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Hi! I am a born again, saved by the blood of Jesus, bible believing Christian in search of some scripture answers. 

My dad argues with me repeatedly about eating meat. He argues that it is fine. God allows it. He told the people to eat it after the flood. He asks if it's so bad for us then why did God allow us and tell us to eat it?

I have done LITTLE research on this issue. I'm am just beginning and would love all you can give me.

Thanks! :)

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bible is misinterpreted, its not jesus word anymore, its been gathered and req=written by different people. I do not trust a word bible says, even though there is many great teachings. gospel of peace by the essenes is the best book in my opinion on this matter. 


do not be a fanatic, get the facts straight: humans EVLVED ON PLANT FOODS. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FP2eJFb9FQI&feature=youtu.be

Thanks so much Figgy!! I wondered all this I just wasn't sure if it's what the bible says or what I thought up. Got any good KJV scripture? :D

Yes when Jesus came he declared all things good if they were received with thanksgiving and we are free, permitted to do/have all things but not all things are good and beneficial and healthful for us. If you think about it, these days, meat isn't good, the animals aren't treated or fed right and it's been proven that people having animal free diets are healthier, recovering from cancerous tumours, more althetically fit etc so it's kinda just a matter of common sense. I'm sure it says nowhere in the bible that you will go to hell if u eat meat. It does say a lot about food, mainly that we should not worry about it because The Lord knows what we need, and that we should not accuse or offend another brother over what they choose to eat or not eat or by what we choose.

Well said RT katie and Gordon.  That's what I was thinking too.  All things are permissible, but not all things are beneficial.

Vital point

I know it all seems confusing.  I've heard the same arguments for years too. I've done research too into this. Why did God say they could eat meat?  You look at the world before the flood. The people lived to be nearly 1000 years old.  The people were incredibly corrupt. God's people were a fresh creation so close to eden but the long years they lived only served to give them time to investigate how to be more wicked (sounds like today and we don't lived that long).

  After the flood, God did tell them they could eat meat. Howbeit clean meat and if you look at how to eat Clean meat, christians today do NOT eat their meat like this (blood completely drained and without the fat).  Hmm. How many christians do you know who do that?  Yet these same christians say "God says we can eat meat".  Whatever.  But look at how long the people lived once meat was introduced after the flood - within a very very short time the lifespan went from 800 - nearly 1000 years to under 200 and then around 100.  Wow!  It's true that the world was destroyed with the flood so there was not a lot of fruit and greens to eat for sure.  But think about it, God could've provided manna like he did after the Israelites left egypt. But He didn't.  He knew that people would quickly forget Him (nothing has changed) and that it honestly would be best to allow the population to not live hundreds of years.  We don't need the Hitlers of the world to live hundreds of years - they devastate enough in the shorter life span they have.
   When God took his people out of egypt, He gave them manna - but "His people" blatted and didn't want that - they wanted meat.  When God gave them meat in the wilderness, it was NOT health promoting. He gave them what they wanted and it made them sick and many died. (Side note: the egyptians at that time were dying of hte very same diseases the western world does now - meat is not health promoting).
     He gave them manna for 40 years. Their health was excellent.  God was trying to get them ready for Canaan.  Think about it, God is desiring a people to bring into His Heavenly Canaan to live eternally with Him. But he has to separate sin from the sinner first.  He WILL NOT take sinners to heaven.  He will only take those who have chosen Christ and allowed Christ to transform their lives to heaven with Him.  Because Sin will never ever arise again. 
   But I believe that God is wanting people to eat healthier now.  We will have clearer minds to read His word and understand it. We will understand the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation and see where we are in time.  Read Hosea 3 & 4 and Joel 1 & 2.  God is speaking of our time. Honestly do we really want to eat meat now pumped full of drugs, hormones. gmos, diseases etc.  Honestly?  It's sad.  Also study out the sanctuary system. It is so beautiful. Again if you follow where Christ is now (the Most Holy Place) You will see such beauty in getting back to as close as eden as possible. 
   Do christians think we're going to dine on Chicken Mcnuggets in heaven or that we'll have a pig roast?  Honestly!  People don't think things through. They don't think about what they are saying and where we are in time. All the time prophecies have been fulfilled, Christ wants to come.  He needs a people to come back for.
   One thing I want to ask christians is this.  God also "allowed" (but it hurt Him deeply) man taking more than one wife.  Do we honestly want that now?  No, it was adultery then and it is NOW too.  God is gracious and trying so hard to wake up a people.  I wonder when Christians will stop trying to defend "bad habits" and nonsense and just honestly seek to study ALL of God's word and apply ALL of it to their lives??  Just my thoughts. 

I love this post!

Ok first of all "The kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost." Romans 14:17.  So while this subject is important for your health and is definetly better for the enviroment animals etc, it won't effect you as far as going to heaven or hell; which is dependant on if your Born again or not.

Ovbiously the plan in the beginning was for man to eat fruit and vegies, and also all the animals as well, every single creature was vegan. bascially no death. Genesis 1:29. Even though we stuffed it up, this origional plan will eventually be fulfilled = Isaiah 11 & Revelation 22.

Sin brought death and death passed onto all men (and all of the world as well), so we are living here in the Church age with the liberty to eat whatever we want. Romans 14:14 tells us there is nothing unclean of itself. But what is the best way to eat, ovbiously God's origional plan = Raw vegan. It's how we were designed.

Now part of the amazing design of the Human Body is that we can eat almost anything to survive. There is even a guy in france who can eat glass and metal etc. So why did God allow all things to be eaten in Genesis 9? Because two chapters later in Genesis 11 God was going to confuse the languages at the tower of Babel and scatter mankind all over the world. Ovbiously Eskimos etc would have found it very diffcult to be fruit eaters a few thousand years ago. So God didn't COMMAND people to eat meat but gave them the option. But what we have to remember is that survival does not equal optimal health. If you want to survi But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king's meat, nor with the wine which he drank: therefore he requested of the prince of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself.ve eat w/e, if you want to THRIVE then eat fruits / vegies.

as far as scriptural reason for eating vegan today, what put me onto it was Daniel 1:8  But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king's meat, nor with the wine which he drank: therefore he requested of the prince of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself. & 1 Corinthians 10:31. 

Thanks, and don't listen to these scrubs that mock God and his word... one day they will wake up even if its too late.

in the beginning God said eat fruits and veggies, there is something else in that chapter that some other people consider food but we were not told that it was food (animals, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil). The tree of life is just that category of food that is described in the first and the last chapter of the bible, the alpha and omega of the bible, the beginning and the end of the bible. original sin is eating flesh, it is going against the will of God. the only instruction Adam and Eve had to follow was eat fruits and veggies. Eating anything else was a mistake, it was unhealthy, it was a sin, it was original sin. we both have a great name, so I replied to you, keep the faith brother.

I was a vegan for 7 years (but not a super healthy one) but went back to eating some meat because I felt I had been too elitist about it, and I didn't want to set my own rules for myself based on what is right and wrong without consulting the word. 

You father is right, there is nothing wrong with it from a biblical sense, and there are people that do very well on a diet including meat. If we think from an evolutionary perspective (not Darwin's Theory, just the bodies abilities to adapt over some times) a hunter gatherer lifestyle would be how people operated, and that would include meat if it was available. 

You have to ask yourself, does this diet work for you? Do you think that other people that eat meat are doing something "bad". Not necessarily unhealthy, but "bad". If you have that mindset, then you are incorrect. 

If you instead thank God for all the blessings that have been bestowed upon you, and how you are fortunate to be able to live in a way that does not require meat and have an abundance of fruit accessibility for your diet, that's doing it right. :)



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