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Hi guys,

I know most people that come from eating disorders are likely to gain weight. I am 5'8" (173cm) and when I started this lifestyle in April 2012, I was 132lbs (60kg). I didn't gain weight the first 6 months, my weight was very stable, unlike my disordered past, where it would fluctuate a lot.

I now weigh 165lbs (75kg).

Towards the end of December though, I started to gain weight like crazy. I thought it was due to my hormones, so I didn't change my eating habits (I eat about the same way since I started, just started increasing my calorie intake due to stress at work/school and training for running races). So since that time, I have been gaining and gaining and gaining. None of my old clothes fit, and running is getting tough, I am out of breath easily and it just is no longer fun to work out. When I come back from work I am exhausted, I lay down on the couch and I sleep instantly.

I eat 5 bananas before work, then eat 3 hours later, 1.5kg of oranges, more bananas when I come back, 10-15 in smoothie form. I eat a big salad for dinner (head of lettuce with tomatoes, cucumber, sweet peppers and beetroot)

I drink a lot during the day (more than anyone I know!) and my urine is always clear. I sleep a lot, 10-12hrs a day these days and I guess I get my exercise from working (on my feet for 7 hours standing or walking).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I know health is more important than weight, I feel really healthy, but it sucks to run in tent like dresses all the time to hide my body. What will I do once the weather is colder again? :( I gave all of my old clothes away when I lost weight 5 yrs ago!

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Thank you for the support :)

what was your previous diet/lifestyle like?

I ate 1500 calories a day, I ate mostly a vegetarian diet, I ate a lot of grains (quinoa almost every night, or pasta) and lots of veggies, but also added in oil and cheese. I also didn't eat any gluten, because many doctors thought I had celiac disease, my belly was bloated 24/7.

But I also ate a lot of junk - chocolate, cookies, desserts, ... when I had my binge eating attacks.

Help, anyone??

For the past 2 weeks, I started eating 100% raw again, and 1500 calories a day. I run every day since my last reply and still I GAINED weight instead of losing it. What is wrong with me??

People told me today AGAIN that I look like I am pregnant and my neighbor congratulated me on my pregnancy! I said "um, I am not pregnant!" and he turned away with a really red face. It huuuuurts so badly to hear this every day. I am so sad and depressed, all I want to do is cry all day.


Your bill came in the post for your past health and lifestyle abuses. Now you are 'paying for it'. Lighten up. The only way out of this debt is patience and consistency. Freelee cried when I told her how long it was going to take before she reached her ideal weight, fitness health. Now she is laughing though.

People think cos they are good for a few days, weeks or months that they deserve to heal from years of abuse. Doesnt work that way. The longer we abused, the longer it takes to heal. Better to start sooner than later. 

Hey, what else you gonna do? Get in metabolic debt more?

DR, thanks so much for this reply. I know I expect too much, too soon. I need to drop that mindset. I was hoping for a "come back to reality"-reply from you.


Sorry to hear that, I've also gained weight about 7-8 kilos and it's not nice! i also experienced the difficulty in exercising and actually not feeling like it. I don't know why but i'm suspecting hormonal imbalances and metabolic adjustments...
Although don't fall into the trap of eating less and exercising more! that will leave your body even more confused, consistency is key so it can heal properly especially if you come from a past of eating disorders. Patience and trust is what can help you the most here :/ and also keeping to the basics (calories, sleep, water, sun, exercise).
I also had people telling me that I looked like i gained weight and that i look pregnant etc not nice! :(... but i've continued doing the same and these last 2 months I've slowly started to become thinner i don't have a scale but i can tell from my clothes, also my will to exercise came back and it's starting to get easy.

Just my experience, i hope it helps!
Big hugs

Hi Orenji, thanks for replying! I just don't know what to do... I won't stop exercising though, I love running and it is the highlight of my day. It gives me so much energy. I don't have to force myself at all.

I also have been sleeping a lot, between 10-12hrs a night. I am outside in the sun during my lunch break and when I run of course. And I also drink as much water as I possibly can. I really don't know what I am doing wrong.

Big hugs back :)


Nick, thanks for reply, that actually sounds like heaven, but I can't do this. I had to work the last 2 weekends and today I finally have a day off. I have to work this weekend again, but next weekend I will have both days off. I am home at 2pm already, so I still can relax most of the day on Friday. I will follow your advice and do that.

When did you weight yourself?  When you eat lots of fruit, you are getting a lot of water weight, fiber, and nutrients.  Your weight absolutely should fluctuate a lot throughout the day.  Yesterday when I woke up I was at 162 lbs, end of the day I was at 172.  I woke up and I was 164.  I also noticed that my energy levels were kinda low, so I increased my calories yesterday and I feel so much better.

If running is getting too tough, think of changing how you train?  Best way to run is to run at a slow easy comfortable pace most days.  Try only running at a fast workout pace once a week.  Going out too fast too often in running will burn you out.  To give you an example, my last 5 mile race, I ran it at a 9:17 pace.  Most of my training, 4 out of 5 days is at a 13-14 minute mile pace.  I do a tough fast workout once a week.  Right now my running club does track on Thursdays so I save my hard workout for Thursday nights.  Also, thoughts on giving yourself a day or two of rest from running?  The muscles grow during rest.  If we grew muscles while running do you think anyone would ever stop running ever?

I always weigh myself in the morning, after my bowel movement. My last meal of the day is at 6pm at the latest. So there shouldn't be too much food anymore in my belly.

I am not low on energy, like I said I run every day after work. I know in my initial post I said I am exhausted, but this is no longer the case since I started running every day. I have so much more energy now. It also makes me calmer and more at peace with myself. If running wouldn't tire my muscles, then nope, I wouldn't stop running :) It just makes me happy :D

I run at a pretty low pace already, I just stop thinking when I run and listen to the birds and other sounds of nature, kind of like meditation :)

I know as a raw vegan your supposed to eat 2,500 calories minimum! I believe in the main part of the forums there's a post titled "why people fail as a raw vegan" orrrr something like that but the BIG one was people not eating enough! I know it sounds awful I went from about 350 calories a day to 1,300 as a vegan but wasn't going anywhere and now I'm at 3,000 calories and I'm getting lean and in shape. I don't pay attention to the scale but I've posted comparison pix on my instagram and you can see the huge difference. I don't even think that calorie is even the right amount for someone on a regular diet. Deffinatly look into it or just try it out for a week it can't hurt?



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