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I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!!! I want to be committed but I'm not. I bring my fruit with me but I won't eat it I'll buy Mcdonalds instead. I no longer have a taste grit I'm going backwards and I hate it I've been doing this since October 2011. Any help would be appreciated.

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^ Completely agree. "If Slaughterhouses had glass walls" .

I'm going through the same thing Rachel, I seem to go OK for a few days then I start having doubts that I can be healthy, have a normal life etc and have a binge for a day, feel guilty then get back on the fruit.That sort of food is addictive, usually it's worse if I dont get enough calories in early in the day which is the way I'm tackling it at the moment.I seem to be copping a lot of flack from my work mates, I'll chow down to a 2.5kg bag of oranges for dinner or a massive bowl of water melon, and all I get is s$#t, not very encouraging!

Bring the fruit with you and leave the money at home. You sound like I did when I was trying to quit smoking, some years back. If I had money, I bought cigarettes. If I had cigarettes around, I'd smoke them. When I was unable to buy cigarettes, I didn't have the excuse to buy cigarettes, you dig?

Bring the fruit with you, find a pleasant place to eat it, don't bring money. What do you need money for on a regular work day? To buy food. Leave it at home.

Rachel, I hear you. I struggled with the same issues. There are a couple things to consider. Food is so tied in with emotional and psychological factors, even if it's as simple as a habit. Comfort foods are just emotional eating. Same with certain fast foods. One thing you can try if you think it's emotionally triggered is Faster EFT, a way to reprogram the brain and it's responses. You can learn all about it for free on Youtube. http://www.youtube.com/user/HealingMagic I've used it and it works.

Jon Gabriel, who isn't raw per se but he went from 400lbs to 180lbs, suggests that when you start eating healthier and still crave junk to mix it with greens. So you would take a Big Mac and cut it up and then eat it with a pound of greens. Train your body to accept the greens. Basically a transition. Some people can't change their eating habits overnight.

Another thing to do is eat as much fruit in the morning as you can. Try blending a smoothie, preferably a green one. You'll get lots of calories and nutrients so your body will be less likely to switch to old modes and crave what you used to eat. This morning I juiced 6 oranges and blended that with two large apples (bananas and oranges don't mix well together) and a whole head of red leaf lettuce. I'm stuffed. It could be you're just not getting enough calories and by lunch time your body is going to it's usual fat source to fill up.

Just some ideas. Hope they help.

Hi Rachel,

Its understandable if you fall off the bandwagon sometimes. It can happen. Stop. Think of why you ate that Burger and not 80/10/10 food.  Think of how you felt after, Satisfied? Maybe so, or did you feel that heavyness/greasy feeling that makes you want to go to sleep right after. Think of the long term effects that is going on in your body as a result.That artery clogging not healthy badness that comes with eating fast food, or not 80/10/10. Remember when you ate HCRV? How good you felt? Remember that "fresh" feeling you get when you eat good clean foods. Thats a whole lot of goodness going on and thats what you can remember when you are tempted. Remember, its one meal at a time. Dont beat yourself up about it. Oh yeah, Carry around good clean foods so you can munch on if you get peckish. Take Care! Sherry

I've been vegetarian since October.  And at first it was SO difficult to stop eating meat.  I would crave it all the time and I am working as a nanny and have to cook meat almost every night for the kids.  But I promise it gets easier.  After a month I had less cravings and now ( 7 months later) I don't crave it at all and I actually get nauseous when I smell it.  Now I know I will never eat meat again, but it did take time so don't beat yourself up over it.

You just have to learn to say no.  You have to believe in yourself and how much power you have, you can do it!  Maybe it will be easier to ease into it by starting off with veggie burgers and tofu (i know it's not HCRV) thats what I did.  And eventually I PROMISE you won't crave meat any more. 

Your friend,


AII you have to do is hire out the movie doco: Food Inc and perhaps read the book Anastasia to support this.  It is a book by VIadimir Megre, the movie is about the way that Mc DonaIds are corperate Rapists of the Iand an get rich on animaI crueIty basicaIIy.  They support GMO an the cows are GM as the chickens an the cheap corn feed they are GenticaIIy manipuIated to thrive on.  Instead of Mc DonaIds doing anything about the fact they created E CoIi, they have decided just to spray everything that Ieaves their unhygenic, hospitaI Iike factory with ammonia.

You don't need it Baby!  Go the Banana abuse!  Even if the bananas are sprayed it's better then aIot of other things you couId be fiIIing up on!

