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I feel a little out of place here because I am over 40. I cant believe I am this old actually. My life has been kind of chaotic and boring all at the same time. I havent had any kids so time has just melded into itsself. I took care of my mom when she had cancer, knee surgery, another leg problem etc. ANd this was the time most people were out meeting people.


But not to get into that too much but yeah there are a lot of women out there like me who feel intimidated about who is really available in their age group or super compassionate and interested in getting to know them as a person- not just a sex object.


So maybe some guys could start a group where they would flat out say they would go out with a woman who is older.. that would be so great. Maybe this should be on a bigger site.. but its an idea.


Thanks for listening!

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I would under certain conditions. Women or Men shouldn't be seen as sex objects no but regardless of age I think it's only natural to be attracted to attractive people. Not just talking physicallly attractive but I think it's natural for it to be of some importance and personality can make people visually attractive. It's hard to explain exactly what I think. Ir may seem simple but you might misinterperet a little. I usually find myself a lot more attracted to Women in their late 30s than women of my age. Not all women at that age of course but some are a lot more appealing than a lot of Women my age that most would consider fairly attractive.
That is so true. Yeah I have been thinking a lot about this as far as what I want- what other people want, etc. Like What I want is for both people to be truly happy and negative behavior is a sign that the other person isnt happy so it's best to just let them find that happiness..

It can be easier in a way once you are older because you're not thinking from the same point of view like having kids with that person. I am also thinking that it doesnt have to be one person exclusively even though that would be nice- but that there is so much more growth available if someone interacts with a lot of different people. You also may find what you need in an unexpected place..

I'm in a younger age bracket but I've been out with older women. 8-9 years older. I have no issues with it. I don't think most guys would, it just depends on the person. I don't think attractiveness comes with an age, the same as the beauty of nature doesn't come with a pricetag it just is what it is. I think the number of people to refuse to go out with an older women, especially one that is 811rv and looks after herself, would in reality be very slim.

Me well, I end up going out with attractive girls but personality is real key. Age is mostly a number but if its too much of a gap then that needs to be recognized too. Different for everyone. Anyone who looks after and takes care of themselves really well is attractive in my eyes, they walk and talk with more confidence and can show true natural beauty instead of the made-up, medicated, price tag wearing majority, which I really don't dig! :D
Hey Rich.. yeah I hear what you are saying. It kind of brings to mind an idea about perception to me. Like maybe I feel more comfortable with a guy who has been overweight but who has lost some of it because he knows where I have been..

Or someone who has great compassion because of struggles he has had in his life. I am thinking the compassion is really the most attractive thing to me. And the ability to communicate. But hey- women are weird like that. They can like a guy no matter what his looks are for the most part.

I also knew a guy who purposefully went out with chubbier chicks to remake them in a way and he had pictures of when he met them and then how beautiful they became. I always thought that was amazing.. but then again for some reason he never got serious either I think because they were like a hobby - to him and it was like the weight was the only thing that mattered.

SO thank you for responding. It makes me feel less alone knowing people are willing to talk about this!
As I am not an ageist, I would go out with any woman between the age of 18 to 60, as long as she is an LFRV who values her Vegan ethics above anything else, when I say Vegan Ethics, I jdon't just mean about diet; I mean the whole ethos of being Vegan. And importantly that we share as many commonanlties as possible, and accept our differences.

One for the ladies only: Guess my age. Winner gets a hug :)
LOL that's cute david! Yeah I think what you're saying is so important. Like if there was a vegan group that got together and then you really got to know people with no pressure then you could find the person who is really best for you.

It seems like "dates" are so contrived in a way. The only way to know someone is to see how they react in a given situation.

Also a sense of humor is important. Someone who can have ethics but then not be so serious all the time -

this is an interesting topic to me because it brings up all kinds of ideas- too many to mention all at once. But the point is to cover some of these points that are never covered.
what is metal?
I was thinking that too but didn't want to ask incase I was the only who didn't know and looked a bit dull or something :)

Is she made of skin, bone and organs don't you mean?

Robert... I think that most women in their late 30's early 40's are rockers!! We are 80's high school children!!

I wanted to reply to this as I am 42!!


I have dated men 10 years younger than me and men 3 years older... (i like them younger!)
Not to generalize, but in my experience,

The early 30's guys want to get married, RUN!!
and the 40's guys want to be players!! RUN!!

I am at the point where I will not date a guy who is not VEGAN. ONLY if he is open to change will I even go out on a first date!!

Now RAW... good luck!

I do not date much, as there are hardly no men who are VEGAN, and men in their late 30's early 40's who are vegan.... hahaha, they do no exist!!
Hence, why I date guys 10 years younger!!

I may have to ease up on my requirements one day, but for now NEVER!!
I think I will be single forever!!

But this life - not so much raw, but VEGAN for sure is like a religion to me, as I am an animal activist.

Although.... the last two guys I dated who were vegan, it was GREAT we had that in common... but nothing else....

SO the chances are even SLIMMER!!


Just keep doing what you do, what makes you happy and you believe in...
If a guy comes along to build a relationship with GREAT....
Otherwise, you can have a FWB or be alone!

Either way its not the end of the world!!

I almost exclusively connect with women who are older than I am (I'm 37). The more mature, the more I tend to relate with you all. I love your idea!

i agree im 36 and find my options very limited. I do get requests from younger guys but when they know my age its always sexual and when they dont they ghost me after they find out haha. I find also it hard to find men that are into fitness and healthy lifestyle vegan also of my age that are not already married



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