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Can white rice make you gain FAT?

It's nearly all CARBS, so how could it?  But I swear that when I eat it I get fatter.   I don't really weigh myself, but I feel puffed out all over the next day or two.  My legs, my face, my BELLY.  It's like I gained 5lbs after I eat it.  I feel fat! :(  

While rice isn't optimal, I never thought it could make me fat!! :(  

Has anyone else had any experience with this?  Why is rice making me fat?  UGH! Help!

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If your going to eat rice Eat brown rice, White rice is just not good, No nutrition, It might be better than some other foods out their but not really, I used to love white rice on the SAD diet, Know the only whole wheat i eat quiona and brown rice, Thats it no pasta Nothing,

Are you adding anything to it? If you are adding salt, that can definitely do that to the body. 

No I don't add anything to it. Occasionally I'll add in lemon juice or cilantro, but that's it. No oil, salt, garlic or anything like that.

White rice is a refined grain.  It might be okay once in a while or in a pinch, but like Crystal said, don't add salt or fats/oil to it.  Personally, when it comes to cooked foods, I prefer satsuma sweet potatoes with a bit of lime juice.

Potatoes are a better choice for starches, but we eat white rice all the time.  The only time I feel like I "gained" weight is when I don't drink enough water, like it's having trouble moving through my system.  I always eat until I'm packed full whether fruit/raw or cooked, it's all a matter of perspective: Eating until you're full for a long time doesn't equal fat.  I've actually started to lose weight now that I've started eating much more rice (in particular) but cooked (in general).  My caloric intake in between 3000 and 6000 cals per day.  I only have 20lbs to lose, 30 if I wanna look like Freelee.

 I've read several stories of girls that dropped a significant amount of weight eating cooked and the only exercise was walking to uni.  

Hope this helps.

I eat between 3500-5000+ kcal a day, MOSTLY from potatoes/brown rice (I eat A LOT of it) and I don't gain any weight (and believe me, I was an easy gainer on a SAD diet).

Before the diet I weighed 116, and I looked really skinny at that weight for some reason at 5'3".

Fast forward 6 months later and I'm 14lbs heavier and puffy with breakouts. Pah. I've experienced many benefits so far, but my weight and skin have just been one big issue for me the whole time. I'm constantly fluctuating.
I felt like finally for a little while (a few weeks ago) things were getting better and I didn't feel puffed out or anything at all and I felt smaller!
.....except for when I ate rice. Or unripe fruit. ha. but anyway, I love rice. I really do love rice. That's why I'm kinda sad about this, I know it's not optimal or anything...but I really enjoy having rice on occaision and I'd hate to give it up.

Could I be gaining weight from not drinking enough water? I do try to get a gallon in a day when I can...but honestly a couple times a week that doesn't happen and I'll only get maybe a few cups. In addition to my fruit. (I eat a lot of melon)

Is brown rice leaner than white?

We eat white rice, would always have upset stomach and general lethargy when we ate brown rice for years, but we just thought that was how it was supposed to be.  Feel great on white.  Others have the exact opposite response.  

A gallon is a great goal. Try keeping log or scheduling when you drink your water or having a larger glass to use.  You'll notice a huge difference in how you feel.  Like others have said, try eating more greens/veggies, whether cooked or fresh, it will also help move things along.

DO NOT reduce what you eat, but do check on the things you add to it...if you have too much salt it will bloat you and you will need more fruits/veggies (potassium) to counter the high sodium in your system.  Hope you're doing better!

Hi Lux,

You may not be eating enough vegetables and drinking enough water.  Both will help with the puffed effect and early nights will help immensely  I found 9-9.30pm is best.  Aim for 2-3 litres a day and on average a lettuce a day, such as Romaine and plenty of veg.  

It doesn't sound like the rice is making you fat, it's making you retain water, for whatever reason. How you cook it or what you eat it with? I don't know.... When I eat 100% raw and then eat cooked lowfat vegan anything, I puff up the next day or 2 as well - especially in my face and limbs. It's NOT fat. It's water weight.

I'm currently not able to afford to eat 100% raw and I eat around 1000 calories(!) of white rice Basmati or jasmine every night with a crap ton of greens and I am still slowly, steadily, losing fat. (Yes I average 1000 calories worth of rice, less on days I've had more fruit and vice versa. Generally cook 1.5 cups dry rice and eat it all)

The rice is not making you fat :)

I have been experiencing the same thing! I came from being fully raw to raw and I have gained about 5lbs since being on this lifestyle(3 months) and feeling discouraged! But I have heard that it has taken other girls 5 months to a year to loose that extra water weight. It is just water weight trust me. There is no way you can get fat off no fats! it's redundant. I say if you think it is the white rice making you feel weird then try other types such as balsmati, brown, jasmine, ect. Or you can try whole starches like potatoes, or squash. It's your body so only you can really know how certain foods affect you. Don't be afraid of trial and error! That's progress! 

You are welcome! I notice eating fresh fruits and veggies keeps my weight down too and I think in the summer I will do that but here in Chile it is winter now and it gets down to the teens with no central heating so I kind of depend on the extra carbs from rice for warmth. I do think though I will try what you are doing and start replacing my rice with cooked veggies instead. I do no consume any added sodium or oils or anything like that, I do however incorporate a cup of lemon juice to my greens and rice. Could that have something to do with the water retention too? 



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