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You might be an 80-10-10'er if your kitchenware consists solely of a Vitamix, that cheap food processor from Target, a spiralizer, a giant wooden serving bowl, a ceramic knife, a fork, 2 quart sized mason jars, and a set of chopstix that you never could get the hang of.

You might be an 80-10-10'er if during a family potluck, your cousin reaches across the table and starts spooning himself some salad out of your salad bowl...because he thought it was the family's serving bowl. (True story, happened to my husband last Thanksgiving!)

If all your pajama pants are one size bigger than your regular pants because you look 5 months pregnant each night before bed...you might be an 80-10-10'er.

Keep 'em coming, folks! :-D

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If you get strange looks from other customers when going for your 8th plate at the all-you-can-eat salad bar...you might be an 80-10-10'er.

I make these looks my goal haha

...if you're spare room is dedicated to fruit storage

...if at the Fruit Market or Fruit Shop the cashier asks you the name of your restaurant

...if when buying the entire display of apples on show the owner asks if you own a horse


Wowza, is all that for just you?? :)


Yep - it's mostly for me.  I do share a little bit of it with my son & partner (non 80 10 10ers) but the majority of it passes through my digestive system :)

That particular haul lasted me for two whole weeks of feasting!!!

Hey nice stash you have there!!

Thanks Steve - what was formerly known as The Study in my home is now known as The Fruit Room by my friends and family.  Personally, I call it Heaven!!!

can see why!

fantastic stash...

abundance reigns, yeah baby!

"personally, I call it Heaven!!!"   ^_^

hmm i'd like to have my spare room full of fruits trees!  :P   Oh yeah, i've tried buying in bulk and i've been asked for the name of my business.. unfortunately some places around here won't sell me bulk  :(


That's too cool, amazing!

How do you keep the strawberry for going bad? The ones I get last 3 days tops.


When you get them home wash them in a mix of water and white vinegar and let them air dry. It gets rid of the bacteria and mould spores that soon sprout.

If your compost pile is bigger than a Volkswagen... you might be an 80/10/10er.



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