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People in the Western Worlds are VIOLENTLY rejecting & turning their backs on these scientific issues our counties are facing - WHY ?


below is not a scientific report, but it outlines things quickly, because the large numbers of scientific research is too huge to put here.


do you think xenoestrogens in our food are feminising males & creating problems female cancers & reproductive problems in women ?


Watch - The disappearing Male Documentary

thanks to the member "sunshine" who brought to our attention.



Xenoestrogens are mostly found in beef and dairy in the form of female hormones (rBGH). These chemicals have been proven to feminize men in the womb, as do plastics (BPA) and phthalates in air freshners and perfumes.


Estrogens are the feminizing hormone in humans, whether natural born females or transgender men inject it to turn female so there's a lot of scientific reasoning behind xenoestrogens.


Organic foods will remove 60% of the problem (chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers also contain xenoestrogens) which further contribute to make men gay and females aggressive.


But there's also the psychology part of it:abuse as a kid by a Catholic priest or other pedophile? hate of a mother/women in general.  


The water is also a problem (fluoride, chemicals in the water all contribute to homosexuality as has been proven by scientists over and over again).


Many males have been "altered" by these chemicals in the womb. (BPA in the baby bottle and soy formula further contributes to cementing the problem and making homosexual believe they were "born this way".


Soy in any amount should never be consummed by males as it is highly estrogenic, search "phytoestrogens" although those aren't nearly as damaging as chemical xenoestrogens.


Male erection failure due to xenoestrogens hence the market for Viagra.



Xenoestrogens are foreign estrogens.

They are estrogen mimickers that effect the estrogen in our bodies and can alter hormone activity. Growing evidence implicates xenoestrogens in a wide range of human and wildlife health problems.


Some 70,000 registered chemicals having hormonal effects, in addition to being toxic and carcinogenic. These substances can increase the estrogen load in the body over time and are difficult to detoxify through the liver.


It is now being discovered that these synthetic estrogens are making their way into our bodies and pretending to be our biological estrogen. They are present in our soil, water, air, food supply, personal care and household products.









The Presence of Gender Dysphoria, Transsexualism, and Disorders ...




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newly discovered xenoestrogens which have been previously missed in scientific research - PROPYL GALLATE,


Propyl gallate is a preservative used to protect oils and fats in products from oxidation.

It is used in foods, cosmetics, hair products, adhesives, and lubricants.


Identified as a food additive, it is used under the E number E310.







above items contain these xenoestrogens 



Parabens are rampantly found in most personal care products. They imitate estrogens and are used as a preservative to give shelf life to shampoos and conditioners. There are evidences indicating a direct link between paraben exposure and low testosterone and even breast cancer. Eradicate any shampoo with an ingredient that ends with the suffix “-paraben” (e.g. methylparaben, butylparaben).

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate / Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS)

SLS are commonly used because they are inexpensive and are responsible for that thick lather of foam that most people are programmed to believe is responsible for cleaning their hair. Don’t fall prey to believing that you need thick suds to clean your hair. You don’t! Sulfates that enter your blood stream through your head have been linked to everything from excessive estrogen load to malformation of the eyes of the children.

Propylene Glycol and Polyethylene Glycol

These are common “organic” alcohols anti-freeze are used in everything from makeup to stain removers and as a fragrance stabilizer for shampoos and lotions. They tend to break down the structure of your cells to allow rapid absorption of the other xenoestrogens in your shampoo for a shotgun blast of female hormones straight into your bloodstream.

Estrogen doesn't cause males to be sexually attracted to other males. I have a transwoman friend who's been taking estrogen for years now and she's only attracted to females. There have always been gay and genderqueer people and there always will be regardless of what food and water people consume. Xenoestrogens in food could contribute to erectile dysfunction and cancer, but you've got it all wrong if you think it's a disorder to fancy members of the same sex.

keep pregnant women away from plastic


Disclaimer of what I am about to say.  This is nothing personal against individuals born with these issues.  They cannot help it, and I think that society should do everything in its power to accommodate these individuals. 

However, many animal species who eat their natural diets do not have these issues and well as tribal and primitive societies in the past who ate their pure foods. 

I think the hormones you are talking about are part of the problem and a piece of the puzzle. 

Definitely tribal peoples such as the Native Americans and the Australian Aborigines historically had little or none of these issues, and they were not drinking milk and or  eating beef or large game animal products or very little animal products. 

I cautiously recommend the reading of Pottenger's Cats aka The Cat Study by Francis M. Pottenger Jr MD.

I am saddened by the experiments done to the cats, but this was acceptable in the 1930s when this study took place. When cats were fed cooked food, within three generations, they were very sick, their bone and tooth structures started to change, they had deformities, and the experiments could not continue past the third generation do to homosexuality and or the inability to procreate!  Cats who had their diets corrected were able within a generation or two to return to normal including their reproductive capabilities. 

