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Hi everyone, 


I was just wandering what everyone has for Xmas dinner?  Do you make anything different or stick to the fruit?


Do you find it difficult being around your family and friends eating at xmas? 


I really want to make it through a raw xmas, but I am worried of being weak. My plan so far is to make sure I don't go hungry AT ALL ,to even think about eating anything cooked.


I would love to hear how you guys managed your 1st year?? 


Any ideas appreciated!! 

Thanks :)

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Well, I've only had one lfrv Christmas way back in 90s, but I remember treating myself to my favorite kinds of fruit especially ones which were expensive/hard to come by. I did have a rather hard time with all the questions asked by relatives during the big family get-together, but then, I was in my early teens, not very confident and knew very little about the science support this diet ;-) I'm confident it will go better this year!
do you find you still get a lot of questions from people about your diet, i get a lot of that at work. Thats a good idea about treating yourself to all expensive fruits, do you allow nuts and olives too??

For the most part, the people with whom I have regular contact are familiar with my, from their point of view, unusual eating habits by now (I have been high fat raw vegan since 2005) and don't ask many questions anymore. My new banana-munching ways have attracted some attention though.


I don't eat olives as I don't care for the taste, but I do eat small amounts of overts most days. For Christmas this year, I'll probably get some coquitos, a nut I love but normally can't afford.

It's durian all way for me this Xmas. And persimmons bc that is usually all I want around that time of year. Normally I over complicate and over spend and then don't enjoy the meal. This year it is going to be different.
raw pumpkin pie! sooooo good!
Oscar, that sounds yummy. Do you have a receipe for this?? :)

The last time I traveled home for Christmas with my family (the one before last) I created a delicious persimmon pie with dates, banana, and persimmons. I also made a large salad. 
I made a vegan shepherds pie, gravy, and a vegan cheesecake for my partner. Everyone that tried the vegan food loved it.


The one difference that everyone could tell was my energy level after the meal. My aunt and her son are veg and into raw food. The three of us felt wonderful after the meal and everyone else was very tired and didn't have any energy.  


My grandparents scoffed at the meal and criticized, but that is just their nature. Otherwise there was definitely a little tension, but that's to be expected. 

Hi Tarah, 

Thanks for your reply.

The vegan shepherds pie, gravey and cheesecake - were they raw?? 

Id love the receipes - Im trying to make lots of dishes to find one me and my partner really like so we can have it for our xmas dinner.  Over organising i know but its out 1st raw xmas, and want to make sure we make it through without falling back in to bad habits. :) 

TARAH i know exactly what you mean about energy levels after a meal. I used to get sooo tired after a big meal that all i wanted to do was sleep! thats the worst!


I used to drink 6 cups of coffee a day just to wake up, now all i need is my banana smoothie and i have tons of energy!

I used to drink 6 cups of coffee a day just to wake up, now all i need is my banana smoothie and i have tons of energy!


I know what u mean!  I never was a coffee drinker, only have had 1 sip of it in my life (i dont care for it haha).  I was big into tea, especially chai to "wake me up" in the morning.  It still didnt give me enough energy.  I was also drinking yerba mate, which i guess isnt in the tea family but has natural caffeine idk.  I was also eating a horrible breakfast every morning thinking it would give me energy! 1 tbs organic almond butter, vanilla unsweetened almond milk, and 1/2 cup of 5 grain blend cereal, i used all of the ingredients to make "the perfect oatmeal" every morning.  Boy was i silly!  As much water as i can chug and a 10 banana 2 1/2 date smoothie for the win! :)

My sister is eating nearly that exact breakfast that you used to!  I'm hoping she'll see how happy and energized I am with 811 and will jump on board - especially because it turns out to be a truly inexpensive lifestyle once you learn your way around.  She's the one who originally introduced me to the raw food concept, but she fell for the David Wolfe propaganda of needing to spend loads of money on superfoods in order to "do it right," so gave up.  You give me hope, Jennelle!

I am thinking about making certain fruits associated with certain holidays just like certain cooked foods were. My first advice is to not even worry about Christmas because it is still far off. But, I am planning to have persimmons as thanksgiving and I like the idea of finding really good mandarines to represent Xmas. I also like Alysha's idea of durian. That could get tricky if you're around family though since my mom forces me to eat it outside when I am at her house.
Just bring food you would want and make enough to share (raw pasta or a dessert etc)



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