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guys, im working on this discussion when i have time and when i gather good info for you guys to read easily.

below are my disorganised notes which i will assemble in a way youll understand them.

There is only ONE way cancer is killed and that is if your lymphocytes are healthy enough to kill the cancer in your body - if your lymphocytes arent healhy, and up to the job, no surgery, medical invention, chemo blah blah will help you - YOU WILL DIE - no exceptions.


so you need to learn about your lymphocytes, and how to take care of them - these guys are free thinking dudes and 801010 LFRV diet is what lymphocytes thrive on.



Before B-Cell lymphocytes are released from your bone marrow - before B-cells are released from your bone marrow they are tested for auto reactivity meaning are they smart enough to tell the difference between the cells of our own body cells to that of invaders - if they cant they they are killed by apoptosis (lethal injection) - apoptosis is a process of programmed cell death (PCD). if the B-cells pass the test they will be sent out to the secondary organs - the life span of a B-cell is only a few days - unless its activated by a pathogen.

NOTE: BOTH B-cells & T-cells are checked for auto-reactivity before theyre allowed to leave the bone marrow or thymus and swim in your bloo, in other words theyre intelligence is tested to see if they can determined the differences between your natural body and  cancer cells - how are they tested and who tests them is another discussion.



they thymus is a specialised organ on the immune system that educates T-cells

if on testing the T-cells attacks the bodies own protein instead of a cancer cell (cancer cells are high in protein) then they killed by PCD (apoptosis) which is lethal injection.


lymphocytes named killer T-cells are the only thing that can kill a cancer cell in your body

lymphocytes that kill cancer cells are called killer T cells

different types of lymphocytes - B-cells T-cells 

T-cell lymphocytes make up 70-80% of all your lymphoctyes

all lymphocytes are born in your bone marrow in the centres of your bones

T-cell lymphocytes move out of your bone marrow as STEM CELLS and go to your thymus where they go through a elaborate 3 week process (mature)  before they come out as killer T-cell lymphocytes.


there are two types of T-cells - HELPER T-cells (Th CD4+) & the CYTOTOXIC T-cells


HELPER T-cells are the ferrets that hunt around your body trying to find cancer cells - they are your cancer alert system - when helper T-cells find cancer they sound the alert to the B-cells to send their B-cell army because B-cells dont come out into the body unless they are called by the HELPER T-cells. Also the HELPER T-cells call out to the CYTOTOXIC T-cells, the cancer assassins.


note:  HIV is a virus that specifically kills HELPER T-cells so your KILLER T-cells dont know who to kill because theyre not getting any emails from the HELPER T-cells because your theyre all dead.



CYTOTOXIC T-cells are toxic because they produce a cancer toxin that kills cancer cells.



take up 5-15% of the total circulating lymphocyte population (B-cells, HELPER T-cells & CYTOTOXIC T-cells).

part of the innate (natural, born with) not adaptive (changes with time) immune system.

NK-cells are basically like they CYTOTOXIC KILLER T-cell but in unlike the cytotoxic T-cell they dont have to recognise a specific antigen (toxin) before killing a cancer cell - they specifically target tumor cells & a wide variety of microbes - NK-cells kill on "contact" with a anti-gen - the NK-cell injects the cancer cell with a toxin that physically explode the DNA of the cancer cell which your body now has shit the dead cell out of your ass.

NK-cells are special because they can secrete high levels of lymphokines.





are like a emergency flare from a SOS gun - protein beacons emergency calling other lymphocytes inc. macrophages to come and kill cancer cells the NK-cells dont have time to deal with.


NK-cells float around in your blood.



apoptosis PCD is the word that describes the type of death a cancer cell gets when the NK-cell (natural killer cell) screws it over & kills it.

death by gun shot wound, death by strangulation, death by PCD.

basically PCD is death by injection - the NK-cell injects the cancer cell wth a lethal injection.




NOTE: once cancer cells enter your blood stream they only last 24 hrs before your NK-cells kill them.





An antigen (is a toxin or foreign substance that induces a immune response in the body especially the production of antibodies) is a molecule capable of stimulating an immune response, and is often produced by cancer cells or viruses.  (this is why some thing that cancer is caused by a virus because antigens are produced by viruses and why would a cancer cell produce a antigen unless it was a viruses)






ANTIGEN - any molecule that can provoke an immune defense
B-cells lymphocytes that ultimately produce antibodies
BONE MARROW the center of bones capable of producing all red and white blood cells in the adult
CORTEX the outer portion of any organ
CYTOPLASM the portion of a cell between the nucleus and the membrane
DIFFERENTIATION permanent changes to a cell developing over time and with cell division
GRANULES grains found in many white blood cells, composed of defensive chemicals
HEMATOPOIETIC that which gives rise to any blood cell type
LINEAGE a type of cell and its descendants by division and differentiation
LYMPHOCYTES a special 'lineage' of WBC
MACROPHAGES myeloid descendants (some may be lymphoid) with 'eating' abilities, also cooperate with lymphocytes
MYELOID ancestors of WBCs with granules and also of macrophages
T-Cells "management" lymphocytes for immunity
(WBC) WHITE BLOOD CELLS in contrast to the much more common Red Blood Cell; responsible for defense



half way through this 3 min video shows lymphocytes killing cancer.

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