Dr. Pottenger also followed many children in his care via x rays of their bones and following their diets, and had similar results in changing their diets to more pure and natural.  (Unfortunately, that did include meat. But the point to be made from this book is how damaging cooking and processing any of our food is, and how it can lead to cross gender issues as well as degenerative diseases.


If you have not read them, these two books might interest you too:)

Weston Price's Nutrition and Physical Degeneration



Left In the Dark


or somewhere here, cannot find direct link, but authors site:


OK, I got to go, Peace, PK

What about the animal species' that involve themselves in homosexual activity naturally? Would you like to take an example of the bonobo? They eat their natural diet and somehow homosexual activity still happens without a worry in the world for it.

Have you seen The Diapering Male?   it has to do with genitalia mutilation , lowered sperm count, miscarriages as well http://vimeo.com/15346778


I am no expert in bonobo activities, but I believe they are able to go both ways. and these tend to be social and playful activities. Most females of a group will end up having babies, so this points to them not necessarily being homosexual permanently, rather playing and socializing. 


In regards to human beings, what we are looking at here is in respect to increasing levels of these activities, and that these things are almost becoming like a syndrome. I am not talking about normal individuals who just want to experiment. 

Many people with homosexual orientation are ignored for many reasons.  Sometimes they are shunned by their religious and cultural communities and accused to be evil when perhaps, they are the victims.  Then there are those who are becoming so sensitized, that people are scared to discuss these issues lest they be labeled as being politically incorrect. 

As I mentioned in my above post.  We need to accept and respect the individuals.

And in many cases, these individuals are never comfortable in their own bodies.  It is not about what society thinks or how they are treated, because some of them are lucky and accepted and treated well.  But many of them always have an internal struggle, and an intuition that something is wrong, and not quite right.  They never feel comfortable in their own bodies. 

At the same time, medical data is pointing at their levels increasing at high rates.  Why is that?  And many times, they are born with other medical conditions.  One of my brothers worked in a home for boys with special needs, one of my brothers works a juvenile prison system, and I work with Sped kids in our local schools.  Obviously, many of these kids are born with syndromes and deformities that most of society accepts as genetic.  They may also have poorly formed teeth and facial structures.  They also have higher rates of homosexual behaviors that do not happen in the mainstream classes.  Without a scientific study, I can almost visually put two and two together.  Poorly developed bodies.

Now the references I linked to in my upper post refer more to the science behind the issue.  Some of these kids actually do not have genetic problems.  They have nutritional problems that may start with mom not eating well during her pregnancy to malnutrition during childhood.  Puberty is cruel to many of these kids if they are not fed well.  Their deformities may get even worse at the onset of puberty. 

To prove that it is not genetic, some of these individuals who have children of their own, do not pass on these traits to their children.

These are just the cases we can see.  Many mainstream kids and adults are actually brain damaged from poor nutrition.  This might be microscopic and can only show up in scans or in post mortem autopsies.  Many of these people can pass as normal, but ever wonder why some spouses are prone to domestic violence, some people to road rage, serial killers and other violent offenders, and the list goes on, do what they do?  In many cases, after the deeds have been done, it has been discovered psychiatrically that something was wrong with their brains? 

And what was the possible cause of the brain damage?  Usually it begins by nutrition and what is put in the mouth.  Wrong foods will degenerate the body, the thinking, and the behavior.  Correct foods will provide the proper building blocks for healthy cells including brain tissues, and this may lead to healthy thinking and behaviors. 

Peace, PK

@ PK - this is serious scientific evidience you have here PK - and information people should be aware of and to stop being offended by the truth because this type of thing is killing our species - thank you for your time to post this info .

@ vegan witch,

I totally agree.

Everyone, perhaps even the victims, needs to stop wearing chips on their shoulders and seek the truth as to why it is happening. We may not be able to help those people to whom it has already happened and we need to continue to accept and respect and accommodate their needs.  But at the same time, it goes against nature's laws of passing ones genes down through procreation, and propagating ones species. 

These issues have almost become a politically incorrect to talk about and that is going to help anybody. 

Peace, PK

Hahaha oh gosh...

Homosexuality is as old as the world is, can I remind you of homosexuality during ancient Roman and Greek societies? I don't think they had parabens and plastics back then yet ;)

I understand homophobia is a very big thing, and it definitely is a disease... I see it in many men, mostly ones insecure about their own sexuality.

Ahem, anyway, yes homosexuality doesn't serve it's perpose in the whole sex-to-have-babies cycle of life, but lusting after same sexes has been a "decadent" past time for a longgggg time. I don't think it just has to do with rubbing some parabens in your skin or drinking hormonal spiked milk.

Homosexuality does not equal sodomy. Some people prefer to do it facing each other actually. In the OP you mentioned homosexuality and transgenderism being caused by xenoestrogens and/or psychologically scarring experiences, so to me it seems on topic to dispute otherwise. Sorry if this post is late. I don't come on 30BaD! much but I was curious to see what became of this thread. I'll check out the links you posted.



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