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Hi to all.  I was nervous about posting here.  Please be as kind as you can in replying or I will just leave.  We all have to make choices about our care and accept responsibilities for those choices.  I'm very christian and am trusting God with my care.  When I found out about my cancer, everything was set in place and went quickly into treatment.  Before cancer, I was of the mind that I would never go the medical route.  Well I have two young kids and pressure from family, I decided to do the medical route.  I'm very sensitive about the issue so please don't be mean to me about my decision, that is already done.  I can't undo.  I've studied health and fitness for so long and totally believe in the healing abilities of natural foods.  I don't understand why I can't just not eat a S.A.D. diet and go on LFRV.  I've tried many many many times over the years.  I get so mad at myself...should be easy peasy.  Well enough of my whining.  What I'm really seeking is advice on how to do all fruit until dinner and then at dinner have a nice large salad.  I'm afraid of detoxing too fast and having too much chemo toxin in my blood stream.  How do I even begin to incorporate this way of life while on chemo?  I know that I will continue with my doctors suggestions but I also want to give the cells that are fighting all the nourishment they need.  I have the full at Home Gerson Therapy information.  Should I start juicing and flooding my body and doing enemas?  Any help is so greatly appreciated.  Much love and blessings, Tina

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just going vegan can give you an 80% chance of beating this. Please watch this all the way through



Dear Tina

I am so sorry for your health challenges.  Having never, ever been in your place, I could never judge your actions.  Please don't let those that do throw you.  When you are in terror and danger, you evaluate so much and need to act fast.  You did what was best for yourself and your children and therefore it has to be blessed.  Now, onto healing....

Do you have a good homeopathic practitioner?  Acupuncturist?  Sometimes it is good to have some hands on healing while going through a crisis.

Freelee has an amazing facebook group that has helped me so much.  It is "raw till 4."  I had been trying to get to raw for a few years and this concept and method has helped the most.

Another idea is that since the fruit is so hard for you to do all day long, and I get that, you might want to have a salad midday for now.  That might help the need for savory and sometimes gives me the energy boost I need.

There are plenty of people here full of more wisdom then me.  I just had to reach out though.  There are many compassionate souls here.  Please know that I am sending you prayers and light.  Don't stop your search, you are on the right path.

Trying to reply but it's not saving the full message. Thank you bo

Tina, I worked for Dr. Wigmore at the Hippocrates Institute in Boston and in Puerto Rico for over 22 years and have certified in Plant Based Nutrition with Dr. Campbell (who publishes that dairy will make tumors grow) and Dr. Barnard with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine who has classes to certify in Nutrition in Medical Practice. Doctors by congressional law cannot prescribe food as therapy, only medication and operations. Dr. Wigmore watched cancer cells die in living food (especially immediately made - not older than 15 minutes - wheat grass juice, which you might consider implanting and making poultices of on your breast). Blending and juicing your living food will get them into the easiest to digest form that your villi can absorb and you might consider chewing the liquid food as if it were solid. At least 15 minutes. I used to give advice on www.rawdoctors.com and rawlife.org with Dr. James Carey and had students worldwide, and counseling at a clinic now in the a.m. with diabetics using Dr. Cousens book "Cure for Diabetes". It's all basically the same. The enzymes/electricity in living foods' juices do not support the growth of the cancer, but oils and cooked foods do. I have also studied macrobiotics and feel that the living food is superior for healing.I had a patient in Dumfries, VA who had the same stage challenge as you. I taught her husband how to make and apply the poultice on her breast and gave him the book "The Cure for All Advanced Cancers" by Dr. Hulda Clark. It might be of use to you. She was moving into living foods after I went to work with her and she saw some of the things that happened with her students when I worked with them. She is dead now, and her books are still valid to understand what is going on inside. This is my opinion. Dr. John McDougall and Dr. Barnard's pcrm.org can supply more information. There are so many people out here who can help you. If we come on too strong, please let us know so we can back off. It's so exciting when you have watched people getting well from great odds, and so I may be too pushy. So, speak your mind. We don't want to scare you away.  Blend your salad, please. I've compromised too, and have scars to show it! When one is surrounded by family and scary doctors, it's easy to cave in because of the fear in them, even though I knew better too! Juice. Love yourself. Forgive anyone who has ever abused you in any way. That's critically important in your healing. Twice now breast cancer patients have had agendas to make their mothers guilty because they didn't stop abuse from their fathers, so this is important to address if you are in that group, because it will stop your healing.

There is an Alive Polarity massage called a lymph drain that will help get the lymph to move again without irritating the affected area.The most important thing to remember is electricity/chi/oxygen is in the living foods and that will kill the cancer cells. There is a little zapper that you can find out about in Clark's book that you can make with a 9 v battery, 2 leads with alligator clips and two 4" copper tubes. This will kill the organisms in you that are feeding the cancer. There is black walnut, wormwood and cloves that will help. It is important that you not use rubbing alcohol because that destroys your liver tissue and adds to the problem.  I will be available tonight after work, around 10-11 p.m. again.  Because I'm new here, I will have to read the guidelines for this post again because I'm not sure what I can say and what i can't to comply. I've been to the Gerson clinic in Mexico. Remember, fruit is energy and healing; greens are more healing. No spinach. drflora3rd@netzero.net


Forgive anyone who has ever abused you in any way.

Totally agree, I have heard amazing stories of healing from people just doing this alone!

Hey there Tina,

Cancer is fully healable, even after chemo and radiation so don't worry about that. :)  The key to staying on high carb low-fat raw vegan is to eat high calorie fruits and to get lots of calories early in the day.  You may want to join our group JESUS LOVERS UNITE! for inspiration.  As Ashley says, just going vegan (along with low-fat 10% or less) will be so healing and is probably the most important thing to do.  As I'm sure you have experienced, going all raw will bring the most ease into your life.  Must keep the caloric intake super high along with sleep.  Sleep is so important to get, as much as you possibly can.  And water intake, the book, The Body's Many Cries For Water  is a great read!  Hope this helps, sounds like you're doing great things for yourself and your family! :)  Oh and a read through Aloha to 30BaD's Welcome Wagon!  will have lots more info. on juicing and other tips and tricks.

Check out this lady... http://pinterest.com/pin/177540410281163636/

And 22 year breast, bone and lung cancer survivor, Ruth Heidrich's books are great: http://www.ruthheidrich.com/

Hi tina,dont know how far you've progressed with your treatment but can confidently say your cancer is curable in 8 or so weeks if you can persevere the strong detox in the first 2 weeks.helped afew people on simple mono diet of specific fruits and soursop leaves



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