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haha, I was actually asked to do a talk, and I've already been asked to do more by several others. I'm afraid I might not be of much help in getting your foot in the door, it was already wide open for me : /

In my case I it was just luck that there was already demand for 'raw foods' at the venue, my friend Amanda did a raw gourmet workshop there to great success. The owners of course didn't know the difference between high fat raw and lfrv, just that I was into raw foods, was passionate, seemed knowledgeable and was studying nutrition, and they were already interested. When I pitched the event I told my story first (I was quite sick before 811rv), and said I'll teach people 2 simple changes to make in their diet to reap the benefits of raw fruits and vegetables (eat fruit before or at every meal; lower your fat intake). They loved the idea, and we decided to do a four part class.

For marketing I designed a poster, but I sent most of the copies through email to people I knew who seemed interested. I only put up a few posters, word of mouth, whether it was from people I knew or prople who inquired about the workshop at the store, was most effective by far.

You might have to be creative in pitching the idea to a venue owner, saying you'd like to do a raw food talk or class wouldn't be of interest to someone who's never heard of 'raw foods', i.e. the movement. you might have to say you're doing a talk on sports nutrition, or on nutrition and weightloss. If you can find somewhere there's already interest in raw foods but people aren't clued in yet that lfrv ain't high fat raw at all that could be your ticket.
you should book AM a talk in your city eva.. that way he can tell folks he's an international speaker :)
well AM, sounds like eva can find you a venue and probably a couch to crash on.. what sayest thou?
B-The pamplhet you helped me with sould be ready any day now. It will be for everybody to print out from the link.
cool cecilie, when it's ready you can post it to the course content thread. :)
Ill do that :D
I had this on the main area, but thought I should have posted here. : D

I need your help

I just got a call today from a potential client. She was referred to me by her acupuncturist who works in my office. I spoke with her for a good 30 minutes on the phone. She would like for me to come to her home which is about 40 minutes from where I am located, to teach her and 2 other friends about raw foods. At this point she isn't interested in going 100% just wants some ideas for recipes. I'm figuring I will spend at least 2-3 hours there.

So my questions are:
How much should I charge?

should I do the grocery shopping?

How many recipes would be sufficient and any ideas on what to prepare?

Sorry for so many questions but I know this is the place to ask : D

Ack so sorry I completely missed this, how did that session go?
no problem.

The class went well. There ended up being 5 people total. The whole class took me about 4-5 hours and I charged $300 total food included. They were all in the natural health field in some way so definately was an easier type of crowd. I confess I used a lot of nuts! They had certain things they wanted to learn such as crackers, tacos, and a cake. It was fat city. I did tell them what my diet mainly consists of and really pushed Dr. Grahams 80 10 10 book. Talked some about the alkaline foods and also showed them how to make a good fruit smoothie. I also listed this website on one of the hand-outs I gave them. I know for sure they will be eating more fresh raw food and that is a positive step in the right direction.



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