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I decided to initiate this group Healing Cancer Naturally because of personal experience.

Being an RN who has done oncology nursing for many years and witnessing the devastating short term and long term effects of chemo, radiation and surgery I have come to the awareness that these therapies are extremely limiting and often very debilitating to the one receiving them.

Having been diagnosed with prostate cancer I new I would not follow the conventual medical treatments, and so began researching alternative approaches to healing and reversing cancer.  My research has taken me down many avenues, yet the one with the most consistency in the research is eating living, raw, organic food. It is the nutrients and micro-nutrients contained in living foods that have the most powerful healing effect on the body, and thus heals the cancer.

Another aspect of this research revealed the importance of detoxifying the body.  Often cancer is from an accumulation of toxins in the body and these must be removed.  One approach, among others, to begin removing these toxins is to alkalize the body at a pH of 7.4 by eating a LFRV diet.  The majority of people in our American culture are very acidic (due to the diet consumed) which lens itself to the plague of so many of the diseases we experience in our culture especially cancer.  A good book to read on this theory is: Cancer is NOT a Disease, It’s a Survival Mechanism, by Andreas Moritze.  Web site: www.ener-chi.com  

For anyone who is interested in pursuing this natural approach to healing cancer it is suggested to do the research thoroughly.  There is a lot of information out there, most of it very good, some not, however, one must decide what will be the best approach for himself or herself.  Also there are health care practitioners and health care facilities which utilize natural, holistic and alternative therapies to healing cancer and they are very trustworthy with an excellent tract record.  One such place is The Gerson Institute: www.gerson.org. Personally I am using some of their recommendations and have had very good results. My PSA level has dropped, which is a good sign.

Further thoughts, suggestions and recommendations are most welcomed.



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natural is definately the best way to approach cancer, then comes do nothing, then after everything natural comes medical life shortening. to me the best information on dealing with cancer or other serious diseases comes from dr schulze. he is a nturopathic doctor and master herbalist who ran a clinic in california for 20 years and treated movie stars, celebrities and others. his experience is important because he had a 98% success rate with people who had already gone through all the medical teatments and were supposed to already be dead. i have just created a group called 'there are no incurable diseases' in which i will post information from dr schulze about his clinical experience. be sure to check it out!


Luke, I agree with you, having the assistance of a Naturopathic Doctor is a great asset. I will add though, not all ND's are trained in how to treat cancer and I would suggest find someone who knows well this arena of disease and the best natural approaches to healing it.

You are very right! most ND's are in make healthy people healtheir business and have not experience with serious diseases like cancer. but part of the reason is the lack of legal opportunity. in a world of tight medical control nobody is allowed to use garlic, echinacea, red clover or pokeweed to treat another person's cancer. The only legal treatments are the ones that are making people worse off. doctors can play with the numbers and the definition of cure, but simply put they are not curing cancer.


people with alternative experience like dr schulze and dr christopher are a wealth of information that actually works. the question is wether you will listen to the experience and knowledge they have gained. its like harley johnstone says "take advice from people getting the results you desire" 

Dear B'jaia, this is a very good and informative "Healing cancer naturally". Being on the raw food gives me a sense of relief and the feeling that I am already healing the body with this food diet. It is so easy to follow this diet.

Thank you.

I see your last post was in 2011.  How are things going this year? 

I was a CNA for a short time and attended a patient who was taking chemotherapy for bone cancer.  They gave him so many drugs I suggested that the medication was potentially worse than the disease...I was off the case the next day, of course.  As a result, I also decided not to pursue the medical cure--which I believe is designed to make money for the doctors, not to cure the patient. 

Years later I have a 5mm nodule in my lung.  I now feel that the detoxing approach is my first choice, and I'm starting it today.  In a couple of months I should get the results of a follow-up CT scan, which would tell me if the nodule is growing.  If it is, I'm not sure what I will do.

For today I'm starting to detox.  Any recommendations?


Hello Lee and welcome to "Healing Cancer Naturally."  

I agree with you about the medication was worse than the disease.  Chemo can be a slow, and at times, a painful death process, even though patients are given a false hope to do the treatment.  

On 30 BAD there is a Swami Sri Nabuji who tells his story of healing himself of cancer.  Very powerful.  Here is the link.  www.30bananasaday.com/profile/SwamiSriNabuji  Then go to his discussion groups and look for the one which says, Ann Wigmore and Me, My cancer healing story.

Also, I agree about detoxing.  Very very important.  All of the research I have done into healing cancer naturally speaks about detoxing.  No way around it.  I have and still use coffee enemas.  Some may be turned off by this, however, it has a long and proven track record.  Of course the coffee must be organic.  Here is a link if you are interested.  http://usastore.sawilsons.com/index.php  Then you can also look up about using a combination of herbs for detoxing the living.  Here is the link.  www.markusrothkranz.com/bodyforce/liver.html  Either one of these will do the trick.  And when it comes to devoting it takes times.  Over many years toxins are layered in our cells and take time to remove.

