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Hey guys! I know that there's something quite similar to this already. But i'm after the best place where I can buy in bulk (doesn't necessarily have to be organic). I live at home and my mum pays for groceries so I won't be too fussy on organic. From my experiences at Victoria Markets I find that the prices are quite similar to supermarket price and also similar quality, so now I've been buying my produce at the fruit and vegetable market in highpoint, which is great because they have a wide range of good quality produce, however it isn't exactly the cheapest! Would love any input, thank you. :)

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Yes. The best place is Terra Madre in Northcote. Speak to Ryan.



103 High Street
Northcote VIC 3070

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sat 8:30am – 7:30pm,
Sun 9:30am – 7:30pm


(03)9489 5824



Thank you heaps! I'll go and check it out! :)

I made a trip to Terra Madre. It was crazy expensive! They didn't sell in bulk and there wasn't a large amount of fruit. :(
It was more a health store rather than a fruit market.
Does anyone else have any suggestions? :)

Hey Carolina, if you are still on the fruit lifestyle and after bulk home delivery, I hope to provide an affordable solution. The more people who purchase, the cheaper the prices get. 


I shop at Bushy Park in Wantirna. I get my bananas for around $25 a box, and they have all sorts of specials on fruit that may not be perfect etc. I usually stick to whatever is on special, and I do ok. I am on a tight budget, but I find the taste of the fruit and veggies from bushy park is amazing compared with the supermarkets!

For organic fruit and vegetables, the best prices I've found are at Terra Madre (Northcote), Aunt Maggies (Balaclava, Fitzroy, Brunswick, Malvern) AND Fruit Wellbeing home delivery (see Lachlan's post below - great for buying bulk because you won't need to worry about how to transport the produce home).

For conventional produce, Footscray market is really cheap. Huge variety of greens and the usual end of day market bargains if you go Saturday when they're closing. I'm certain you'd be able to negotiate bulk buy discounts.

As a once off, you can get a discount on your first order from Aussie Farmers Direct using coupon codes that you should be able to find online :)

Yep, I would agree with that assessment Melinda. Fruit Wellbeing will continue to get cheaper as it grows and better bulk deals can be negotiated with the wholesalers - obviously the costs of 'free' delivery have to be factored in though. 

One thing I would add is that Terra Madre sells a lot of second-grade produce (hence why its produce is sometimes ridiculously cheap) and isn't really conducive to bulk purchases because of its small retail layout (words cannot describe how frustrating it is to shop there when it's busy, i.e. after 9.30am every day of the week!).

Also, for conventional produce, the Queen Victoria Market can sometimes be cheaper than the Footscray Market (more stalls > greater competition = lower prices). 

I do most of my shopping with Local Organics.


They're in East Brunswick but deliver all around. 
You can buy from them online but I contacted them regarding bulk orders and they offered me wholesale prices. They email me a price list each week with what's available and I order off that - super easy!
It's all local too which I love and am really happy to support.

The produce is great quality 2-3 weeks in the fridge!

Just wanted to mention that it seems Ceres' bananas aren't actually organic! If you look in the description they don't mention them being organic — unlike all their other produce lines. They have been very deceptive about it in my view because most people just assume they would be organic.

Yes, I need somewhere in Melbourne that sells bulk banana's preferably organic as I want to do banana island! If anyone has any suggestions that'd be awesome! Thanks!

Hey Kat,

If you want organic home delivery then I will always offer the best price for bulk organic bananas at www.fruitwellbeing.com.au and there's free delivery too. Otherwise, see the previous posts in this thread for retail suggestions but note that some of them aren't exactly conducive to bulk orders.

Keep in mind that the organic banana price has just spiked upwards this week to quite a high level. You'll probably need 4-5kg of bananas a day and the secret to doing banana island during the winter is to plan a week in advance because bananas can take ages to ripen up.
Hey Daniel, there is no 'normal' price when it comes to the organic banana price unfortunately. As of yesterday there is a shortage of organic bananas induced by the cooler weather in Queensland and that has resulted in a big wholesale price increase that not all retailers will have passed on yet. The one thing I will say though with certainty is that Fruit Wellbeing will offer the cheapest price for home delivery of class 1 premium certified organic bananas. If you can find a better price for organic bananas with delivery then let me know! Earlier this week I was offering 3 * 13kg boxes at $50 a box with free delivery but this is no longer the case due to the aforementioned wholesale price increase.



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