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Hey everyone,

I'm looking at possibly starting a business selling durians online to whoever is interested. I haven't started yet. I just thought of the idea. But I could ship them out immediately to anyone who wants it.


I would sell durians in sets of 5.

5 durians per box for $50, and with shipping, it would be about $65 ($15 shipping).

So $65 for 5 durians including shipping costs.


How does this sound? I think it's pretty affordable. The durians are frozen and brought in from Thailand (they are not organic), and I can supply them all year round,  since they are avaiable all year round. I thought this would be great for people who don't have access to them locally and may want them.


Again, what do you think? And would anybody be interested in receiving any durians now?

I guess I could test it out,


Durians survive long times even if not in the freezer for a few days. 


So it would be great to hear people's opinions.

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do you deliver to Panama?

I was considering only doing domestic deliveries (in the US) only because international shipping costs can get high and I would have to look into the rules for exporting fruit to other countries and how long it takes to get there.


If it's reasonable shipping costs and it's permitted for durians to be shipped to Panama (whatever rules apply), I will get back to you. But as for now, it's just US only. But I'll definitely look it up.

Sounds like a great idea!
Thanks. I'll have the website listed here as soon as I get it up.
$10/lb is ridiculous. An average durian weighs about 5-6lbs, so that would be over $50 for one durian. I'd rather wait till I go to Asia, but thanks for pinpointing out this site.
It's $10 per edible pound, though.
I don't know David.  I live in the St. Louis area and the Asian markets here carry them so I doubt that you would be able to market them here.  In areas not near a large city would be a different story.  Whatever you decide to do, good luck.  :)

Try and organise fresh organic durians David. There is more of a market for that as its in such limited supply. Otherwise your competing against big companies that order literal shipping containers full of the inferior frozen product. Not to mention the marketing angle of how toxic the imported frozen thai durians really are vs the fresh organic thai durian.


We are eating fresh durian here in Bangkok and its more expensive than the frozen imported stuff in NYC lol!

I would love to be able to order them online and for a good price. I can get durian for about $13 - $16 a fruit in NYC. So, at $13 a fruit, your proposition would not be that great deal. The shipping is what makes it hard I guess. I love the idea though.

Would you sell me durians? I would pay $65.00 for 5 durians. Thanks! , Gabriel Gates.

If they send to Canada then maybe... :o



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