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Not only do I always seem to fall short on these 4 minerals according to Cron-O-Meter, but I tried typing in some of the meal plans in the 80/10/10 book and they also fell below 100% in all 4 of these minerals.

So what's going on with these 4 minerals? Are the amounts that we are supposed to be getting each day of these 4 minerals greatly exagerated, or is it a situation where if you eat this clean of a diet and aren't eating acidic foods such as meat, sodas, and dairy you simply don't need as much of these minerals because they aren't being used up to combat all of the acidity in your diet?

With the exception of Vit D and B12 according to Cron-O-Meter all of the other vitamins and minerals in my diet are "Off The Charts" so to speak and I don't see any reason to ever worry about any of them, but because calcium, zinc, selenium, and sodium just happen to almost always be far below 100% reguardless of what I eat I would really like to know more about these minerals.

What am I missing here?

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Hi Jared, according to 30bad's nutritional expert Adam the needs for those minerals are considerably less for us than those on an SAD diet, because we don't consume excess protein and cooked grains, which leach/contribute to excess need of some of these minerals. Here are my cronometer settings according to his reccomendations: Calcium 500mg, Selenium 27µg, sodium 450mg, zinc 4.2mg. Hope this helps.
Ya that's fair, getting plenty of zinc is def a good thing. Not enough can muck up your digestion, which ain't a good thing at all.
Whats high in zinc? I know I'm always low on iron and calcium, but I havent reset the values on them.
Dark leafy greens like baby spinach, arugula, swiss chard.. Have to eat a fair bit, a couple lbs, would give you 5mg or so. Blending those and other darker greens you wouldn't need to eat as much. Pumpkin seeds, also sunflower and sesame.. Fruit has zinc too, you just need to get in the calories. if you eat 30 bananas in a day you get plenty of zinc, over 5 mg.
Here are my cronometer settings according to his reccomendations: Calcium 500mg, Selenium 27µg, sodium 450mg, zinc 4.2mg.>>

I am curious about the sodium recommendation, as my intake is well below 450mg (but I do not crave salty things). Can you provide some details on this number of 450mg?
Thanks Keenan and B,

It makes since to me that we wouldn't need as much nutrition as the average person, considering that the average person is literally abusing their body with foods and drinks that they know full well are bad for them, but that leads me to wonder the oppoite question which is, "Is getting more than we need a good thing or a bad thing?"

Is getting 1,000 - 5,000 percent of the recommended amounts of Vitamin A, C, or K in one day a good thing or does it become a burden, or even toxic at really high levels?
Hey Jared

There are no toxic levels of vitamins from whole plant foods. only from animal or supplemental forms. This is because in plant based forms our body can choose to excrete what it doesnt need. vitamin C's RDA is not a recommended maximum, its a recommended minimum. It would be literally impossible, even with juicing, to consume drastically high levels of vitamin C. We could only achieve this through supplements, which are not recommended. The fat soluble vitamins like A are not a problem because they are in a pre-cursor form in plants. This means we can urinate it out if we dont need it, or convert it into a usable form of vitamin A if we do need it.

Relax. With plant foods you are in good hands :o)

Take care

Adam x
Cherimoya (custard apple) and cantalope (rockmelon) plus a good salad gives me 10g of zinc. Bananas are very low in it.

Just letting you know.. hope it helps. :)
Hey there,

So regarding zinc, the RDA for this nutrient is set based a ~20% absorption rate, and I believe the amount you need to absorb is about 2 mg per day. Last I read, not enough information on the absorption rates of this mineral from various types of food is known.

For calcium, the absorption rate for milk is around ~33%, whereas for greens like kale and broccoli, it is around 50%, indicating a higher absorption rate for many vegetables.

So the absorption numbers mean that our needs probably depend significantly on the foods we consume.

HTH :)
Hey Acey,

An easy-to-read reference that sums that up is "Becoming Vegan". I believe the studies referenced in the book are provided at the end of the chapters, but I can't find my copy in order to look it up for you. I hope this helps! :)
The body has absorption rates. The human body will absorb what it needs from the food and either increase its absorption rate or lower the rate depending on its needs.
Ditto also what christopoher said, in that the body's absorption rate is variable. A great example of this is for iron, which if provided in non-heme form, the body is able to more tightly regulate the amount coming based on what it needs.



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