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Hi. I fed up. I love doing this lifestyle because i feel happy nad energetic. I have good body image. I can't do it for a few reasons.People hate me for it. Parents say that i eat too much and it is too expensive. They don't want to let me to some camp or other trip. Friends don't invite me for some parties. Eveyone thinks that it's sick. I don't know what i do. Sometimes i think why i do it. I'll definitely eat vegan when i move out and i will be adult. Vegetrianism is even bad for people in my place.

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I think most of life is kind of like this. there will always be people that disagree with things that you do, and you will disagree with others.You eventually have to do what you know is best for you and it doesn't matter what others think about you.I hope the best for you and that you can continue on with what you know will be best for your body.with people that think I'm crazy I just show them the research. The China Study is a great book to share

it seems me that i'm losing my teen  life's experiences. I don't have force to continue this...

To thine own self be true
Follow your heart

I can't ;(

How old are you? (i am 16) anyway, buy more starches, like potatoes... they are dirt cheap (pardon the pun)  i totally get where you are coming from with the friends... i eat an entire bunch of bananas for lunch and just own it :) if they really are your friends they will tease, you but in a loving way

about the sick thing.. i get that too, so i got blood-work done (it was PERFECT) so whenever someone says anything i just tell them about my excellent levels of protein, calcium, (etc.)

i will be your buddy if you want, we can get through this together :)

Oh thank you, Shannon. You're welcome. I'd love to take your help. :) I'm 15. I'd like to be confident to saying about this lifestyle. I'm even scared to eat in public. ;/

all in all, its your life and your decisions as long as this lifestyle makes you happy make sure to let others know that and give people time to get used to the new lifestyle.and also remember that in the end its your health that matters. and let them keep following their processed unhealthy diets while you get fit and health for life :) keep your chin up girl ;)

That's a great idea! Just dont mention it that you are a vegan. 

Hi Anna,
I just wanted to respond and let you know it doesn't have to be all or nothing. You may just want to try to eat as clean and healthy as possible, but know at some point when you have the resources and support you will go all the way! I wish your parents would cut you some slack, but try to cut them some slack too. Its hard for parents to let go of deep seated beliefs about protein and food. Especially when all thier lives they have learned otherwise about protien, dairy, bread ect. I can also tell you that I have been saving my reciepts for the last 2 months of my transition (and I am not even all raw- I wish!) My grocery bill for my daughter and I was $1,500 US dollars- for 2 months! she is 10 and not raw. That is A-LOT! A ton of money, if I was all raw and all organic, it would easily have been $2,000. And I am buying by the case too. So if you really want to live this way, you may need to get a job and work for it! You don't have to completely give up. I liked what David Costa said, just drink your smoothies and don't discuss it with others. Good luck to you!

Great advice from David and Kierce already.  Don't talk about it, and just eat fruit where you can.  Being a teenager on this diet without support is hard going.  But you're not always going to be a teenager.  You will move out at some point and have your own life and your own money.  Just eat as clean as you can now and don't talk about what you're doing with people, unless they are genuinely interested (which is rare).  Enjoy life, be happy, love your family and your friends. Love is more important than food! Big hugs xx

Thank You, everyone for help. Yours advices are so supportive. Tou have right. I'll just continue this lifestyle wihout saying about it.

Lots of love,




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