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anybody know about the fruit situation in spain? (mainly canary islands) prices for fruit, how easy it is to find organic produce, any rawfooders around, fruit-communitys?

thanks for any information :)

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Hi Jon! Thank you SO MUCH for this information, this is really helpful! 

Yeah about the 9- i have the same outlook on that. I don't want to meet strict 811-ers that look down on everyone else, i want to meet interesting people but with the openness of fruits and/or growing.

Where in spain do you live? Do you see yourself being able to maintain a fruitarian lifestyle there? :)

In the future i want to create/join a community where we can grow most fruits and veggies, but to be realistic i understand that it can take a long time before one actually can eat mostly from that. So in the mean time i want to make sure there are other sources for good quality foods. For me i'ts not important to be 100% raw at the moment (more of a long-term goal), i care more about that what i eat is vegan, grown in a respectful way, and it gives me the energy to create good projects.

Take care :D

Thank you Jon for solid reply. if any more comments let us know. where are you based?
it's still my target place, Louie with same intention for joining community , cooperative (join even vegetar, preferable spiritual and probably grow holisticly ethical branch of people in it or beside it...for English speakers prefersbly)
Now I was Tenerife 2.5weeks in June13. I'd say need to look in to those 2 smaller islands beside Tenerife for one reason. source of water is too expensive (land owners pay 12eur/h to fill a tank through 8cm diameter pipe)

Good to hear Mindaugas, then we share similar intentions! Let me know if you have any information on communitys. Yeah, the water thing is also important. I was hoping to be able to drink fresh spring water in spain. Here in sweden we are spoiled with clean water right from the tap.


Hi im in South Spain (Nerja) and there is plenty of Avocado and Cherimoya cultivation going on. South Spain in general is mostly big plantations of fruits or veggies and greenhouses.

Im Staying with a friend on a rented piece of land and we woulc like to meet other raw foodist.

We are dumpster diving etc... there are other like minded people around here too and a community as well.



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