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I have just gotten to eating the right amount of calories everyday. Plus I would rather live a healthy long life than eat cheese/ gluten free pizza(my struggle foods). I have gained a strange will through meditating. I have filled our refrigerator to get enough calories all week. My poor husband has one drawer in our whole refrigerator. He says he is fine with that as long as I keep getting better. And so that is just what I am doing. I have found its very easy to fall off the wagon if you don't get enough raw calories everyday. I have also learned that it is true you start having heightened senses the better you eat. I can smell other people a specially if they eat really bad and it is unpleasant to say the least. I wish I could get my husband on this diets he keeps gaining weight and complaining about joints and knees. I know that the Crohn's stress him out and thats not helping him either but dang!!! I want him to live just as long as I do! I plan/will that I will live a very long and comfy life. I have also turned in disability papers and am crossing my fingers I need the income and I still really cannot work due to this di-ease. I will beat it though just watch me.... I tell everyone I know that and I am proving myself right. Also I went into the doctors to have my wound checked and the surgeon said "It is healing up really nice and to be patent and keep on the meds because they are really helping" I said "yes sir I will" and bit my tongue so I did not say I am taking anything but a pain med ever now and then when my bottom hurts to much. But I am healing and am looking and feeling healthier everyday. My doctors are wrong I will not need parts of my stomach removed in the future years I am getting better. Go me and raw food!!!! I am going to find a support group I can go and sit down with. I think that it will help me and maybe help others by showing them it is possible to heal from Crohn's by life style and eating raw only. I have found this to be the best meds on the planet in my case for sure. Sorry this is way longer than I planned. I pray you all are doing great. Becca :)

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