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ok so i have to rant about my old roomie. i lived with her for 3 years and watched her downward spiral in her addictions to drugs, alcohol, and sex. i dont need to go into details but boy was she a menace. i moved out over a year ago because her negative lifestyle was effecting me so strongly. the vibrations she gave off were terrible. anyways, by moving out i gave her a bit of a wake-up call. she decided to go to rehab.

recently she celebrated one year of being sober which is a HUGE accomplishment - but there's a catch. she is on several prescription medications because the doctors keep telling her she has (insert mental disorder here). honestly i cant tell you what they claim she has because its changed so many times i dont remember. each doctor tells her something else is wrong with her and gives her a new pill to take. a while ago she was hospitalized because the wellbutren she was on made her suicidal (or so she claims). 

when i see her now, its like i am talking to a robot. she has no emotion whatsoever. she is on so many drugs that she just goes through life completely numb. how can she claim to be a year sober? she's more drugged up now than she ever was. i watch things happen that would have thrown her into a violent screaming tantrum a year ago and now she just shrugs and acts like it's nothing. shes gone from one extreme to the other and NOWHERE along the line has she been sober.

i dont want to put it in this perspective for her because it means that she's accomplished nothing. she's just traded one drug for another. she WATCHED me get off all my meds (because the doctors tried to tell me i was mental too) by eating healthy and exercising my way into happiness. for some reason, she just wont do the same. she crashed and burned on alcohol and weed and shell crash and burn on the prescription meds too. i dont talk to her much anymore because i dont want to watch it happen. if she isnt going to listen to the voice of reason the there is no point in speaking to her

i just feel very sorry for her and everyone else out there that thinks prescription meds are helping them. GET OFF THE DRUGS PEOPLE! 

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Prescription medications are hurtful, not helpful. But people don't know this. I hate seeing it too.  It can be frustrating for me. The good news is that the change starts with US! We can set the example. And when we do this, sometimes people will follow.

you're right christina. some people do follow us and those are the ones we should focus on. 

Welcome to corporate America. 

my mom works for big pharma..and i mean she's high up on the ladder.  she's senior VP of quality control. about once a month she flies out to oversee operations at factories in other countries. next week she'll be in Bogota, Columbia. she is plugged into her phone 24/7 and i dont even understand what she is saying most of the time. its like she speaks a different language. i call it corporateese. dont get me wrong, i love my mother. i just dont love her job. anyways, it is very frustrating to be around her because her answer for everything is a pill. pills are what pay EVERYTHING we have.

my three sisters and i have no desire to follow in her footsteps. one is married to a pastor and lives off charity and food stamps (they are perfectly happy that way). the other is moving to Kenya soon to work in an orphanage. i have to move back in with mom and dad this summer and i have told them i will be staying in a tent in the yard. i dont think they know im serious yet but theyll see =)

anyways, i am very familiar with corporate america and i cannot wait to be rid of it some day. 

Your mom is an international Columbian drug dealer...

AWESOME! this really brings my mood up hearing success stories. as much as i am sad for my roommate, i am happy for you and others like you. the world wont change overnight, but it will change one person at a time. i tip my hat to you =)

p.s. i will =)

i'm sorry you had to put up with all that!  and now with your mom and her job.  i've experienced similar things over the years with my friends/family.  sometimes it makes me feel really crazy, knowing that i'm the only sane one amongst my friends, anyone else ever feel that way?  ahh everything is @$$ backwards!!

Prescription drugs are just as harmful as illegal drugs in my opinion, if not worse. I personally know several people who have gotten really messed up from being addicted to pain pills, etc. I think our society has a very flawed definition of "drug" nearly anything can be a drug, especially food. If you were to tell someone, I have a severe addiction to coke, they would say, you mean the drug? you see, they don't even identify coca cola as a drug, yet they do for cocaine. People die all the time from taking prescription or over the counter medication, infact 106,000 people every year die from taking prescription meds in the reccomeded dosage, ofcourse that doesn't count the overdoses and addictions to the drugs, there is truly an epidemic of drug use. I've had food addictions for several years, and it's absolutely a drug. Here's what I have realized, and someone going through a food addiction, or any kind of drug problem, might see this, but have never realized it before. Drugs are not fulfilling, that's why we keep taking them, the high or good feeling last for a short time, and then we feel horrible again, so we keep taking them. They don't bring fulfillment, they bring a short time of feeling good, followed by pain. 


I do agree that prescription drugs can often be a very bad thing.  But can I offer a different perspective...  I have always been against drugs of any kind.  However, my younger sister (now 32) has always struggled with an anxiety disorder (at her worst - about a year ago - she was suffering up to 12 panic attacks a day).  She basically hasn't been able to hold down a job - ever. Her relationships all ended very quickly, she had no money (obviously) and was miserable.  She tried everything - counselling and therapy, herbal remedies, dietary changes (admittedly not raw food -she knew nothing about it), yoga, meditation.  Recently she decided to see a doctor for medication as her last straw.  Since then she is a completely different person.  She has not had a panic attack now for several months, has a solid job, a very nice, calm loving boyfriend.  I cannot believe the change in her.  And now that she has balance and security in her life she is able to start to think more seriously at diet because she is able to AFFORD good food.  

Every person's path is different.

People with mental illnesses need our compassion and love and support.  Sometimes people can take years to find the right remedy (be it the right medication or food or exercise or whatever)

I now understand that some people have chemical imbalances in the brain that sometimes can only be rectified with chemical/hormone replacements.  

I'm so grateful that I have my sister back, happy, vibrant, fully-functioning, non-suicidal.

I understand it's hard to relate to your flat mate where she is.. but try to offer compassion and a non-judgemental attitude if you can.  She needs as much love as she can get.  Mental illness is the worst illness anyone can suffer because no-one gets you - they think you're putting it on.

Can I say also that my sister never drinks, smokes, takes recreational drugs, eats fairly healthily - cooked + raw, not much meat, no dairy.

i didnt want to sound judgemental. i have been diagnosed with 4 mental disorders myself and was on meds for 2 years. some helped and some made things worse. i just managed to recover on my own eventually. some people dont. i recognize that some people out there benefit greatly from prescription drugs because they really do have a chemical imbalance. 

my roommate doesnt benefit from them though. she is currently living with a verbally (and possibly physically) abusive boyfriend. her life is a mess and she tells me straight up that thanks to the drugs, nothing bothers her and she just doesnt care. thats too extreme. its so hard to trust that you will find a doctor that will get you on the right kind and right amount of medication

if its the only thing that helps, then im not saying dont do it. im just saying many people out there could probably go without it.



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