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I am in Costa Rica right now, and we got 100 young coconuts! I really love young coconuts, and I was wondering if they were too high in fats. Should I just drink the water, or can I also eat the flesh and stay 90/5/5? I really love young coconuts, so I really hope I can have it!

How many would I be able to eat in a day/week to keep my fat really low? I'm trying to keep the fat really low, so I don't want to have much (if any) fats.

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Aw man ~_~

It is beautiful! I could make a youtube video and post it on here about Costa Rica pretty soon so you can see and hear how it is if you would like?


I would like to make a video ^ ^

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the jelly-like meat of a young coconut is not near as fatty as the mature meat? If you don't eat any other overt fats, the meat of one young coconut should not put you over 80/10/10 (assuming you get enough Carb calories).

Coconuts are a very natural food. I've got a theory that we are supposed to eat them since people are so attracted to tropical island paradises, I think it's nature's way of drawing us back to our habitat, since as a species we originated in the tropics. If I remember correctly, human milk is 50% saturated fat and so are coconuts. I always think, would we naturally and easily eat this if we lived in the wild? Would we strongly want to eat this food? So if your body is telling you to eat coconuts then go for it! You're lucky to be in a tropical area.

If I'm correct that the 90/5/5 means getting 90% of calories from fruit, 5% from fat and 5% from protein, then say you eat 4000 calories a day, that means you can eat 200 cals worth of coconut, I don't know how much that is equal to. Maybe eat half a coconut a day if you really want to do the 90/5/5 proportion?

CAn you explain more "human milk is 50% fat and so are coconuts" .... do you mean coconut milk which is the water inside the nut or do you mean milk squeezed from the grated flesh (mixed with water) of a mature brown coconut ...... and IMPORTANT remember the age of the coconut totally changes the values of what is the water and what is in the flesh ........ Heres's an interesting footnote: It is not recommended to drink the water of a coconut if it is so young that is has NO flesh in it at all .......... this water is like distilled water and can actually leach minerals from your body ....... but once again it doesn;t mean all coconuts are bad ...... you just have to know which bunch on the tree is ready .......

The goal is to have a limit of 80/10/10 average annually. However, fat bring you down and doesn't make you feel that great. Just limit it to the percentage and checking how much by going on cronometer- I found it a very useful tool.


Different ages of coconuts have different compostions ...... so when TONY says "(coconut)meat is pretty high in fat ....... " that means he is referring to the brown coloured mature nut that you would see in supermarkets around the world ....... the flesh is up to a cm thick very hard and oily ....... but a jelly or young coconut is totally different ......... my rule is if you can scoop it out easy with a spoon go for it ...... some coconuts you will find you can only scrape out the top half easily ......  so yeah guilt free ...... enjoy it ...... don;t over analyse it ......  or worry that you might be 89/6/5 or something ....... coconut a real tropical staple ........ 

It's high in fat. Even the water has some fat in it.
It is often hard to stop when eating coconut meat because it is so delicious. I usually drink the coco and use coco meat as a lotion for my legs and body :)

I've done my research on coconuts and have found that the meat from young coconuts is very easily digestible because of the medium-chain fatty acids contained within it. This coconut meat is digested very quickly and is very unlikely to be stored as body fat. In young coconuts the water is a great source of electrolytes and they are found in the perfect ratio for our human bodies, the water can also be used in a blood transfusion during an emergency and has been used in the past during wars. For patients in critical condition young coconuts are given to them because of how well it is digested, i'm not sure if they put it in an iv or specifically how the coconuts are used. Coconut has also been added to baby food for many years as well.

I'm in thailand right now and consuming the meat of 2 coconuts every night and have not seen any increase in my body-fat you dont need to worry about getting fat from eating coconut meat. 

All of this information and more can be found at the following link.


Awesome, I never knew that! Thanks!

coconuts are unique in that i've eaten so little as a tablespoon and a half of olive oil and felt such a headache and illness that i had to sit on the couch for about a half hour before i could get up again, but a couple days ago i threw in about 2 cups young coconut meat in with my datorade (delicious), which is about twice the amount of fat as the serving of olive oil, and i felt just fine.

i admit i used more coconut meat there than i really wanted to, and i would've felt slightly lighter if i had perhaps some OJ or something instead, but for the most part i still felt very light and energized.

thats really cool! Thanks for the info



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