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I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!!! I want to be committed but I'm not. I bring my fruit with me but I won't eat it I'll buy Mcdonalds instead. I no longer have a taste grit I'm going backwards and I hate it I've been doing this since October 2011. Any help would be appreciated.

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All of your responses brought me to tears I don't know why this has been such an emotional journey. I've put in to practice a lot of the tips so I'm off of chicken, beef, and turkey. I've been doing fish occasionally. I've been doing the birds eye steamers with mushrooms I love those. Dates and grapes I add to meals I'm on my way guys love the encouragement

All your life you felt something was wrong and you never really knew what it was. You know you have to do something, but your body is not following the mind. The mind needs to follow want it wants. FOCUS. Meditate, sit alone wth music and focus on WHAT IT IS YOU WANT. Clean body, health, love, beauty, and what foods you want to eat. Just focus. Spend an afternoon in the sun thinking about fruit. Put it in your mind.

As I said to another person struggling on this site, I think this is too big of transition for you at the moment.  I would start with getting your body to say NO to animal products by finding replacements (tofu, tempeh, veggie burgers, etc.) that you can eat until you feel strong enough to keep making the decision to not eat animal products.  Eat more vegetables, and then you will soon figure out how wonderful fruit is!

That's good advice, however I think of cancer and awful things when I eat it. I have stopped since I posted this and attempted freelees challenge I failed but I'll be attempting again soon. I can't wait for freelees recipe book

I've been struggling with the same thing ! I have decided to do Vegan first and than go raw :) 

Go on youtube and watch animal rights videos. Watch "The greatest speech you will ever hear" on youtube (its also on Freelee's channel I believe). Watch movies on animal rights. Read books. Educate yourself to the point where you are so disgusted by the idea of eating meat or animal products (as we all should be) that you will never do it again. Look at all the positive things that being vegan does for the animals, your health, people, and the environment. Write a mission statement for yourself on why you want to be vegan. Print a picture of an animal. Find a saying or phrase that motivates you. Put these somewhere you can see them everyday, like the fridge or in your car when so you see it when you want to drive off for fast food. Think of this every time you have a craving. Picture something you saw in a movie or something you read in a book or on this forum.

Be strong. Love yourself, the animals, and the planet. If you fall of the course and journey you want to follow one day, remember each day is a new beginning and not a time to just give up.

Thank you so much, I'll let you know how I'm doing I really want to be free of this back and forthing

(if thats a word lol)

  I second the video. Watching videos of animals being mistreated and murdered is what made me vegan four years ago. Literally overnight. If that doesn't help, imagine your blood thickening up and coagulating after that burger.I'm Sorry you are struggling. 

Yes, that has been helping i am getting my blendtec soon so hopefully that will help as well.

Getting off all processed animal products wasn't easy for me. The best advice I can give is take it one day at a time and don't be too critical of yourself. Not everyone is capable of going cold turkey and changing their habits overnight. It took me a good year before I was fully able to bring myself off red meat, and then about three months where I was okay with letting chicken go too. I'm beginning to wean myself off fish finally. Hasn't been easy since I love all types of fish, but I also realize this will pass too, just like how it passed with ceasing to eat meat. I believe with how much support you gain from this site, it's also easy to fall insecure with people trying to push you too soon. Be easy on yourself and proud for the little milestones you make, you'll get to where you need to go if you start small first!

Like many have said before me, it's very psychological and mind over matter. Meditation has helped me tremendously, since it's brought me into being more connected with the instinctual side of myself. I'd recommend doing your best on meditation a couple days a week to be connected with your mind and body. When I went vegan for the first time in my life, I've never been more in-tune with my instinct than before. You are capable of training your mind to pay attention and think about your decisions before you do it, just go with the flow at a pace you can do! :)

     I just wanted to say I am touched with all of the compassion and support offered here on this thread!  What a great, loving community!

Don't Feeling Bad I am Busy re Reading a Book i purchased over twenty years ago called Fruit can heal written by a medical Dr O Abramowski. The change in his diet took from 1902 to 1910. Atmost eight years. You are doing well. It has only been one year and i am sure your diet has changed in leaps and bounds. I have been RAW or attempting to live 100 percent RAW for the Last Five years Some day's are Good Other's not as. I even managed to stay 100 percent for five months. I have had to let go of the guilt when I don' t manage 100 raw for the day. At first a bad day would be eating a chocolate chips and then feeling bad. , now it is eating a veg patty or a handfull of popcorn not perfect but getting there. What helped is when I decided to let guilt go and eat whatever i was eating with awareness. That is when the struggle changed.i was no longer at war with myself. I shifted from eating say 2 slices of freshly baked bread which i baked for the family.... without awareness to 1/4 slice of bread with awareness to no bread at all and not missing it at all... Just keep going. Don't give up remember not everyone can change their diet overnight to one hundred percent raw vegan without a hitch



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