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So I was thinking the other day how much I dislike the Swiss Milk ad campaigns. How frustrated I feel when I see them. You know the ones with the calves playing volleyball(?) and in swimming gear?

The problem is that if people could really see the reality of what is going on, if they had the knowledge , they would feel compassion for these creatures because humans are at heart compassionate beings. I believe that all humans are love. It is only when we see animals as "others" are we able to bury our compassion. The more we see them or any creature -human or otherwise, as different from us the easier it is to enslave, torture and kill them.

In Switzerland people are only seeing these ridiculous Swiss Milk posters which create a story of lies- 1. that milk is good for humans and belongs in their diets and 2. that cows are treated humanely (and apparently do a lot of sports).

So lets fight back. Lets bust the perception and lies being fed to us and provide the people with  the truth that doesnt involve markting campaigns. I don't believe that the Swiss Milk industry or meat industry should be able to dominate and brainwash with their money making, exploitive agenda. We have something to say so let's show the truth.

I am proposing an event to reveal the lies. We can hand out flyers, hold a demonstration (in front of Swiss Milk?) and talk to people about an alternative way of eating.

I have already asked the peeps at the Vegane Gesellschaft Schweiz if they want to collaborate.

The more of us there are, the better it will be! Date to be announced...

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you can count on me..!

you may ask too the members of these guys: http://www.vgt.ch/

thats a real good organisation, they show the truth and nobody can buy them like many other animal-right-organisations...

Yes, I have contacted them. They also had an info table at Bellevue last Saturday which I checked out :)

Great to hear. I will be making an FB page with all the info soon!



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