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Hi Everyone! I have proble with detox. I've already started this lifestyle. I always give up. It's awful. When i eat high carb low fat vegan i have stomach ache and feel sick. I also have nausea.It's horrible because i can't do this lifestyle. I again eat dairy and sweets. I want to continue be vegan but it's too paintful.Why do i feel so sick? What should i do?

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Can you outline one day of being vegan for me? What you eat, how much you est, and roughly when you eat it? I can help more if you can give me some estimates

Sure. I can tell you :)

This is my mealplan:

 Breakfast is about 7:30 am

I usually have fruity meal or smoothie. I eat various food which i have in my house. It's about 700-800 calories

snack: some fruit. About 200 calories

Lunch about 2 pm

I often have 7-9 bananas and other fruit like peach or apple. i eat about 1000 calories.

Dinner 6 0r 7 pm

I have cooked meal like rice or potatoes  with big salad. Sometimes i add avocado to my salad. It's about 800-1000 calories.

I am quite active. I run or do yoga.

I got the same thing the first couple weeks, and then I looked into food combining. It's better to have mono meals so you're body isn't trying to digest foods with different acidities. This causes bloating, and fermenting in the gut, also try drinking water before meals, not after :) freelee has vid somewhere about it. Oh and always eat melons in the morning because they are water dense and digest faster than any other food. hope this helps!

please help me ;/

Hi Anna! Are you saying you have added dairy and junk back in and you feel better? Detox is tough especially if you jump right in 100% to being vegan, even worse 100% raw. I will try to help you.

It's so hard. :( I feel good and energetic but i have horrible stomach ache. I'm doing rawtill4. I think that  i feel sick when i eat cooked food. Yeah i feel better because my stomachache disappear. Thank You for help. :)

How long have you been vegan? For many people transitioning is hard - detox, increase in fiber, etc. How much water, sleep, sun, sports, etc?

I drink 2-3 litres of water. I sleep about 8 hours. I live in Europe so weather change a lot. Now is summer so i get sun so much. I run 2-3 times in week. I also do yoga and stretch sometimes. I had anorexia. Vegetarianism helped me health yourself. I'm vegetarian about half of year. I was high fat vegan and i was still underweight. I restricted calories. I had to eat dairy and junk food to gain weight. I got fat and i still don't eat meat, but i bind a lot of junk food. It's addiction for me. Now i  try to be vegan again, but high carb. I'd like to be healthy and energetic and happy. I do it too because i care about animals. I have terrible detox so i come back to my bad habits.

It really sounds like a detox reaction since you are very new to the high carb low fat vegan lifestyle.  If this detox is too intense, my personal recommendation would be to start out with all cooked vegan foods and work your way to raw til 4.  This will prevent the binging on high fat, animal products while your body adapts to the higher volume of fiber and its cleansing effect.  Maybe eat a raw breakfast, but then eat cooked carbs for lunch and dinner.  You could eat potatoes at lunch and rice mixed with veggies at dinner.  Try this for a few days and see if this helps relieve your issues.  I have had severe digestive issues, which is what brought me to this lifestyle, so I know what it feels like to be uncomfortable.  Hang in there!!

Thank you, Fruity Fitness ;) I'll try eat more cooked vegan dishes. Today i feel better. I'm happy about it.

Hi Anna! I just joined today and I ignorantly jumped into RT4 and my body attacked me. The pain and bloating all day was terrible. Like you, I can from an anorexic background. To put on weight my treatment team embraced processed and animal fats!! My body suffered a lot from acne, sleep problems, and indigestion thanks to that terrible diet. I ate around 2800 cal today and felt super energized however bloated and sick. I'm going to take Fruity Fitness's advice and embrace a slow transition. I think I got too excited and dove head first into way healther waters than my body was able to handle.

Take it slow! Not sure how many cals you were eating before, but you need to allow your body to adjust to the increased food, fiber, carbs, and calories. :)



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