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ive been struggling with my weight for so long,and i have some serious doubts on going raw vegan. I wont give up trying. i made a promise to myself that i wont give up,but i really need some help on transitioning to lfrv. My health is getting worst as i get older with this weight, obviously. i feel as if ive reached my frustration threshold. Every now and then i go in the lfvr world with no intensions on looking bad to the S.A.D way,but i always find ways to quit,or should i say reasons to quit. Please with love,humility,and honesty HELP ME!

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Thanks mantika  i watched forks over knives on netflix 2 times already,and it was great. Thanks a lot!

For me... I used sun gazing to help me get over my depression as I worked on eating more fruits. It has been working for me ... since I'm not as depressed I have more "energy" to focus on getting healthy and I don't sabotage myself the way I used to. For me... depression was a big factor in my poor eating habits. 


get out of the quitting mentality. saying you're not gonna quit is still putting energy towards/concentrating on quitting. instead, promise yourself success. don't tell yourself what you don't want. manifest your ideals by telling yourself (and the universe/others) what you DO want.

Our brains must be related ! Mine won't let me make those kinds of demands either LOL. 

You gained on 1400 cal eating SAD? or LFV ? And you eat 3000 and don't gain??? How active are you??? 

WOW !!!


Well... the Universe knows me and that I'd have said "No Way !!!".... so as if to underscore what you wrote, I had an 8 pound loss from yesterday LOL. Lest you think that's a lot... I have a lot to lose. So 8 pounds to me is like a couple of pounds for someone who isn't as much overweight as I am/was. I think my body just finally said, "OH! You're going to finally feed me !" And let go of a lot. It will be a while before I can afford Freelee's ebook (yeah finances are that tight) but I did download the flyer (it was free). I'll be 57 in a couple of months and I do good to walk the dog a few times a day LOL. However... I do have a 100 pound disabled daughter that I lift countless times a day so I do get "weight lifting" in every day :-P   Arthritis in my knees and low energy is what prevents me from more walking. I'm hoping both get better on 80-10-10. I've suffered with Chronic Fatigue since early 90s. There's a group here for CF (WOO HOO!) and I did join it. Thanks SO much for your input!!! I'm encouraged !!!  ~Rayla

THANKS ! Oh man... looking forward to enjoying being in my body ! LOL 

I dont know how overweight you are but a friend of mine who was really big and could never lose weight on all sorts of SAD weight loss programs,out of frustration and mounting health issues decided to give LFRV a go.He does it this way,

 Drink Heaps of water,forget about calories and meals,whenever hungry eat some fruit(any type of fruit you have on hand at the time,more variety the better ,smoothies,salads or greens,no matter how many times a day or how much quantity,no overt fats to speak of,about an hour of brisk walking/day.

The pounds are dropping away from day 1(its been a month or so now),and he's feeling good,apart from a few rough days with what sounds like detox symptoms(headaches,etc),which pass fairly quickly or overnight.

Im 312 pounds at 5'10 i'll say thats pretty bad

Well,James my man,you're packin a few pounds there......no problem if you go down this road,all the excess will be shed before you know it.We all know where the other road leads,right!,so we say to ourselves,lets do this,I'm gonna do this,ok,lets go.........

I dunno what you normally eat up to this point,but try to stay right away from anything resembling McDonalds,etc,etc,etc....dont go near those places,if you're hangin out with friends that live that lifestyle,thats gonna be difficult,you'll have to sort that one out somehow.......

If you have no taste for fresh fruit and vegs and the majority of your diet has been oily,salty,processed,refined carbs and animal protein/fat,no fibre,etc,etc,there may be a few hurdles to cross before you can do the full LFRV,then again maybe not?.......at the least try to aim for the 80/10/10 even if you're loading up on some cooked whole food carbs and starchy vegetables while transitioning to more raw fruit and greens........just stay away from the fat though,a small amount of fresh raw nuts/seeds or avocado is ok,just keep it small in relation to the staple high carb foods.........keep us posted,ok.....

All the best!


Thanks Bro thats some good info. I love this website lol

And extracted oils(olive,etc).......cheers!

Careful......never say never!!!!! lol



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