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Healing from Chronic Fatigue


Healing from Chronic Fatigue

This is for everyone who is healing from Chronic Fatigue (CFS/ME/CFIDS...), lets share our stories, our tips, and support each other to a more energetic 811 life!

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Comment by Loane on April 6, 2012 at 5:22pm

Wow thanks Morgan for those infos.

It´s amazing that your son is recovering from autism thanks to the chelation. I don´t know if you have heard of the GAPS diet. Obviously, I don´t promote it, because it´s based on meat and fat, but the doctor who created it also had an autistic son, and he recovered thanks to the healing from his gut. She explains that autists and other people with disorders from the brain, all have a very sick colon and bad gut flora, and the restoration of it with probiotics and avoidance of grains is the first step to recovery.

So, what is the ALA chelation actually? Does it mean to swallow the capsules? or is it something we have to do with a doctor, s.th more complicated?

I knew that cilantro crossed the blood-brain barrier, but I thought that chlorella didn´t, that´s why it wasn´t enough...

Comment by Morgan on April 6, 2012 at 3:23pm

Thanks Mizpah!!

Loane - no problem..

Absoutely, I think the chelation is beneficial and needed.  My son (age 4 and autistic - though now recovering) is healing because of ALA chelation.  It is actually truly unfathomable the progress he's made (and we're only on about week 9 or so).  The great thing is, this is a non-invasive process and not all that hard.  I was nervous about starting, but it's not a big deal.  I am currently chelating myself, my two young kids and my husband will start in a couple weeks.  (You have to wait 3 mos. until after getting any metal out of your mouth to start with ALA.)  

I've only done about 3 weeks of it, but I do believe its helping me get rid of the HM's. (heavy metals.)

Be careful with chlorella.  I got mad at someone when they told me to stop juicing cilantro..  But cilantro, chlorella and ALA (alpha lipoic acid) cross the blood-brain barrier.  This means they are able to get in past barrier of our brain, reach in and attach themselves to mercury and then leave (or not), depositing the merucry or other HM's to other parts of the brain or rest of the body.

With the Andy Cutler chelation protocol, ALA is given in 'frequent, low doses' so that the HM's keep moving and get a chance to leave the body. 


They have to pass through the liver and kidneys, as well, so they have to make a journey through the body. 

Here is the link for the forum for chelating children in case anyone is interested: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Autism-Mercury/

Tons of people (honest - no lie, here) have completely recovered their kids from autism, based on this chelation. 

(Andy Cutler does not get any money for people actually chelating.)  We purchase ALA from the link I posted.  It was recommended to me by one of the other moms on the site as it's allergen free.





Comment by Loane on April 5, 2012 at 8:54pm

Thanks Mizpah for letting us know about your success with raw food.

I totally agree with you about what you say here: "Dealing with feeling so bad every day was hard enough. But what made things even worse was the lack of understanding and compassion from others including medical doctors. I was so deeply affected when my doctor didn’t acknowledge the extent of my illness because she couldn’t find any medical test to confirm that I was sick."

FOr me, that´s also the most difficult!

Lets hope raw food will heal us as well.

Comment by Mizpah Matus on April 5, 2012 at 8:08pm

Hi everyone.

Thought you might like this article from my blog:

Raw Food and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Comment by Loane on April 5, 2012 at 6:06pm


I agree with you, in that the diet might not be enough in case of mercury and other metals intoxication. I don´t have anything in my mouth now, but had a filling once in my childhood. I have taken lots of chlorella the last 2 years. Hope it has helped, I don´t take anything for that now.

Do you think that ALA has helped you already? can you recommend it because it works?

Thanks for the links.

Rayla, yes that´s crazy,some people don´t mind taking dangerous drugs and don´t believe in intoxications, like my parents. I have a hard time with them because they don´t understand anything about health and ilnesses and only believe what ignorant doctors say, like Chronic fatigue is not a real physical illness. :-(. It´s tough...

