30 Bananas a Day!

Are you 'guilty' of any of the following:

*  You take pictures of your food masterpieces so you can post them online
*  Your dinner bowl is the family-sized serving one
*  You carry around a pocket knife in case you want to munch on the go
*  Your favorite place to shop is the organic market
*  You consider avocado a delicacy
*  You have celebrated a birthday/special occasion with your favorite (insert overt fat here)
*  You know how many calories there are in a kiwi
*  You have large empty fruit boxes lying around
*  You consider going to the beach as part of your health regime
*  You have a planned response to 'where do you get your protein'
*  You wear colours that don't show the fruit stains
*  You freely discuss your pee colour
*  You've gone to bed at 7pm and not blinked an eyelash
*  You've carried a mass amount of fruit on a bicycle
*  You spend your time google-ing facts about primates

And finally...

*  You know you are a dedicated 811er when you have travelled to a foreign country to eat a strange fruit called durian!

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Great post:) When I am on ..I am that person!!! You just described Michael my husband...he he

Learn it, Love it, Live it!!!!! This is a great community..glad to be part of it!
You become known as the "fruit lady" (or "fruit dude") and people at work ask you with anticipation what fruits you've brought for lunch that day.
at this one store in ottawa, i was nicknamed "tropicana girl" cause i bought all the tropical fruit there!!
when I go to my "fruit dealer" she gets excited and as I enter the door I hear "Another box of bananas?"

I'm always in my workout outfit! I love this one!
hahaha!! yes!
totally. As soon as I finish work I get changed into my exercise gear to either run to yoga and back or to go to uni followed by walking/running home :-).
so much more comfortable as well ;-)
You shop at wholesalers.
Farmers know you by your first name.
Most of your income goes to fruit deals.
Your compost pile has its own postcode.
People know your for your consistent positivity.
You never worry about your weight again.
You count your calories to ensure you get ENOUGH.
You buy blenders that have a good warranty.
lol, yes, especially the last one!!
You have multiple compost piles,
compost bins, tumbling composter,
and they all fill up really fast.
and a worm farm for the "easy stuff"
@joy, my kitchen and fridge look like the Fruit Shop display :) 100% Fruit



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