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If there's one thing that really gets up my nose lately... it's people not being awake to the idea that you are what you eat. 

A friend of mine tells me that I'm sooooo lucky that I'm healthy. For me this isn't luck, buddy! This is good karma and consistent investment in my body and being.

My friend has a heart condition, is slightly overweight and often sick. She voices discomfort about these things (who wouldn't... suffering sucks in any way, shape or form!). To me there are several quite obvious ways to improve her situation. Diet, rest, exercise.

However, instead she continues with a poor diet, bad sleeping and little exercise. And man it feels pretty darn taboo to mention the elephant in the room.

Mate. If you didn't eat a diet of 80% bread, went to bed at a reasonable hour, slept more, meditated a little and exercised more... I have this feeling that you'd be in just a slightly a better position. ;)

What do you say in these situations?

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Instead of letting it build up and turn it into a rant on an internet message board...just be straight up with people at all times. The trick is doing it in a kind way. 

My friends know that I am not down to eat trash food...ever. They know that if they comment on how "healthy I am" they are going to be invited to join me and they will have to try to explain why they won't or can't.

Also...I never bring up the topic of diet or health. It's not something that needs to be talked about...it's something I do...it's something I live. Nonetheless, almost everyday people talk to me, or ask me about food. There is a HUGE difference, between you bringing up the subject of "you should eat this or that" and letting people bring it up. Once they bring it up...it's open season. I walk around with a backpack filled with watermelons and bananas, everywhere I go people want to talk about diet and what to eat. 

It's not something to be angry about, its really just sad. I watch people I care about get sick all the time too. The main thing is to just be an example. If your overweight friend sees you running 20 miles every weekend for the next 2 months...it will do 100X more than you trying to beat him over the head with the book 80/10/10 every day for the next 20 years. Actions speak much louder than words.

Everyone I know has watched me ride and run thousands of miles with a smile on my face walking down the street with my arms filled with watermelons. That's all I need to say.

When I come around now, people don't have any issue with me, they are super nice, they usually argue with THEMSELVES...literally. I walk in the room, they start muttering to themselves: "I shouldn't be eating this huh? No I shouldn't. He wouldn't eat that. Look at him. He's so fit. Put the donut down." Then they turn to me and say "Hi, I've been trying to eat more bananas lately you know".

I make a point to always tell people: "Eat whatever makes you feel good and makes you happy. When I eat that I can't train like I do and I can't work like I do, and I can't smile like I do. I can't eat that and run for hours on end. I can't eat that and feel sharp and focused. BUT IF YOU CAN, more power to you, everyone has the right to eat whatever they like, I believe that fruit is the best for me 100% but to each his own." Inevitably people tell me, "I FEEL LIKE CRAP WHEN I EAT THIS, tell me about this banana diet? Where do you get your protein? Where do you get your vitamins?" etc etc etc

I don't have all the answers, but the two main things are just being an example of fitness, and also understanding that you can't control people...ultimately its up to them to make the decision of whether or not to kill themselves, and at the end of the day, sometimes  you just need to find a new group of people to hang with.

I agree. Also people come to these things in their own time. All you can do is be there for them when they do! And if they never do, well if they're your friend then love them anyway. ,)

I'm a fan of babies, but I bet I wouldn't like this one when he's angry!

"Instead of letting it build up and turn it into a rant on an internet message board...just be straight up with people at all times. The trick is doing it in a kind way."

Dude... you got me there! Thank you. Frustration busting out and spraying all over 30bad. I am a little embarrassed.

I will be an example. Less talk and more doing (always seems to work best no matter what the sitch is).

For your tribe... the ones you love... it is sad to see them making choices for themselves that will bring suffering. This is what frustrates me. And I gotta work on letting that go... the control issue.

A new group of people to hang with in addition to my mates would be ace. And likely help with my frustration.

Thanks for the wise words!




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