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People in the Western Worlds are VIOLENTLY rejecting & turning their backs on these scientific issues our counties are facing - WHY ?


below is not a scientific report, but it outlines things quickly, because the large numbers of scientific research is too huge to put here.


do you think xenoestrogens in our food are feminising males & creating problems female cancers & reproductive problems in women ?


Watch - The disappearing Male Documentary

thanks to the member "sunshine" who brought to our attention.



Xenoestrogens are mostly found in beef and dairy in the form of female hormones (rBGH). These chemicals have been proven to feminize men in the womb, as do plastics (BPA) and phthalates in air freshners and perfumes.


Estrogens are the feminizing hormone in humans, whether natural born females or transgender men inject it to turn female so there's a lot of scientific reasoning behind xenoestrogens.


Organic foods will remove 60% of the problem (chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers also contain xenoestrogens) which further contribute to make men gay and females aggressive.


But there's also the psychology part of it:abuse as a kid by a Catholic priest or other pedophile? hate of a mother/women in general.  


The water is also a problem (fluoride, chemicals in the water all contribute to homosexuality as has been proven by scientists over and over again).


Many males have been "altered" by these chemicals in the womb. (BPA in the baby bottle and soy formula further contributes to cementing the problem and making homosexual believe they were "born this way".


Soy in any amount should never be consummed by males as it is highly estrogenic, search "phytoestrogens" although those aren't nearly as damaging as chemical xenoestrogens.


Male erection failure due to xenoestrogens hence the market for Viagra.



Xenoestrogens are foreign estrogens.

They are estrogen mimickers that effect the estrogen in our bodies and can alter hormone activity. Growing evidence implicates xenoestrogens in a wide range of human and wildlife health problems.


Some 70,000 registered chemicals having hormonal effects, in addition to being toxic and carcinogenic. These substances can increase the estrogen load in the body over time and are difficult to detoxify through the liver.


It is now being discovered that these synthetic estrogens are making their way into our bodies and pretending to be our biological estrogen. They are present in our soil, water, air, food supply, personal care and household products.









The Presence of Gender Dysphoria, Transsexualism, and Disorders ...




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We also have to look at other factors that accompanied this behavior in these societies. 

People were turning more to grain based societies, and eating grains, animal products, cooked food, and lots of alcohol. Many of the rich elite were also starting to live lazy lives.  They lived in doors, did not get good sunshine, vitamin D, and exercise. 

Poor nutrition of to be parents, coupled with poor nutrition during childhood, probably had a lot to do with it.

Studies of tribal  and primitive peoples who subsisted on raw fruits and veggies, and even when eating some meat products, had little or no homosexuality. Some of these cultures also had little or no alcohol and drug use. 

If homosexuality was a normal human condition, then we would have seen it across all cultures, and all diets, but historically, we do not when people were living in submission to natures laws.

Animal and human goals during their lifetime is to pass on its genes and to keep the race going.  If something has stopped that process, then something has gone wrong, and respectively of course, one might want to ask why and what that was. 

That does not mean we disrespect the individuals and victims of these conditions, rather, we ask how to prevent it from happening in the future.

Peace, PK

Are the studies you're referring to the pages linked by vegan witch in the OP, or are there others you can point me to? I suppose it's possible that most everyone would be heterosexual in a "natural society." It just seems so unlikely considering there's transgender, asexual, and homosexual behavior documented in many other species of animals as well. Oh, but they were all affected by human pollution so that might not count?

Even if "queer" attributes somehow arise from poor health practices, it really doesn't make sense to pin non-straight people as having "conditions." Plenty of straight people have boob fetishes, BDSM tendencies, and other aspects of their sexuality that might not occur either if we were all living nude in nature. All these things could be based in nurture instead of nature, but that doesn't mean they're undesirable or really a problem at all. Whatever. Whips and chains are fun to some people. Two women or two men can have a sexual relationship that's just as fulfilling as the best opposite sex pair. The evolutionary purpose of sex includes creating stronger bonds between people and providing pleasure, not only procreation. Homosexuality isn't antagonistic to the purpose of procreation, because the major percentage of people are still enticed by the opposite sex. In fact, gay people often end up having sex with the opposite sex anyway, even if they prefer the same sex. It's not like gays are taking over the world and posing a threat to our world overpopulation lol.

Nature should be used as a guideline to improve our health and reconnect with the earth, not a means to problematize more than 10% of the human population. Sexuality isn't something people can just snap out of and recreate at will. People may as well accept their sexual attractions, fetishes, fantasties, and so forth, and find away to satisfy their desires privately or with a loving consensual partner ... rather than constantly repressing and condeming who they are in this lifetime. The only thing that really has any negative moral implication and should be treated is pedophilia.

And as this carbed-up two-spirit shall illustrate on my future Web site, being genderqueer or transgender does not equate to gender dysphoria. You can behave outside the norm expected of your physical sex, identify differently, or even seek a physical transformation without being depressed or debilitated. Personally, I feel gender euphoric consistently as long as I eat enough fruit and get enough rest. Once again, most cisgender people I know are sad about their bodies too, whether they wish something were bigger, or smaller, or closer to the mass media ideal, or whether they're just sick and diseased. Gender dysphoria is merely part of a larger body dysphoria that impacts the vast majority of unhealthy, self-absorbed folks, regardless of their sexuality or gender identity. Adopting a more natural diet and lifestyle, learning to respect animals, nature and our bodies will help us to each embrace our true brilliance and hopefully allow others to do the same.

Yours Tranny, pH

as far as it feels to me i'm mostlikely transgender. male body, and so want a female body.

i am very aware of the shit that is going on in the world, chemtrails, global warming lies, media mass control. perpetuation of the mem, which includes of the program we get in, what to wear (genderwise), how to behave.....

and although i am aware of all this programing and that what i shouldn't care, what i want to wear or how i want to look, this does not change the fundamental fact of having the wrong body. asides trying to help people and in whatever way i can as i see them as myself. so notselfabsorbed.  real gender dysphoria is fundamental and can be seen as the suicide rate as i heard of transgender kids is 30 percent.

see it this way, regardless of what u do in your life u will always have this wrong body, this wrong experience, this not being yourself really.

and if u know about the craziness of the medical system and medications then meds and ops would be really a hard option.

however as i am androgynous for sure and should not care what anyone thinks, but damn well do regarding this topic, it really sucks, what parents and society do to our selflove, excaptance and selfexpression :(

as i denied it all for long, fruit based diet brought it up.

no more surpression thanks to life food ;)

i'm very thankful for u being yourself as androgynous expresion;)

making it easier for me.

and great to find u here on 30 bad.

just realized i wrote quite a lot ^^

so love and fruit :)

+1 to the both of you(sascha & phoenix), thanks for sharing.

I think there is a lot of rare information about indigenous cultures.  Things that were kept sacred, but there are tons of indigenous cultures who were comfortable with and regarded "homosexuals" or whatever you wanna call it, as beings worthy of protection and respect.  They were often the healers of society.  It wasn't until colonial societies came into play that these tribes began to create rules against the things that they had previously encouraged and honored. 

I understand what you are saying about the xenoestrogens, I just think you're going a bit too far to label someone's gender preferences as a disorder.  You cannot go back into the past and say it wasn't nearly as prevalent.  Our sense of history is clearly distorted.



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