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Hey everyone,
I thought I'd put up a discussion for anyone in or around south-east England to comment on and get us all together. Maybe we could meet up for a friendly fruity get together at some point.
I live in Hertfordshire and I am personally loving this lifestyle. I've never felt so contented and euphoric in my daily life, and I'd love to meet and chat with some people who understand how I feel.
Like how funny is it buying billions of bananas at a time. Sometimes I say to the cashiers not to tell anyone I have a monkey haha.

But anyway, I'd love to get to know some local fruit lovers, so please get in touch! 


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Hey that sounds awesome, i'm living in the east midlands probz about 50miles away i've not had any luck with meetups in my area, would be great to chat to a fellow fruitlover if your interested :) also i get what you mean about buying bananas I usually get mine from aldi by the box and i get some funny looks at the checkout when i have just fruit and veg and no junk food or meat etc

I'm from Essex so fairly nearby- I'd be interested if there were to be a meet up :) I'm fairly new to the lifestyle but absolutely loving it so far! 

Where in Hertfordshire do you live? I'm from Auckland NZ and lived in Ware for 2014 for a year, as an au pair. I'd buy most of my produce from tesco or sainburys and sometimes Morrisons. Its much cheaper at markets in London, but tesco have their end of day reduced items usually so sometimes I'd find strawberries reduced to 30p which was cool :) organic too, so usually £3. But I didn't find those good deals that often. x

That's great to hear from you guys!
I like in Stevenage in Hertfordshire.
I'm pretty new too. I've only been doing it a month but i feel amazing and I know this is me set for the rest of my like. The alternative to go back living the way i was is just not even a thought.
I'd love to meet up with you all, wish it was summer though so we could meet in a green park or something and have a bit fruit picnic talking about REAL issues! lol

Thats great, i felt the exact way when i started and even more so today. I started in April last year. Think you did well to start before xmas and the new year and not be tempted to have one last xmas etc. not sure if your on Skype or not but would be great to chat further

That's so cool, i cant wait to see how i feel like in 6 months to a years time.  what sort of improvements to your life have you noticed longer term?
well i've been vegan since last September (2014) and there was never a chance of me eating meat or animal products at christmas or ever again. Finding this high carb life style just made me confident to pile up my dinner plate with a hell load of potatoes haha

well I used to be really lazy which was a vicious cycle I could never be arsed to do anything and had no motivation, stayed up late woke up middle of the day regularly had headaches bad digestion and irregular bowel movements etc. now I'm motivated to go 24/7 sometimes can't believe I have all this energy I cycle 20-30 miles most days which is massive when I literally broke into a sweat going to the local shop lol. also I feel cooler where's before I was always hot and sweaty. I feel more calm minded and for the first time in my life I feel I'm on the right path. I plan to go to the Thai fruit fest this summer and maybe live out there.

Hey i am highly interested so let me know as i have not really met any current fruit lovers as of yet! Just ate a banana smoothie and i feel blood amazing! bursting out laughing and smiling.. i love life!!! Always will to chat via the internet, skype etc if you ever wanted too :). We both have the same situation with buying ton's of banana's!

It is sometimes funny to mess around with people in the shop like at asda the other day my big trolley had banana's to the top and i have one person ask if i was a fruitarian which was a shock, i always had ton's of people ask what will do do with all of them etc and i had some weird looks (it was the peak shopping time aswell so lots of people), when i got to the till an asda worker come over to me and asked about all the banana's and me and the cashier messed around saying i own a pet monkeys :D x

That's great!  I can't wait. I'm not sure what would be the best idea of things to do, it's a bit cold to go sit in a park and eat fruit on the grass (which is what i'd definitely suggest if it was June right now).
Are you fully raw? (my other thought is a vegan restaurant but if your fully raw would you be able to eat?) i'd like to accommodate for everyone.

hahaha the monkey joke cracks me up. In fact this whole lifestyle cracks me up. It's probably alot to do with how all the fruit makes me feel. like you said, it just makes you laugh and smile all the time. But i find the insane amount of time it takes me to eat sometimes makes me giggle. Like i've sat there for 1hr and 20 mins eating my colander full of clementines for breakfast lol.
Pushing boxes of bananas home in a buggy is another thing that's makes me laugh. Or like today i'm just stood in the que at tesco eating lovely spotty smelly bananas while i'm waiting lol
Or how my flat always smells a bit like ethylene now haha.
Ahhh good times.

Had the same thing today, went into town to pick up some bits and ended up getting about 3 big bags full of bananas from the market, as well as some other fruit, they still dont seem to believe that I actually get through that many bananas every couple of days! I would agree about the time it takes to eat as well, I can be sat down for ages and ages just munching away!

I am raw most of the time but its not that easy in England to stay fully raw with the lack of fruits especially in my area so sometimes i use a backup plan at night so i am totally fine with eating cooked food as long as its still hclf :)

It is brilliant how it has that effect on us glad to hear your experiencing it also! Yes eating for me normally takes around an hour when its raw but when i have had high carb cooked food it can take two hours!

I love walking into my flat that stinks of banana's at all times! I have had many friends and family members dream about banana's due to me and my banana love :D makes me rofl.

The banana smell is serious, especially considering that I no longer have a dining room table, just a 'fruit ripening' table XD 

I haven't managed to do too many fully raw days yet, I'm doing RT4 at the moment but I'm hoping to start doing RT4 and fully raw on alternating days next and eventually get down to a really minimal amount of cooked starches/foods



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