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Hey there,
I've been thinking about getting my lower lip pierced (on one side) for a while but I have mixed feelings. I am 19 so I have the rights to undergo body modification without approval from anybody and it's really just a matter of choice from my side.

So, what do you guys and gals think about piercings in general? What is too much and what is fine? Do you think it's a form of self-expression or just some rebellious trend?

Could any experienced person give me advice on the subject? Many things are still unclear to me like if I wear a jewel for years then take it out permanently will the hole heal, etc.. I am afraid of permanent modifications and would like to have the choice to reverse it later on when I get older. I am always bound to change. Also, I am always striving to look unique (not the outrageous/weird way), I don't want to be a part of the herd, I want to be an individual.

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I think of piercings as a form of self-mutilation.. I'd never consider it and feel disturbed when see it on other people.. it almost hurts just by looking at them.. I'd never violate my beautiful body like that..

Also I think that body modifications/mutilations like piercings/tattoos/etc. are just a way of letting the world know that you can't communicate something using words.. that you have some emotional baggage you can't deal with.. most likely because of childhood abuse/neglect.. so I think it's much better to peruse self-knowledge, philosophy, therapy, etc instead. 

That being said, ultimately it's your body and your choice so you can do whatever you want.. but it's good to look at it from different angles and think it over deeply before you commit..

You obviously have the right to your opinions, however, they are a bit judgmental. To assume that I, as a person with body modifications, have " issues" or have been "abused" based on my choice to get tattoos is just as bad as someone assuming that vegans and raw foodists have eating disorders or care about animal rights more than human rights. It is fine if you don't find them attractive. I totally respect that. I, however, have always appreciated them. I feel good about myself and enjoy my ink. I am sure if you met me you would know I am genuine and kind, despite my body modifications. I agree that people should be very sure before getting a tattoo or piercing. They are usually a life- long commitment. I don't believe that they are a symbol of being a damaged person.

I never said they were bad people.. just that they have issues (not their fault) they haven't dealt with.. abuse is quite common even nowadays when %70-%90 of the parents still hit their child.. than there's verbal/emotional abuse, yelling, punishing, bullying, etc.. same with neglect - not getting enough attention, love, nurturing from the parents and others too.. and these are all real issues most people don't deal with.. and it affects them down the road.. they aren't aware of it of course because they haven't peruse self-knowledge.. so they try to deal with it in other ways.. sex, drugs, partying, tattoos, piercings, bagel heads.. these 'fixes' all scream loud and clear to me: 'I can't deal with my issues!!!'

Maybe it isn't true for all the people.. but for the majority I'm pretty sure it is.. I've seen it with my own eyes.. grew up among them.. been one of them..

May I ask what kind of tattoos you have and when and why did you get them Amanda?

Also were you abused/neglected in any way as I described above (or any other way)?

I came from a loving, working class family. I was never abused nor neglected. My mom was always home and my dad was a kind and funny man. They always supported my choices in music, dress, crazy hair colors and early attempts at vegetarianism.
My tattoos include a baby werewolf, a Jaws shark tattoo ( my father died and that was his favorite movie) and a portrait of Eddie Van Halen. I have more but those are some of my favorites. I love scary movies and '80's music.
I am not mocking your theories on why people alter their appearance. I just think that you are lumping individuals into a box of " damaged souls" when you know nothing about them. I understand that not every individual on this site is going to think the same. However, when one adopts a lifestyle and diet that is considered outside the norm, you would think that they would be beyond judging people based on appearances. I don't want an ongoing, online debate. I am here to learn and be inspired. I guess we can agree to disagree. :)

I'm glad you had no issues in your life so far :)

Sure, my theory isn't going to apply to 100% of the people 100% of the time.. there are always exceptions like yourself.. but that doesn't change the fact that it still applies for the majority of the cases..

"damaged souls" - that's your term not mine.. I said people have 'issues' that are better recognized and worked out than to cover it up and disguise it with self-mutilating or other self-destructing habits..

Those who have lived the natural hygiene lifestyle for a while might frown upon putting metals and inks into your body. I am coming to this lifestyle with several tattoos and piercings so I might not be the best to advise. Personally, I love them and do not regret them. I hope my diet will help protect me from whatever toxins I may have invited into my body but I try not to worry about that too much. I have had my lower lip pierced for about 10 years. There is a small hole that is visible when I take the hoop out. I don't think that piercings and tattoos should be taken lightly. Make sure you want it enough to keep it or are willing to deal with a small scar. While tattoos and piercings became more popular in the early '90's, they seem to be even more popular/ acceptable now. I wouldn't view them as a trend. I would do what makes you happy.
If you do get a lip piercing, I recommend a hoop. The labret studs with the flat back are easy to bite on and you may damage a tooth.

I'll leave it to others to decide how to express themselves.

But the main physical concern I have is that the body doesn't do well merged with metal.  This also includes dental work.  We have energy currents running through us, that metal disrupts.  Over a long period of time, who knows what negative impact this could have on our health.  Also what might the metal itself be leaching into us in such close contact?



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