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Hey, all! I was curious if any members have noticed any correlation with the ammount of zinc consumed and physical performance. I've noticed my performance (not drastically) declining, and exercise feeling like more of something I HAVE to do, rather than something I look forward to, which is usually the case. I've been following 8/1/1 practices since January, and did notice I was setting personal bests, and in general, felt great. I did have some bloodwork done recently, and everything was within range, except zinc. My dietitian, of course, lectured me on the importance of eating red meat, which is absolutely not an option. Other than pumpkin seeds, is there any other way of getting more zinc? I did check Cron-O-Meter, and on average, I consume around 7 mg/day. Any insight would be appreciated!

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What have your zinc levels been in the last 5 years?

I was reading a running guide from one of Australia's best running coaches. He advises iron, b12 and C supplementation. Most coaches recommend zinc as well. Go to the gym and tell people your a vegan. 99.9% of those that object and have big muscles are on a protein powder, b12, zinc, iron, selenium, omega 3 supp programme anyways lol!

Here is a forum where you will last 10 seconds if you share the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Its supp city though! Its one of the quickest forums Ive been banned from. Freelee lasted though cos the moderators thought it was funny when posters threatened to rape her and make a youtube video about it. The say  Vegans are aggressive and need to take supps though. ;)


Thanks :) yes, that was helpful! As for my zinc levels prior, I will ask my dietitian for older tests and compare. Thanks for your help!

Thanks a lot for your help :) ! I've been trying to get to the root of the problem and did some research myself. I read copper can inhibit zinc (and calcium) absorption, so I've been paying closer attention to the ammount of copper I've been eating. It was quite high before, so I'll just wait and see if it really would make a difference. I also haven't been sleeping properly, but it's quite difficult trying to go to bed early when living with people who think you're sick for trying to get some early nights.



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