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Hello to everyone out there!


I  started a 100 day challenge starting today! I was 100% raw for 6months last year until my husband came home from Okinawa, Japan. He came home and guilt tripped me pretty bad about not cooking for him and not sitting down to eat with him(he'd be gone for 18months/Marine Corps.)


Now Hes gone again to Afghan and Im just completely sickened with myself at how I let it all go! So now Im back at it and I cant wait to get past the intial first stage! Last time I did a juice feast for 21 days so that really helped cravings and cleaned me out! I no longer have my juicer, I do make juice with my blender and nut milk bag, but that gets really old really fast!


I have three months to prove to my husband that not only is this the healthiest lifestyle but I will be phycially superior to him when he comes home!  He is also doing his own challenge and has had a three month head start on me but says he takes about 60 pills a day(I really dont know if he's exaggerating or not!)


So I will be doing lfrv, Insanity and training for a 5k(Im in horrible shape!)  Is there anyone out there that has already started one or would like to start one? I would sure love the "company"!


Im inserting a picture of the results I got last year on this lifestyle and it only took three months to get there! So Im looking for to the next 100 days!

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I remember doing Insanity and there's no way I would do that and train for a 5k at the same time if I wasn't in top shape! I would do Insanity with you now but I'm on rest for at least a few more weeks :( I know how you feel about looking back and realizing how far you've fallen. I, too, am picking myself up after a traumatic experience that really messed up my resolve. The first 100% day is the hardest.


Hey, about your husband, I hope you weren't serious about him guilt tripping you about not cooking for him. Or eating with him. If mine ever did that, he would BEG to be sent to the front lines by the time I was through with him. You got amazing results, and I hope you don't lose them each time he comes back home :(

Oh Im dead serious! we're actually in a huge fight right now! He's furious with me he thinks I the most ignorant person for endangering our  son and myself! he refuses to look at anything I try to show him. He read Denise Mingers Critiques on FOK.. its awful right now.

I know, you're a terrible mother, torturing your poor child with vitamins and minerals. Ahhh...reminds me of the days when I used to take my husband's cray cray seriously.


I'm so sorry you're going through that right now. Your transformation pic was really dramatic, maybe he might feel threatened, especially since he's not actually there for you. When I read about this kind of stuff it instantly makes me mad because my marriage was like that and I used to believe the stuff that my husband told me. Do YOUR thing, girl. Nobody is worth losing your health over.

I'm a few days late, but would love to start this with you!  Since I started working I've lost touch with exercise and eating right has been that much harder since I'm so slacking on time.  But tomorrow I'm putting in my 2 weeks notice and cant wait to get a real start on becoming healthy!  Good luck to you!

Hi Kristen,

I just read your post and I also saw the photos that you posted from your previous results and they are pretty awesome. Did your husband even look at you when he came home? I would have thought that he would have loved the way you looked.

I realize that this 811 diet has changed my life and people still criticize me for doing it. I'm a personal trainer at a huge nationally know gym in NYC, I'm also a yoga instructor and I also practice yoga very frequently as well as do bodyweight training and I get questions asked by my clients and some of the other trainers, and they all believe that I should go back to eating meat, chicken and cooked food because I'm too skinny because my weight has dropped and I have become leaner (I was actually very muscular). They all joke that I'm going to lose clients because of the weight loss. 

This diet has healed me of my knee pain issues as well as joint pain issues, it's cured me of my horrible digestive issue and along with yoga it has increased my mental focus, clarity and breathing and I'm more flexible than ever.

This is my opinion, but I think that it is important that you  do what you need to do to take care of your health, I know that he is your husband but you have to feel good about you. Maybe he just needs to know more about 811 or be introduced others doing this diet to know of what people were dealing with before they started this diet. I can tell you that I didn't do this diet because I only wanted to lose weight, I needed it for my overall health and well being.

So if you would have me and if it's not too late, I would love to join you on your 100 day challenge.

I hope that you're doing well on the challenge and I would love to know what your latest results are.

Be well!



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