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A fun name for a serious group :)

Ok who is keen to join me in spreading important information in regards to the TCS? It won't take very much time out of your day and will be very rewarding. Rewarding in the sense that if you look at the bigger picture your work is potentially saving the lives of many many people and animals (due to the merits of TCS and a vegan diet staying intact)

We can get our heads together and use this space to share idea's on formulating appropriate future responses - that can then be distributed on certain blogs by yours truly and anyone else who can assist :)

So first line of focus....
We need to formulate a fantastic response that can be circulated throughout the blogs listing Denise's critique, a lot may not be accepted but I've found a lot will be as well.  The ones that do not feature responses from us are obviously HIGHLY threatened by our message, I have a certain level of respect for the blogs that do take the time to address comments against Denise's claims.

OK main defence Denise and other followers of her work are using is....

*  Campbell did not perform his analysis on raw data however Campbell's correlations all perfectly match the raw data...Denise says she's "simply replicating the methods Campbell used "
(FROM B: How they used the exact same methods and came to completely opposite conclusions is beyond my small brain lol.)
*  Denise claims she used the improper data, but now she's claiming campbell did as well. (on this from Vegamama : it's becoming apparent that she is confusing the raw data with uncorrected data.)
From Dr Campbell's 2006 Rebuttal....
In contrast, the critics are uncritically using highly selected detailed observations with no respect for context. They rely rather heavily, for example, on choosing selected but uncorrected correlations (associations of one variable with another) from the huge number (about 100,000 or so) that were published in the 894-page China Project monograph itself (Chen, J., Campbell, T. C., Li, J., and Peto, R. Diet, life-style and mortality in China.
(From B- It seems as though Denise is doing the same on her blog.)

Here is a list of the majority of blogs featuring Denise's claims...


  1. The China Study exposed: actual data does not support vegetarian he... (at Hunter-Gatherer)
  2. China Study Problems of Interpretation (at Whole Health Source)
  3. Polish a turd and find a diamond? (at PaNu)
  4. The China Study: Junk Science and Lies (at Robb Wolf)
  5. There is no justification for a plant-only diet (at Conditioning Research)
  6. Rest in peace, China Study (at The Healthy Skeptic)
  7. “The China Study”, Debunked (at Theory to Practice)
  8. "The China Study: Fact or Fallacy?" (at Let Them Eat Meat)
  9. Destroying China (the Study that Is) (at Aspire Natural Health)
  10. The China Study Discredited (at Food Renegade)
  11. The Study Everyone Talks About: Part 2: The Ravaging Reviews (at Feasting on Fitness)
  12. Debunking The China Study (at Crossfit 1776)
  13. The Debunking of the China Study (at TJ's Gym)
  14. Thoughts on Friday from the middle of the road! (at A Moderate Life)
  15. A Critique Worth Reading (at For His Glory & for Our Good)
  16. "T. Colin Campbell’s The China Study: Finally, Exhaustively Discred... (at Crossfit Peachtree)
  17. The China Study: Crushed by its Own Data (at The Spark of Reason)
  18. China Study & T. Colin Campbell: Someone just made you their ve... (at Paleo-ish)
  19. The China Study: Evidence for the Perfect Health Diet (at Perfect Health Diet)
  20. The China Study Has No Clothes: Smackdown Of T. Colin Campbell (at Nutrition and Physical Regeneration)
  21. The slam-dunking of "The China Study" (at the shmaltz)
  22. China Study Shakedown (at Natural Messiah)
  23. The China Study Toppled – A Tale of the Confirmation Bias (at Lean, Mean, Virile Machine)
  24. Slaying of a Hypothesis (at Animal Pharm)
  25. "Epidemiology is Bogus" (at Evolutionary Psychiatry)
  26. China Study Unveiled -- Not Supporting Veganism (at Primal Wisdom)
  27. China fiction? (at The Heart Scan Blog)
  28. The China Study - A Superb Analysis (at Primal Muse)
  29. Chipping Away at the China Study (at Liberation Wellness)
  30. The China study: Debunked (at Food, flora and felines)
  31. Buh-bye, China Study (at The Low-Carb Curmudgeon)
  32. China Study Debunked (at The Red Pill)
  33. Around the Fitness Horn (at x lyssa)
  34. RAW FOOD SOS sobre o China Study (at Canibais e Reis)
  35. Die veblüffende Biegsamkeit von Fakten: The China Study (at Urgeschmack)
  36. Veganbibelns fall (at Kostdoktorn.Se)
  37. Weekend Link Love (at Mark's Daily Apple)
  38. The China Study (at Kat's Food Blog)
  39. Debunking junk science: goodbye china study (at abundant brain & health)

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Cool !

Who else can we employ ?
why not message this group and direct them to this thread?

in friendship,
Ok done so with the following...(& on the blog you recommended)

Greetings banana lovers :)

We really need some blog bandits to come help us spread the truth about Denise Minger's thoroughly botched China Study analysis.

We (The China Study Group) have been in contact with Colin Campbell and he would really appreciate the assistance as well. All you need to do is to post a comment or two on the following blogs....http://www.30bananasaday.com/group/debunkingthechinastudycritics/fo...

Come to this thread and let us know that you are joining us please!
hmmm blog bandits hello?
Cool are we ready?
greetings and welcome jason!
thx for the news about the ranking - 30bad is modest, but it's nice to know people out there appreciate us. ;)

i see betty banana made it on to nikoley's blog post too.

you may also be interested in B's group:

as far as info, make sure you read through B's thread here:
his work is excellent.

in friendship,
Don't take it to heart Jason, they are just feeling the pinch.

islam has the same roots as judaism and as such promotes the same discriminatory practices. the religions developed at a different point in history where things were rather uncivilized. however, several decent things exist in both religions. for example, look at this from the koran:
There is not an animal on the earth, nor a flying creature on two wings, but they are people like unto you.

depending upon the character of the individual, he or she will choose to not to adopt oppressive ways of being that do exist in many religions. therefore, it is more appropriate to criticize the individuals who have decided to support the oppression of sentient beings than the religions themselves since many who practise the religion do not support such actions.

here is an example from turkey which might surprise you:

Changing the subject abruptly, I am very glad to report that in my time in Turkey, I was happily surprised to find out that the thousands of cats in this country are mostly in very good health and not malnourished. I was even shock to see bowls with water and food on the streets and even at the bazaars,stores, hotels, restaurants... Yes, the owners of the shops or business take care of these strays. Another big surprise was that is mostly the men who take care of these cats!.

I saw cats allowed to scratch and play on hand made carpets at carpet stores, jump on chairs at restaurants (most of the times that is considered kind of normal).. I even saw cats at Mosques, arqueological zones, museums and even deep inside the Hagya Sophia! No problema...

There are few street dogs and they look quite healthy, even if they are running on the busy streets and often in packs.

Another thing that really surprised me, is that drivers in Turkey STOP for the animals, in cities, towns or villages. Of course, sometimes with their crazy driving ways accidents happen, but all the times that I almost got a heart attack seen dogs, cats, goats, cows or horses in the middle of the street or road, even in heavy fog conditions or night, the cars always stop for them.


besides, all this stuff is a bit off topic for this group anyway.

in any case, we're relieved you have decided not to go and destroy the paleo blogs with your IT skills, since it would leave the blog bandits with little to do. :D

in friendship,



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