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Never! Meat eaters literally stink, don't have the same values as I do, and have parasites. Yuck!

I definitely feel like heavy meat eaters seem unclean and smell and taste funny. Its hard to even be attracted to meat eaters, once you cross over to this lifestyle your eyes change and your perception changes and these meat eaters seem almost gross/ unhealthy looking. Sounds harsh but this has been the truth as I see it. Even the meat eaters who live an active lifestyle seem kinda gross. Sorry paleo girls, spit out the flesh, your not hot.
This video made me smile.... I hope your family has started making tastier salads!

I am in a relationship with a meat eater, I was vegetarian when we got together and I made us a veggie barbecue and salads/dips for us for our first date. I lived with him for a while and he barely ate meat and he would eat whatever I ate and he would even cook veggie for me. When we ate out, sometimes he would order meat and at other times he would like to try the meat free options. I would never kiss him if he had meat breath! But he was cool with it and never gave me a hard time.

He has been away for just over a month, in which I decided to go vegan (mostly raw-cooked meal sometimes in the evening). He said he supports my decision and he believes it will do me a lot of good. We haven't had chance to live together while I started eating like this so I'm not sure if he will adapt as easily to my choice of lifestyle. He has started to be more food concious about what goes goes into his body and although I do not expect him to change on my behalf I wouldn't be surprised if one day he turned around and told me he wanted to give it a try....

In short, I think meaty and not so meaty relationships can work, as long as each individual is understanding if the other and not pushy :) sorry for the rambling

thank you for sharing! :)


No way, DEFINITELY NOT! Health is a tiny, tiny, tiny part of this, I couldn't be with someone who was that apathetic to innocent lives, someone who had no problem with the constant daily torture of animals and the murder of them... someone who actually chooses to give money to animal abusers and murderers after knowing the facts! Just as I also wouldn't be with a paedophile or someone who buys human flesh from a murderer to eat!

It doesn't have much to do with diet and it has everything to do with ethics and morals.

Also, I couldn't be physically attracted to them let alone mentally!

I'm honestly not trying to judge and I'm definitely not hating but I think if someone actually feels strongly enough and cares enough about the animals then they'd never be in a relationship with a flesh-eater. I compare this with how someone would never be in a relationship with a cannibal... because that would be disgusting and because they care about humans. I hope this makes sense, I'm not always good at making my point in writing

no it does make allot of sense i completely agree with you... i even made a part 2 to this video i think it got taken down

Made it to page 4 and I haven't heard either of these two points sooo...

1. If I am going to marry a woman and have kids with her, our kids need to be on the healthiest diet possible, and that has to be more important than any illogical desire to feed our kids animal products or any other garbage. I've watched too many people I cared about get sick and die on the SAD diet. In theory if she is a meat eater, but fed my future kids vegan...its possible...but I just don't see a meat eater, raising her kids enthusiastically vegan. I will probably meet a meat eater, then turn her vegan and I'm okay with that. 

2. Its really important that a woman I am with is into OPTIMAL HEALTH. I am interested in a long term, healthy life...so again...if she is a meat eater...but is CONSTANTLY TRYING TO IMPROVE HER LIFESTYLE and is open to minimizing animal products and garbage food from her life, I am open to work with that. Of course, any of us could get cancer, or get run over by a bus...bus if I find myself with a woman who I can't imagine myself being happy and HEALTHY with, 40 years from now...I am wasting my time and I'll look elsewhere.

Most people, its pretty clear, by their lifestyle and decisions that in 10-20 years they'll be overweight and at the doctors every week complaining about the pills they got, and doing stupid non-sensical things to their bodies and making more excuses. Life is too short to be in a relationship with someone who is going to kill themselves with bad habits just because everyone else is doing it.

agree with you and me also will do the same as well on your 2nd point.

Hell yes.
That's good stuff.

Wow I've never been on vegan forums before it's so funny how I don't feel so different anymore.

i try and keep an open mind and hope that value is reflected back to me in the people that i meat, have faith :)


I could never kiss someone with rotting flesh in between their teeth. Ew.

Plus we'd have different outlooks on life, wouldn't be in the same shape, etc. So a big fat nope.



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