30 Bananas a Day!

please help me track down fruit i havent had a fruit meal in days! :(

Hiya fruity friends!! I'm travelling New Zealand with my boyfriend driving ourselves around both islands.

We have yet to find any fruit markets only supermarkets and convenience stores as we haven't been in any cities. Thank goodness for back up plans but I need fruit I feel crap!! I have only found dole bananas in one stop shops and supermarkets. (Green and stinky and I'm still waiting for them to ripen to see if their even edible :/

We are off to punakaiki tmoro and then on to nelson before we head to the north island. I'm about ready to water fast as the only juice I've found is full of added everything's except I need energy for all our sight seeing and activities. Every day I have felt hungry tired and irritable :(

Can anyone point me in the direction of quality fruit (in bulk) in New Zealand? Preferably near punakaiki or nelson? And any suggestions for the nth island (we are visiting most regions)

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Hi Rikki, are you coming to Golden Bay? I cycled by some roadside stalls today selling huge punnets of raspberries near Takaka. Wouldn't be a heap of calories but they looked beautiful. There is also a small market in town on Fridays and a bigger one on Saturdays that both sell organic fruit. The biggest one is in Nelson every Saturday so that would probably work out best for you if you are there by then. Hope you are feeling better soon! 

I will be in nelson Saturday! Yay! I'll search golden bay and see if were going near at all. I have found some berries but hoping to find fruit I can really fill up on especially as we are so active! Thanks for ur reply can't wait to get to nelson now!!

If you come down to Otago the Central Otago area is full of stone fruit orchards and most have roadside stalls or shops or even pick your own for cheap. Lots of cherries, apricots, peaches, plums with apples and pears a bit later.  a fruity bonanza at this time of year.  Keep your eyes open as you travel around, many small farmers sell from stalls with just an honesty box and a hand painted sign at the gate at this time of the year throughout NZ.  I'm in Dunedin and we have several good fruit and vege shops that often sell the ripest fruit for cheap in boxes at the back of the shop. 

Hi Rikki,
If you are in Wellington there are farmers markets on every Sunday starting early morning till about 1-2pm. Lots of fruit here! Not organic but cheap prices. At the moment there are lots of cherries, apricots, plums, ripe bananas (you can buy a box of ripe bananas here). They are on cable st right by the waterfront. There is also one on a Saturday on Newtown. There is also an organic shop nearby on Wakefield st but that is quite pricey. Good luck! I've been doing raw till 4 for awhile and get most of my fruit from these markets. Also coconut water is great sold in supermarkets.

Wellington has fruit and vege markets every sunday at the waterfront (wakefield St. Opposite the New World Supermarket). To find Organic food you are best to walk through all the stalls to the waterfront and turn right on the path over a teeny tiny bridge, and on the right will be a building that looks dark inside but has a gourmet market inside. Wairarapa Eco Farms have a stall inside http://wefs.co.nz/csa-join I imagine you could visit them too if you are a little further north and over the  rimutaka hills.

If these guys are open this year they have amazing organic blueberries maybe 45min north of Wellington, a little cafe, some blackberries and a sweet swimming spot. There is another blueberry farm (can't remember the name) which is on the opposite side of the same driveway so you could try there too. http://www.blueberryfarm.co.nz/

Enjoy the summer, I miss it!


thanks everyone for all your help! I am home now and surrounded by fruits again :)

I definitely struggled with finding the right choices on holiday. anytime we were near a market it was the wrong day of the week or we missed it (drove from punakaiki to nelson excited for the market but It was over before we made I to town) often pak n save was our only shopping option due to travel times/activities all day and the bananas I bought were bruising and spoiling before even getting close to ripe! thankfully a few of our hotels had cooking facilities so I was able to have pasta or potatoes some nights but overall I was undercarbed a lot of my holiday!

next trip I plan I will have my food planned out and organised ahead of time!!

thanks for all your great advice I did get some beautiful stone fruits from the stalls on the side of the road :)



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