The Book is about a girI who Iives in the forrest an expIains to everyone that we are designed to Iive on fruit, berrys, herbs an nuts an that Gods name was sIandered basicaIIy in the bibIe when it stated something about him wanting us to eat the animaIs.  He made the animaIs for totaIIy different reasons an none are aIong the Iines of being food for us!

what helped me a lot was that  i made some deals with myself like " at first i eat 10 bananas then some spinach if i am still hungry i can still eat that stuff" but than after i finished the bananas i was usually satisfied enough to keep going without the junk.

another technique i used was do modify my thinking when i situation like that occured form " oh i really gotta have this now " into " i am going to have it tommorow"  and the next day  you just say the same things ....tommorow never comes hahaha :D

see if you can go beneath the craving and see what you are thinking and feeling right now and what needs you are trying to meet by eating . sometimes when we have those cravings it can be that you are actually seeking something totally different like love , support, connection to friends, nourishing foods etc. ask youself how you can meet this need without going to Mcdonalds etc.

hope thats helps

good luck

Rachel, please stop beating yourself up.  If I may add to these wise comments, I too can share what I have done...

It has taken me a while to transition.  Some do it overnight, so I got worried and frustrated thinking I could never do this.  I went inside though, I knew it was for me.  There was nothing else!  I felt this lifestyle was the ultimate of the ultimate.  The most clean of the clean.  You know?  I also saw all the before and afters and just knew there was hope.  Here are some more ideas....

I kept trying.  I didn't give up.

I started looking at this as a "transition" something my diet mentality never allowed me to do before.   I "got it" that this was something I would have to "learn" how to do.

I come from disordered eating and high weight, so my mind was very programmed on the dieting ratwheel.  I "knew" I was "supposed" to lose 1-2 pounds a week.  If I didn't, I would get frustrated, assured this 80-10-10 thing wouldn't work and would binge!!!  So, I had to do a switch of the mind and finally get it that the weight would be released as my body healed.  It would be a natural process, not a mathematical formula.  Does that make sense?

I needed time to detox. I saw that weight came off in chunks, not 1 to 2 pounds a week.  As my body got stronger, it let go of water, weight, toxins in chunks.

I needed to stay inspired each day.  I watched videos from Dr Morse, Freelee, Durianrider, Kristina and others that I found inspiring and moving.

I reached out to others on the forum that were like me, and that I could relate to and asked them how they "Transitioned" and if they could lend support.

I needed cooked vegetarian food for a while for transitioning. I "allowed it" as it stopped the crazy roller coaster. I added cooked grains, sweet potatoes....  Then, I went to only sweet potatoes, then I went to only steamed vegetables.... that is what worked for me... you might have to do it a little differently.

Listen to those here that are gentler, loving and patient.  Some here were lucky to have transitioned overnight and got all the miracles very quickly.  I got deflated and frustrated when I heard those stories thinking it could never happen to me.  But, I did read about those that took longer, like me, and that gave me hope.

Drink tons of water. Lots of hunger, cravings, depression, anger are masked cries of thirst.

You might be hungry, really hungry.  Diet mentality has you eating in scheduled "meals" and "snacks."  You might need to "graze" all day.  Really. And, that would be ok.  Your need for McDonalds "might" just be hunger.  If you ate enough sweet juicy fruit, maybe, just maybe, that would soften.

Know that you are on the right track.  Go gentle on yourself.  Nap, rest, meditate, do yoga anything that brings kindness and gentleness into your day.

Dealing with weight issues, you might have some history of beating yourself up, black and white thinking and desperation... give yourself a meal, a day a week of forgiveness.

Create "systems."  I have a busy practice, I am married and have a child.  I am crazy busy.  So, I had to learn to have systems in place to make this lifestyle work.  Great food containers to take with me.  Ways to make quick salads - 3 at a time!  Having fruit (like 3 oranges, watermelon or grapes) all washed cut and ready to go in the morning.  I have a great food bag that I take everywhere, I call it my diaper bag! hah ha!  It never leaves my side!!  People tease me about it, but you wouldn't see a diabetic without their insulin, right?  I would rather my diaper bag then the needles and a pump any day!!!

Please know you can count on me for any ideas, love and support.  I know there are others here too!!!

good luck, and lots of love

I almost forgot some other wonderful people that helped me..... Nora Lenz and Lekoma... 

Hi Rachel, it is really hard to break a habit!  i'm in the same boat as you!  i do the same and wonder what the hell i'm doing.  I believe it's all about becoming conscious of your thoughts that drives us to go back to the 'normal' habit.  I read that you need to do something new fifty times for it to become a habit.  

Having said that, i did go 100% raw three years ago and i remember doing it by consciously choosing each and every day to be raw.  i was totally pumped. i read a lot about it.  Found some interesting recipes (just a few good ones i could rely on), found some sweet recipes for those sweets carvings (datorade worked a treat), got into a habit of stopping every day at the fruit & vege shop and buying watermelon and rockmelon, had my 'Life Script' written up on my wall which i read night and morning to make sure i focussed.  After a couple of months, i was raw!  ..... and not even thinking of eating anything else.  Feeling fantastic would just spur me on to continue.

What was my downfall?  relationship break up.  Amazing how little it takes hey?!

Thanks for reminding me what i did to make it a success last time - I've just given myself the solution to move past my resistance :)



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