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You might be an 80-10-10'er if your kitchenware consists solely of a Vitamix, that cheap food processor from Target, a spiralizer, a giant wooden serving bowl, a ceramic knife, a fork, 2 quart sized mason jars, and a set of chopstix that you never could get the hang of.

You might be an 80-10-10'er if during a family potluck, your cousin reaches across the table and starts spooning himself some salad out of your salad bowl...because he thought it was the family's serving bowl. (True story, happened to my husband last Thanksgiving!)

If all your pajama pants are one size bigger than your regular pants because you look 5 months pregnant each night before bed...you might be an 80-10-10'er.

Keep 'em coming, folks! :-D

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"I remember being sadder about the loss of my Vitamix than the ex who took it when we broke up!" 


you know if a snack consists of 5 small mangoes

Oh you might be an 80 10 10er (newbie) if you get a real bad craving, go to the store and buy chocolate, chips, and fruit and the first thing you do when you leave the store is...   eat all the fruit... 2hrs later "oh I bought junk food!"  

Lol.   This is so me all the time.   

... you are no longer a woman, you.. are.. woMANGO!!  o_0   

good one :D

... if you avoid the grocery stores that have the meat section directly after the produce section, with no way around it. 

...and especially avoid the stores that put hams and bacon in with the produce section

... and almost blurt out profanities at the person giving out samples of Hawaiian pizza

... if you write "Go Vegan" on school notices about helping out with the sausage sizzles

.. and then write to the principle about the excess amount of hot-dog lunches on lunch order days

... and scowl at sausage sizzlers outside the grocery store

.. and yell at the ones who doing it to raise money for SPCA 

.. and stand staring for a full 10 mins at a box of boil-in-bag rice in your friends kitchen while your mind boggles over it

.. and you've ever had to wait a full 3 weeks for bananas to ripen

.. and you realize your hair isn't falling from a deficiency it's just the stress of the bananas not ripening

LOL at the last two banana statements! yes!!!
...if while unloading your groceries you have an accidental avalanche of mangos roll down your driveway.

.....if the person next to you in checkout states "someones eating healthy"

...if you're often in a good mood. :)

If you feel the need to apologise to your local green grocer for holding up the other customers and he replies with "that's okay, you've bought so much fruit this shop belongs to you," and then he gives you a free box of dates.

... if you adopt an Australian accent because you watch Harley's and Freelee's videos

... if you don't want to take rest days because you have so much energy 24/7

The first things you leave at your new boyfriends house are not a toothbrush & clothes but a spiralizer, blender and tub of dates :)



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