore and yes im sure it will help but everybody else seems to be dropping weight without excersice on this lifestyle... why not me? Too many dates ? Too many bananas? or am i just finding excuses for being unactive?? 

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I don't know what it is about dates, but it seems like peo
le who eat a lot of dates have problems losing weight and with various skin consist ions.
Also, exercise is a huge component of the lifestyle. I think that is one aspect that is not talked about enough. Moderate and consistent seems is the key.
Thanks so much for your reply! I knew I had to get my butt moving!lol
I totally hear you on the dates!!! I even started a discussion about them. :) i too think exercise is a bigger thing and people just aren't talking about it. I exercise alot and if I didn't i know I would gain. I haven't been doing it long enough to know if I am losing yet but i ride an elliptical for 65 minutes every day, i lift weights for 45 minutes 3 times a week and I ride a bicycle for 10+ miles when ever the sun comes out which lately is only once or twice a week. I am much older then you (almost 52) so I'm sure my metabolism is slower but without exercise I can't get away with eating very many calories. As much as I love to exercise I REALLY envy anyone who can get away with eating alot and not gain.

I don't know actually form my experience I'm following my body.. I eat 1.5 avocados when most say half or one a few times a week but I have 1.5 a day or well 2 sometimes.. I eat raisins dates and prunes love dried fruit plus like 15 or more bananas and melons and corn fresh raw..  I have started with all cooked veggies steamed and fruit mix then jumped from that to raw had to transition from eating protein foods to more vegan foods.  Now that said I started with 1500-1600 of steamed veggies and found to be ok but the cooked food even veggies slow down my digestion well I got constipated.. I jumped to raw and dried fruit and now having 2600-2700 caloires and end up still lost of 5lbs or so and seem to be doing good at that.. I don't work out alot at all if a slow jog for 10 mins is alot mainly a walking jog . and I'm already slim so at moment 95-96 lbs so glad to be back there was my goal weight .  So even tho was thin got thinner.. and having alot more fat than required on this plan and dried fruit lol.. So its mainly what you want your body needs.. I don't do alot either i work onine all day so i'm sedetary just the morning 10mins is all i do in normal day.  I don't know I think its finding what works you because for me Its better to follow the way that fits me since I will go back eating other things if I had to eat only fruit avoid alot avocados or dried fruit. I'm not big sweet fan but love dry denser things with less sweet flavor like corn. avocados. . I hope this helps, I guess what I think is what you feel is your best approach depend what raw food you like than go with it.. Don't let ratios or how much others work out make you feel you need too. I don't I gave up that thought after tempting this diet so much and failing at it because i thought i had to be like everyone else:) 

Also acne I got that too not to bad seem better that having avocados I dont' have it like did years ago when did a fruit thing and didn't have any fat .. it seems to hydrate my skin from dryness and helps with my skin as well. So even tho I have acne its like a few and they go away over night only occur during day when eating so much sweet fruit but with eating avocados they don't seem to be extreme at all. Maybe the fat is part that helps, in my opinion. :) 

Hi SassyCat I'm new to this lifestyle and have been putting on the lbs. How long did it take you to get to your goal weight. I'm frustrated with putting on the lbs. working out daily and not seeing results.

I had terrible skin at 4 months too. Tannyraw on youtube had a great analogy about detox and healing. She said, ya know how when you clean the algae off the fish bowl, how it swirls around in the water and makes everything look worse? Your body is doing the same thing. It is being cleaned from the inside out and it takes time for those toxins to exit your body. And since your skin is your largest elimination organ, it is often the first place we notice detox. 4 months is like exactly when I had my worst breakouts. I am doing much better now.

Do yourself a favor and keep going--keep going. Do not stop.

I have been doing this 6 months and I eat 3000 calories a day--no longer gaining weight! I am maintaining. See if you can get to a place where your body is maintaining a steady weight, and then eat more. That's my plan and I am so excited to see how it goes!

Whatever you do--don't stop!

If you don't want to exercise then don't. I didn't want to exercise the first five months I was on the lifestyle. And even now, I don't exercise often. My longterm goal is to exercise more. But if you feel like resting, rest.

Be kind to yourself <3

hallelujah! I'm at 4 month and my skin is really bad! I've ALWAYS had porcelain like skin so this is very weird for me. so nice to know I'm not alone. (my whole family thinks my diet is so messed up! "its all that sugar" "too many dates- thats why you've gained so much wait- i read no more than one date a day") so funny but it also wears you down! x



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