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One of the best things I love about eating raw foods is the noticeable improvement in the quality and look of my skin.  But other than eating raw foods what do you do to have healthy radiant beautiful looking skin?  

Personally,  I like to soak in a hot Epsom salt bath for about 40 minutes a couple times per week.  And when I have plan to be out in the sun I like to lather on coconut oil.  

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Absolutely nothing! Eating hcrv, staying hydrated and sweating regularly works for me.  But I do love coconut oil.

I take a cold shower, and wash my everything with Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap every day (except my hair, which I wash with coconut shampoo).  It's great for keeping my skin looking lovely! =)

Ive been experimenting with cold showers too. It is invigorating to say the least. I will have to check out that peppermint soap. :)

I also think sweating really helps with the skin.

I love Dr Bronner peppermint. I used to prior to starting to change my diet. It definitely wakes you up and makes you feel tingly.

I have been experimenting, since a lot of people say nothin used on here. I am plus sized and probably still detoxing since its not been to long for me. I have been using Dr Bronner peppermint in the shower. My daughter prefers Dr Bronner rose. I have been using Dr Bronner peppermint for my teeth which first use my teeth felt so nice and smooth. With in 2 days the white coating on my tounge was gone. And my teeth are whiter and the plaque isn't coming back like it had. I got a tounge scrapper too, but I don't really need to use it much.  I was obviously more sensitive to my toothpaste then I thought. I started trying oil pulling this weekend. I have not noticed any huge difference after starting this, but I figure swishing for 20 mins has to help get the crud from between my teeth where the toothbrush can't. 

I got a skin brush, which as soon as I took it out of the box my daughter grabbed it and started using it. Instinctively she rubbed up her arms and legs like I have seen was proper form to help your lymph system. She fell in love with how it felt and has requested to be brushed several times. Needless to say I have another skin brush on order for me. 

I also got a mineral salt "deodorant" crystal. I thought ok no way this is going to work. The salt basically just doesn't let bad bacteria grow which causes the smell. Any who no smell.  Sorry if this is gross to some,but my test has been running since Wednesday. I have not reappled since my shower and have intentionally not washed my pits. I had others test sniff and no stink! Normally with conventional stick deodorant I have to reapply because I get the stink. Also I didn't realize how tender my pits were until I didn't feel like that. I  know what we put on our skin is soaked in and salt is bad, but my pit are happy and I am happy because I don't smell. I work in a professional environment so this is important.

I also got a few oils raw shea butter and coconut oil. I have raw cocoa butter on its way as well. I already had argan oil, which I use on my daughter's hair and skin. I only use argan on my skin,because it's to much for my hair. My daughter has eczema and chemical sensitivity, so I have to be super careful about products for her. The combo of shea butter and argan oil has turned her skin from having rough spots to feeling soft and bumps are going away. I have been using the coconut oil on her feet because it is antimicrobial and her feet have broken out in a reaction.

I just got Tate`s shampoo and conditioner, which I will be using In the morning. I used it on my daughter's hair this evening. She has extremely curly (think Shirley temple now make the curls tighter). It was so soft and beautiful after it air dried. The real test will be the morning brushing. Prior I was using organics Moroccan argan oil line on her hair. I had gotten pure argan and using it religiously in her hair to keep it semi brushable. Those who have really curly hair will know what I am talking about.

Since my face has gone well... let's say it's getting a nice glow except for the land mine of breakouts in multiple places. So I got some little samples of a natural face cleanser and moisturizer. Once I went raw I switched from Cetaphil to Dr Bronner. I was still using the same moisturizer of one drop of argan oil on a wet face and rubbed in then dabbed lightly with a towel to remove access oil and dry my face. I know the landmines are detox, but a natural means to decrease them I am willing to try.

I know suppliments are not big here, but I also take msm suppliments. Again trying to help my skin because I am plus sized. In changing my diet to help my digestion and allergies it goes with out saying that I will loose weight. And I have a lot to lose since I am 5ft 8.5 and at max was 431lbs. I eat approx 2500g of watermelon every morning and have started craving the hydration it provides. Even though I drink about 24oz of water in the morning when I first get up.  I got the oils to make a homemade butter for my skin to help assure it stays hydrated. I also need to get my kester on my crossbow type machine as it's said that lifting weight helps with toning the skin. All this is in hopes I don't end up looking like the saggy baggy elephant. Yet if it happens so be it I would rather be a happy healthy saggy baggy elephant then going back to the way I was feeling.

Sorry this is so long .. when it's past my bed time my writing tends to turn into novel length. Lol



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