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Its coming up to 2years for me! Its very liberating as I used to cover my face up all the time with shimmers & shadows.

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20 years. I fail to understand why women wear it. It's so fake.

so true, natural beauty cannot be beat, even if there is a scar or a birthmark or blemish like  a pimple...even neolithic men and women had pimples!! some are more lucky than others but oh well. 

haha... for a few hours. Just for bed. I don't have the confidence. I don't have the lashes either. I'm asian and my eyes just seeem to disappear. My husband always loves me with or without. However, he does continually say he wishes i'd go without. I think it's the ease of it he enjoys. "no wasted time". Suprisingly, my mother never wears make-up (only her wedding and my own--or other occasions in which i place it on her). My father HATES MAKE UP...haha, he calls it paint! he's so old fashioned-- I love him!

HAHA! My husband has always called it war paint to! And he's only 28. 

by makeup free do you all just mean foundation and skin products? do any of you still wear just mascara or eyeliner sometimes? im a newbie to the lifestyle, its been almost a week since i went raw!

Watch Megan Elizabeth's video on fruit make-up.  I haven't tried it yet, but it looks awesome!

I guess its a little different for everyone. I have very sensitive skin and am tired of the "need" to wear makeup (foundation, mascara, etc) and its cost. With this lifestyle, my skin is so much clearer and the less I put on my face the less irritated it gets. This life style doesn't equal no make up allowed tho, its just about where your at in life and making it work for you. 

I stopped wearing make-up almost three years ago. I had started wearing it in middle school cause of peer pressure i suppose.  I was for sure at trhe point where i never left the house without it. it sucked! But when i was 16, (sorry i know this site doesn't condone drugs but this is how it happened) i was tripping on acid and i looked in the mirror and i was like omg! i cant even see my beautiful self under all this crap! It just looked awful to me. So the next day i threw it ALLLL away and haven't touched it since! I immediatley felt so much better about myself and just in general!

I'm 26 and I've been make-up and hair-dye free for about 2 years now. I'd been dying my hair since about the age of twelve and I remember waking up insanely early for high school just so I'd have a decent amount of time to put (a ton of) make-up on. What kills me even more is all the extra time I spent shaving unnecessary parts of my body every day because I thought it was the proper, feminine thing to do. 

It's a wonderful thing being able to think for oneself. I am so grateful that I've finally learned how to embrace my true, natural beauty. I love what I see in the mirror. 

well I stopped using makeup everyday about 3 years ago but used mascara once in a while (like on birthdays..)
Officially stopped in the end of December :)

I have had troubled skin since I was 7 years old. Just some pimples, then puberty hit and it got pretty bad. I saw Dr's and dermatologists and they never said anything about diet...ever. They gave me all kinds of treatments, put me on birth control pills, and tried to get me to take accutane, a poisonous drug. I couldn't put that in my body. Make up was my gateway to normalcy. It made me feel more confidant and secure, that people would look at me and not my acne. Finally, almost 6 years ago now, I tried going raw and after 2 weeks, my skin looked great and my pores were the smallest that they have ever been. I was in awe...seriously. But then I went back to the SAD diet. A year later, I found out about raw coconut oil for skincare. I have been hooked ever since. It just took all that red out of my skin, all that irritation gone. Of course at the same time I was going back to raw or mostly raw. I have been slowly weaning myself off of wearing makeup ever since. The last thing to go now was wearing it to work, the place where I am most self conscience because I am afraid of being jugded. I have gone 3 work days now with out makeup!!!! I threw it away! Yesturday, a coworker asked if I was pregnant because I was glowing! She said she hates wearing makeup, but when she doesn't she gets asked if she's sick! I am feeling more empowered now than I have ever felt. This website really helps me stay on track to and gives me so much support. Thank you Thank you!

Thank you Freely for this post. It is giving me so much encouragement. I have had acne since I was 8 years old and tried so many things. Changing my diet has been the most amazing thing for my skin! Makeup, expecially foundation has been a huge part of my life. I used to feel I couldn't leave the house without it. I have gone the last 6 months without makeup, except work (part time job) or church. Last week I went to church confident without makeup. And I have been makeup free for work to! Its a big deal for me there and sometimes I feel self conscious without it at work. I have even been told that I look like I am glowing since I stopped whereing it! This forum/30bad has given me so much support. Thank you so much!



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