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I started a thread yesterday about promoting healthy eating.   I'm wondering how best to get the word out.

I don't know if making video's is good for us all to do.  Here's why.  I started making videos a year ago, and haven't taken off (60 views on average video....and I'm talking fabulous, helpful, funny, overly-edited, quick-paced videos.  ... with original "RV" song-openings).  

I spend a lot of time trying to get people watching; and learning how to market.  I learned: to get 1000's of views I need to be high in YT search rankings; for that I need a lot of subscribers and thumbs up.  I learned I need to ask:  Check me OUT! :)  Gary's "Living awesome" channel

I'm in this full time(50 hrs a week) and I'm not reaching enough people.  Yet I see people with lower #s than me (who can't put in 15 hrs of trolling a week....or don't want to :))    I'm gonna try other video sites too.

So when we see a good channel, sub, thumbs up and comment.  I'll sub you Lien.  (PS - wow, I have the exact # of videos as you)

Thanks for advice. Now I know why DR subscribes as many vegan and high carb channels as it is possible. :D



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