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Okay, so for my high carb cooked meals at the end of the day, I've been grilling vegetables (potatoes, carrots, green pepper, onion) and seasoning them with steak seasoning. The seasoning contains salt, black pepper, red pepper, garlic, sunflower oil and paprika. I know that spices are bad for you but I feel fine after eating them and I can't eat cooked potatoes plain. I can eat rice without spices, but I feel like all I ever eat is rice and want more variety.

Anyone know of any alternatives to put on potatoes? I really like the steak seasoning but if it's really that harmful I'll stop adding it. I heard that Dr. McDougall said that a little salt is fine to make things palatable but I'm not sure if I'm putting too much on.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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thank you! I tried rice and sweet green peas yesterday and it was alright. The veggie/bean combos sound good!


Don't forget that "natural flavors" is the accepted term for MSG and MSG-precursors.  Actually, salt would be better than that poison.  If you can go cold-turkey, get rid of it and do WITHOUT salt, use the suggestions Peter mentioned you'll be so far ahead and able to overcome issues without ever having them!

 If food doesn't taste good without that, then it's one way to know you're not hungry or you're just thirsty.  Having any vegetable with your rice will add variety.  My children eat rice and beans or rice and veggies at least 4 times per week...children being the pickiest eaters shows that just changing it up (corn, peas, mixed veggies, broccoli) they loooove it and it's sooooo yummy.  Doing the same with potatoes may help.  I, finally, have grown to just like baked potatoes without any other veggies, and eat til I'm full.  I didn't think I could ever do that and that I needed butter and chives and bacon (long time ago) because that is how 'everyone' eats 'em.

Hope you soon enjoy your foods more and more! :)

lemon juice/lime juice. i like to do lemon juice with avocado chunks with my potatoes.

you can also make a little salsa using only fresh vegetables and put that on there.

but if you're eating something that you feel fine with, why do you feel the need to stop consuming it? just because someone else said to?

i understand you want to treat yourself well and eat healthily and that's commendable, but on the other hand if you're asking for advice on this forum you can always expect there to only be one politically correct answer.

there very well may be "objective" information regarding what is best to put and not put in your body, but from another detached perspective there is no right or wrong and each must do what is best for them in the moment.

One article that addresses "natural flavors".

Also, my children would have horrible cramp-like pains when they ate ANYTHING with these "spices" or "natural flavors".  I guess the masses call them growing pains and put up with their children being in pain.  Me, I had massive migraines. That's two of the reasons we came to eating raw, natural, and then to 30Bad and vegan.  Having 9 children makes for a great test base and we could see quickly when anything but this lifestyle may hurt them.  We have our few canaries in the coal mines and the others take much longer to show symptoms, if they ever do show any.

You may feel fine for years, just like I did eating a homecooked SAD diet.  Why change if you feel fine?  Because somewhere inside you know that you can be eating better and doing better for your body.  There isn't a one-sided thought in these forums; there are all sorts of personal stories of why people have come to change how they ate and have improved.  Each person brings a different perspective of how their previous lifestyle destroyed them and issues they've had just in their own transition.  Not everyone is deathly ill, has a reaction from certain foods, or apparent problems, but all want to do better for themselves and asking questions is one way to research what path one will, or will not take.

thank you! this was very thought provoking. Also, much thanks for the link! :)

When I made sweet potatoes I put different things like coconut sugar, lime juice, fresh herbs. i used curry powder and some other spices sometimes too, but never use salt. Sweet is good with potatoes - i really don't think we can go wrong with sugar :)

true, i copied this recipe from a restaurant, but it's pineappled sweet potatoes. basically you just puree some pineapple and mash it up with sweet potatoes. i think their recipe used butter and maybe milk, but obviously you don't need that. hm avocado might be good with it though o_O it's actually quite good if you have a ripe pineapple, canned works too. :)

thanks so much for the suggestions everyone!!! I will definitely be trying some! :)


I would be careful use spices, as they are harsh and they irritate, also they can cause ' dryness' , too much herb also can cause ' dryness'
A little herbs are fine. With lemon also be carefull too much acid.



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