Comment by Morgan on April 5, 2012 at 5:25am

Loane and Rayla,

I agree w/ you both!  Just to throw some possibly helpful information out there, here are some links in case anyone wants to get dental metal removed and then detox from it.  (very necessary if there is metal, imo, because it clings for dear life to the fatty cells and tissue surrounding the brain, lungs, heart, kidneys..  all the major organs.) - causing autoimmune and other conditions.  It's doesn't just leave easily, unfortunately.  Not with just diet, as I've been learning.  (We've been completely dairy and gluten free and now I'm raw, but you still need 'frequent, low-dose' detoxing with ALA, in my opinion.  - alpha lipoic acid)  Some use DMSA, but since it is a medication, we steer clear of it.


I'm using the Andy Cutler chelation protocol.  It's cheap, and no, Andy Cutler does not get any money from this, unless I buy his book.

Here's the dosing protocol.   http://home.earthlink.net/~moriam/Andy_dose_sched.html#agents

We get our ALA through Everything Spectrum: http://www.everythingspectrum.com/

Here's the forum.  This people are very helpful: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/adult-metal-chelation/

And here's a search engine for finding mecrury-safe (mercury-free) dentists in your area, if you live in the states: http://www.dentalwellness4u.com/freeservices/find_dentists.html

Here is the link to find mercury-free dentists who will remove amalgams in Australia, England, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand and South Korea:http://dentalwellness4u.com/layperson/mercuryfreeresources.html


This is interesting on mercury fillings: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ylnQ-T7oiA and there are plenty of others like it on youtube.

Our family is mercury and other metal toxic, so if anybody has any questions at all, please just ask! 


Comment by Rayla Sun Gazer on April 4, 2012 at 11:41pm

@Loane...  It's not recognized on that other hand because the drug companies rule modern medicine. And in dealing with people I find that unfortunately a lot of people want it that way :-(

They trust in their Dr (*cough*) and they trust in their drugs. They act like taking a med is a badge or something. Bottom line is it's all about money. And the drug company wouldn't make money if we were healthy and using natural cures.

So sad but so true.

Comment by Loane on April 4, 2012 at 6:01pm

Thanks Morgan for your reply.

I agree with you, I also believe that our ilnesses are caused by toxicity. All kind of toxicities. Then, depending on the person, different diseases appear. Since I have been sick, I have felt intoxicated, like dirty inside and full of toxins. It is a shame that it is not recognized by most doctors.

And yet, during my researches on neuropathy, I have constantly found that toxicity from heavy metals,  medicinal drugs or other toxic sources is one of the cause of this ilness. So, it is recognized on the one hand, but not recognized on the other hand. I don´t get it!

Comment by Morgan on April 4, 2012 at 8:50am

Mine was caused from a metal dental implant I had for 6 years.  Got it removed this past October.  My symptoms decreased greatly, but I still got progressively worse w/ degenerative/autoimmune symptoms.  They seem to disappear when I'm on this diet.

The implant was made from titanium bromide.  It might have been alloyed (added) with other metals as well. 

I believe heavy metal toxicity and also exitotoxcins (basically carcinogens and chemicals) in processed foods cause most diseases  - degenerative, diabetes, heart disease, cancer..  chronic fatigue.

I suspect it's all related to those two things.  The nasty preservatives and heavy metals (and also isn't helped by things like flouride in water and toothpaste, which I believe contains heavy metals as well.)

I read this article today.  Probably the best healthy article I've read!: http://www.naturalnews.com/020550.html

Comment by Loane on April 4, 2012 at 5:00am

Thanks Kayla and Rayla for your answers.

I don´t think I have mono. I very rarely catch a cold. And I can´t sleep during the day, although I am exhausted. That´s interesting, doctors try to find THE cause of CFS, while there are thousands of causes and definitely not ONE single cure.

Rayla, I am sure you will completely heal. If you have done so much progress already, that´s a very good sign :-)


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