Another aspect of reversing disease in the body is maintaining a pH around 7.4.  In this environment the body is able to reverse many diseases, including cancer and also keep the body in homeostasis.  Eating LFRV helps to maintain this pH level.

You asked How I am?  Very well.  My PSA continues to drop and I feel very very good health wise.  Detoxing and eating LFRV have been keys for me.

I wish you well on your journey.  If you have any other questions please ask.  I may not have all of the answers, but together we can look and research.  

Thanks,  I'm starting my program "again" as of today, 4/7/12.  Those relapses are really tough.  --Lee

Hi, was wondering of the effects of radio and chemo you speak of. My mothers oncologist as assured her with radio she will be able to work the same day! He also states diet plays no part in causing nor healing cancer, but my mum thinks he is a lovely man. I assume because he has old her what she wants o hear. Please help. Thank you

Hello Dana.  Delighted that you have become a part of this group.  Radiation & chemo both have negative effects on the body. Yes, both can "kill" or destroy the cancer cells initially, however, the damage both do to the rest of the body and particularly the immune system is devastating over the long haul.  When you do the research you find that one or both of these in combination are not friendly to the human body.  Both will keep the body in an acidic state and for cancer to reverse it must be in an alkaline environment.  The best way to obtain and then maintain a balanced alkaline environment is by eating organic raw living food.  Both chemo and radiation have limited effects, but over the long haul so damaging.  The interesting thing about giving chemo is that before each infusion of chemo blood tests must be taken to see how the white and red counts are and if they are not within acceptable limits the chemo must be held. This is because chemo lowers the blood counts and if too low chemo will only dropped them further thus compromising the immune system, which is actually already compromised.  Your mother's oncologist speaks the truth when he says your mother will be able to go to work the same day of radiation, even after receiving chemo many people return to work or other regular activities.  I feel her doctor is wrong when he says diet plays no part in causing or healing cancer. The research is out there and diet does play a very significant role in causing or healing cancer.  Here is a web site you may find of interest: www.gerson.org

I know of four people who have reversed their cancer totally by following a LFRV way of eating.  Other things were added like detoxifying the body because when one has cancer the body is very toxic and these toxins must be gradually removed.  Radiation and chemo only add more and more toxins to the body.

 I am not sure how old your mother is, yet if she feels and believes that chemo and/or radiation are the way for her her choice is to be honored. Most of us on 30BaD are most open to healing ourselves through the foods we eat.  I don't know if your mother is of this thinking. If you have any other other questions we will be glad to help.

I added a post but in the wrong area so I'll do it again. In September of 2009 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I was told it was advanced and aggressive. The doctor said it had reached the wall of the prostate and if it broke thru my " body would flood with cancer. Pretty scary stuff. He said I needed the prostate and all surrounding lymph glands removed immediately and that I had " no time to consider options". I didn't like the prospect of living the rest of my life impotent, getting up all night to pee and wearing diapers so I said no thanks.  He called me in 2 x more for " more tests" but there were no tests ,only more scare tactics and pressure for surgery. I immediately switched to all raw food ( I had been raw before, I went out with a girl who had been all raw for 7 years after healing herself ) and went to the optimum health institute just outside sandiego. All in all I was therrer over 7 months as a working guest. Raw foods, colnics ,daily enemas and wheatgrass implants. It's been over 8 years now and I have a beautiful 5 year old daughter and no symptoms of cancer. I still get tested every year or less. I also healed a faulty thyroid thru diet. I was told I needed to take medication for the rest of my life and maybe get it removed f the medication didn't work .Then I would have to take hormone pills or something like that. I've never taken a pill and at my last physical was told my thyroid numbers were perfect.  I have been very sloppy with my diet since then. Weeks and days raw broken up by lots of junk.  I had a couple months of 80\10\10 and that's when I ferlt my best. I intend to be 80\10\10\ or close to it very soon. I need to accept my cooked food addiction the way I do my alcohol,gambling and cigarette addictions. There is no ' just this once ' - it has to be all the way. No half measures. So that's where I am at today. Trying to wrap my head around the fact that if I want tyo live a long,healthy and happy life I need to say good by to cooked and hi fat foods. 811 or close to it I intend to make away of life.  One more thing. There's alot of fear that comes when one is told they have cancer. Fear was a constant presence for about 2 months after the verdict. It was important for me to make friends with the fact of my inevitable death. I read about and thought about it. Particularly about my death ,my life snd how i wanted to go out. One book that i read many times was  The Death of Ivan Ilych by Tostoy. Great book , its as short easy read and strongly recommend it to anyone . Thats it ,sorry if i was a bit long. I appreciate this site snd you all on the path of life and health.th y 



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